Sunshine Special Development School

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    Sunshine Special Developmental School caters for children with complex needs (moderate to severe intellectual disability) and has a current enrolment of 164 students.

    Sunshine SDS is committed to assisting our students to be the best they can be in all that they do. Students are at the centre of all learning and we strive to ensure that they have the best facilities, resources, teachers and education support staff to enable them to learn and grow into responsible and active citizens.

     The staff members of the school are committed, experienced and well qualified to ensure that each student’s educational program is tailored to their individual needs and students are actively engaged in learning. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are developed in partnership with parents/guardians and provide the direction for the educational program offered and the platform to monitor the progress of the student against the learning goals established.

     The school has a one to one iPad program to enable students to have greater independence in their learning, increased ability to communicate with others and to engage in a classroom environment that can be tailored to their individual needs as a learner.The school is committed to the communication application Proloquo2go. Please see here for further information.

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        Sunshine Special Development School

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        5267 Ivory Court West Sunshine, 3020
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        9311 4804

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        9364 8374

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        Direct Help, Some Help, Just Curious

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        Sunshine and surrounding areas

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        Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

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        5 - 18 years

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        Available on Request

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