1. Employment



    • AFL Sports Ready

      AFL SportsReady is a national, not-for-profit company dedicated to helping young Australians...

      Contact: 8532 7200

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    • Apprenticeships Group Australia (AGA) - Deer Park

      AGA offers a wide range of training in pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship qualifications, and...

      Contact: 1300 000 242

    • Apprenticeships Support Australia

      Apprenticeship Support Australia’s services are focused on lifting apprenticeship...

      Contact: 1300 363 831

    • Centrelink - Sunshine

      Centrelink is part of the Department of Human Services and delivers social security payments...

      Contact: 13 24 68

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    • MEGT Australian Apprenticeship Centre - Sunshine

      MEGT is an Apprenticeship Network Provider contracted by the Australian Government to offer a...

      Contact: 9312 7511

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    • YouthNow

      YouthNow offers holistic and innovative training and employment services to assist young...

      Contact: 8311 5800 or 1800 968 846