1. Carers support and respite


      Carers support and respite

    • Carers Australia - Young Carers

      Services for young carers include: The Young Carers Respite and...

      Contact: 1800 242 636

    • Carers Victoria

      Carers Victoria is a support agency for people caring for a loved one or who work as a carer....

      Contact: 9396 9587

    • Carers Victoria - Young Carer Program

      The Young Carer Program aims to support young carers in secondary school with their caring role...

      Contact: 9396 9550

    • Gateways

      Gateways is recognised and respected for our expertise in supporting children and adults with a...

      Contact: 9369 1111

    • National Carer Counselling Program

      The National Carer Counselling Program provides short-term counselling services specifically for...

      Contact: 1800 242 636