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"We have over 19 different nationalities represented in our school population, several overseas students and the most dynamic and supportive staff .It makes a wonderful place to be educated with great cultural diversityThe children at our school are very friendly and cooperative as well as dedicated students who have achieved at a very high standard . The staff and parents are really proud of their achievements both academically and socially. We work hard to ensure that the high achievements are maintained from year to year and that behaviour and bullying continues not to be an issue within our school.

Staff at Glengala are very professional people who provide the students with a challenging and supportive working environment. The school is very proud of the high academic achievements our students have reached in both literacy and numeracy and we strive to ensure that these results continue each year and where possible go even higher.

The staff work at providing the very best stimulus to our students not matter what their background or their needs, this is reflected in our excellent academic achievement as indicated on the “myschools” website.

I have a personal commitment to work with the staff, parents and students to ensure that students that enrol at this school are given every opportunity to thrive academically and socially."

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      Glengala Primary School

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