Scope - St Albans

  1. About this service

    Scope provides flexible, ongoing personal support and case management to link adults and young people 18+ yrs with disabilities into community based day programs.  The day program provides social, recreational, pre- vocational, educational, and employment activities. 

    The program encourages peole to participate in various recreational activities in order to develop relationships with other members of the community and to increase self-esteem and confidence. 

      • Service name

        Scope - St Albans

      • Service address

        47 Adelaide St, St Albans
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      • Phone

        9366 3766

      • Urgency levels

        Some Help, Direct Help

      • Service area

        Brimbank and surrounding areas

      • Service hours

        Monday - Fridays, 8.30pm to 4.30pm

      • Interpreters

        Available on request

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  2. Scope - St Albans