Association for Children with a Disability

  1. About this service

    Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) is the leading advocacy and information service for families of children with any type of disability living in Victoria.

    Free telephone information and support
    Support Workers can listen, understand and provide you with important information about:

    • Access to services
    • Support to participate in the community
    • Education
    • Early childhood
    • Disability supports
    • Recreation
    • Siblings

    Training for professionals and parent workshops
    Expand your understanding of family experiences through our community education presentations. Gain valuable insights into working in partnership with children and families to improve your professional practice. Sessions are also aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students to build knowledge and confidence when adopting a family centred approach to supporting children and families.

    Attend workshops to build on your own knowledge and learn new skills so that you can take full advantage of available supports for your child and family.

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        Association for Children with a Disability

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        Suite 1, 587 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills Vic 3127
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        9880 7000

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        Maximum age 18 years

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  2. Association for Children with a Disability