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    Young Carer Support

    Who is a young carer?

    A person under 25 years who provides unpaid care and support to a family member, friend or loved one with disability, mental illness, chronic health issue or age-related condition. 1 in 10 young people are young carers. 


    Support for young carers

    Young carers often experience significant challenges and we support them to overcome these challenges through providing:

    • Counselling sessions: Talk to a counsellor who specialises in supporting young people.
    • Support package: Funding to support young people to engage in education (and work for carers 18+).
    • Peer support: Merri Health Carer Services works with other organisations to connect young carers with their peers through activities, programs and events.

     Accessing support

    A young person or their guardian can call Carer Gateway or complete a form on the Carer Gateway website. They can also be referred by a service provider via these avenues​.

    Click here to make a referral

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        Carer Gateway Victoria - Merri Health

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        1800 422 737

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        Direct Help, Some Help

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