Monash Health Gender Clinic

  1. About this service

    The Monash Health Gender Clinic aims to assist the trans and gender diverse community through: 

    - Conducting specialist mental health assessments relevant to gender dysphoria 
       in accordance with international guidelines
    - Referring where appropriate to experienced private or public clinicians who are 
       able to assist with hormone therapy, surgery, psychotherapy or voice therapy
    - Providing ongoing mental health support during an individual’s gender transition
    - Conducting multidisciplinary meetings to co-ordinate care for clients

    Access to specialist assessments is available publicly or privately. If you are interested in attending the Monash Health Gender Clinic (at no cost to you, but with a longer waitlist), please request a referral from a medical doctor (preferably your GP) and complete the Information form found at the end of the Information Pack (Gender Clinic Info Pack).

    You will only be able to book an appointment once the clinic has received both your medical referral and completed Information Form.

    A number of private clinicians are able to conduct the specialist assessments. These clinicians often have a shorter waitlist; however, there are usually out of pocket costs. A list of private providers is attached (Gender Clinic Info Pack).

     If you are interested in attending a private clinician, please note that:

    - Private psychiatrists need a referral from a medical doctor (preferably your GP)
    - Private clinical psychologists need a mental health care plan created by a GP
      or a referral from a psychiatrist
    - Appointments with private clinicians can be made by contacting them directly.

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        Monash Health Gender Clinic

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        Gender Clinic, 352 South Road, Hampton East, Victoria 3188
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        9556 5216

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        Direct Help, Some Help

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        Monday and Friday 9am to 5pm.

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  2. Monash Health Gender Clinic