Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault

  1. About this service

    WestCASA aims to both facilitate the recovery and healing of victim/survivors of sexual assault and work toward the elimination of sexual violence in society. The service vision is for a world where everyone lives free from the fear of sexual violence.

    How can WestCASA Help?

    1. Counselling to help you deal with your feelings about what has happened & any concerns or problems you may have because of the assault. 

    2. Information about common difficulties people experience after an assault and how to manage these.

    3. Information about your legal options.

    4. Assistance with the legal process such as liaising with police, preparing to be a witness and organising support for you in court.

    5. Referrals to doctors who are sensitive to the needs of someone who has been sexually assaulted.

    6. Counsellors who will listen, believe and support you

    WestCASA also provides a 24 hour crisis care service in conjunction with the Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line (SACL).


      • Service name

        Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault

      • Service address

        53 Ballarat Road, Footscray 3011
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      • Phone

        9687 8637 (office) 9687 5811 (counselling) 1800 806 292 (after hours)

      • Fax

        9687 8960

      • Urgency levels

        Urgent Help, Direct Help

      • Service area

        Victoria wide

      • Service hours

        Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm After hours phone1800 806 292

      • Age group

        Minimum age 12 years

      • Interpreters

        Available on request

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      • Service for

        Domestic violence and sexual assault, counselling

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  2. Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault