Uniting Care - Emergency relief program

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    Emergency Relief Program

    Uniting Care aim's to provide a service that contributes to addressing emergency situations that impact on our people living within our communities. To provide a response that is non-judgmental, culturally sensitive and non-discriminatory. 

    The program aims to provide assistance in the form of food parcels, material aid, utility bill payments, and assisting with school cost for families and individuals experiencing financial difficulty and in immediate crisis.

    Who is eligible?
    People from the community who are seeking Emergency Relief assistance must be holders of a current Centrelink Concession Card. Asylum Seekers are required to produce information confirming their identity and residental address, and provide a referral letter if involved with a case management agency.

    What if my card has expired?
     If the card has expired or if the details on the card do not match the details provided by the client, then they will need to verify this information with Centrelink prior to Emergency Relief assistance being granted.

    Emergency relief centres:

    Can provide Food Parcels, Bill Payment Assistance, Back to School Assistance (year 7 - 11 only) and Material Aid.

    Access to the Back to School Assistance Program is by referral from the Student Support Officer at your local secondary school.


    A: 32 Withers Street, Sunshine Vic 3020
    P: (03) 9311 5900 
    Open Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 12.30pm, with Bill Paying Services on Tuesdays by appointment only.

    Sydenham Neighbourhood House

    A: Station Street, Taylors Lakes Vic 3038
    P: (03) 9311 5900  
    Open Tuesday 10am to 2pm


    A: 413 Camp Road, Broadmeadows Vic 3047
    P: (03) 9351 3600 
    Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm with appointments 10am to 2pm


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        Uniting Care - Emergency relief program

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        32 Withers Street, Sunshine Vic 3020
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        Sydenham Neighbourhood House Station Street, Taylors Lakes Vic 3038

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        9311 5900

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        Direct Help, Some Help

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  2. Uniting Care - Emergency relief program