Alannah & Madeline Foundation

  1. About this service

    The Alannah & Madeline Foundation provide an intensive support program helping young people and children recover from trauma and violence. This program is Called 'Children Ahead'.

    Children Ahead provides intensive, therapeutic support for children and young people aged 0-18 years to assist with their recovery from significant trauma or violence.

    Trauma can affect many areas of a child or young person’s physical and emotional development. They may feel insecure and have difficulty managing their emotions, learning, and trusting others. Through research, evidence and experience we know that for children and young people to recover from serious violence they need a safe, predictable and stable environment, the ability to express and communicate their feelings, positive relationships, connection to family, and resilience.

    Qualified staff work directly with children and young people, alongside their families, to support their emotional, educational and social needs, as well as their psychological wellbeing and any overall health concerns.  Staff are able to come to you to provide support. 

      • Service name

        Alannah & Madeline Foundation

      • Service address

        Level 1, 256 Clarendon St, South Melbourne
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      • Additional sites

        Outreach in Brimbank

      • Phone

        9697 066

      • Urgency levels

        Direct Help, Some Help

      • Service area

        Brimbank and surrounding areas

      • Service hours

        9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

      • Age group

        Maximum age 18 years

      • Service type


      • Service for

        Trauma or Violence affected young people

      • Drop in service


      • Outreach


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