Royal Children's Hospital Mental Health Service

  1. About this service

    Referrals can be made to RCH Mental Health by completing the referral form  -  Mental Health Referral Form
    The Intake Team is the central contact point for most mental health referrals and enquiries about Mental Health. The Intake Team clinicians (mental health professionals) work out how best to respond to your query. If they are the best service to help you they will decide about the urgency of the referral before offering an initial appointment.

    RCH Mental Health provide information about other child and youth mental health services (where appropriate) and education and training sessions for referrers.

    Under 15 years only - Telephone: 1800 445 511

      • Service name

        Royal Children's Hospital Mental Health Service

      • Service address

        50 Flemington Road PARKVILLE VIC 3052
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      • Phone

        1800 445 511

      • Urgency levels

        Direct Help, Some Help

      • Service area

        Western Region

      • Service hours

        Monday- Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm

      • Age group

        Maximum age 15 years

      • Interpreters


      • Service type


      • Public transport information

        Various buses

      • Service for

        Mental health

      • Disability access


    More information for service professionals

      • Participation length

        Services Dependent

      • Participation type

        In person

      • Funding limit?


      • Who can refer


      • Referral mode

        Triage: 1800 445 511

      • Point of intake

        Office Administration

      • Emergency referral and intake process

        Triage: 1800 445 511

  2. Royal Children's Hospital Mental Health Service