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    Transgender Victoria (TGV) is an Australian organisation dedicated to achieving justice, equity and quality health and community service provision for trans and gender diverse people, their partners, families and friends.


    TGV consults with the trans and gender diverse (TGD) community to understand the issues that matter and impact their lives. TGV uses this information to inform our work with researchers, organisations and government committees to achieve best practice when it comes to service provision and accessibility for TGD communities. TGV makes submissions to policy reviews on behalf of the TGD community on local, State and Federal matters.

    TGV supports the work of service providers who want to ensure they are TGD aware, while seeking ways to provide direct services to the TGD community in partnership with other organisations and groups. We also support trans and gender diverse-run initiatives where possible so that they may reach their potential. We welcome contact from prospective partners to discuss ways we could work together.

    TGV provides education on LGBTI and TGD issues in a range of settings, including workplaces and service providers, across government, community and private sectors.

    TGV promotes an understanding of TGD issues in the broader community through relationships with LGBTI, independent and mainstream media outlets. TGV liaises regularly with media to communicate the TGD community's perspective.

    TGV refers individuals seeking support on a range of issues (health, law, housing, finance, workplace etc) to relevant services.

    Transgender and Gender Diverse Anxiety Support Group
    Meets second Wednesdays from 7.00pm - 8:30 and every fourth Saturday 11am-12:30pm each month. Support, information and self-help for people experiencing difficulties with anxiety in relation to their gender identity. Contact for address details and further info. 

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        Transgender Victoria

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        Postal address: 100 Drummond St, Carlton, 3053
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        9020 4642

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