YAT (Youth Access Team - 15yrs to 25yrs)

  1. About this service

    The Youth Access Team (YAT) is staffed seven days a week between the hours of 8:30am and 10:00pm. Calls outside of these times are managed by the Centralised Triage Service of North Western Mental Health, of which Orygen Youth Health CLinical Program is a part. 

    Triage Services
    Triage is the first contact point for people wishing to refer a young person to the Clinical Program. Anyone is welcome to make a referral, including the young person themselves.

    Triage staff will discuss the young person’s difficulties with the referrer, the young person if possible, and other relevant people or professionals. 

    The aim of these conversations is to obtain a comprehensive overview of the young person's mental state and risk. Once obtained, Triage will coordinate a response that may involve:

    - Urgent crisis support over the phone or in the young person's preferred location
    - Arranging for a non-urgent mental health assessment with our Continuing Care Team
    - A referral to a more appropriate service

    Acute Services
    If an immediate crisis response is required, the young person will be managed by our Acute Services Team. Our Acute Service Team is staffed by mental health clinicians and psychiatrists who are skilled in managing mental health crises. They can offer:

    - Phone support, face-to-face support and outreach within our catchment
    - An admission to our inpatient unit if required
    - A mental health assessment to determine whether the young person should be treated at Orygen Youth Health Clinical Program or elsewhere. 

    Contact: 1800 888 320 (Triage, 24/7)

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        YAT (Youth Access Team - 15yrs to 25yrs)

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        1800 888 320 (Triage, 24/7)

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        Urgent Help, Direct Help

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        15 - 25 years

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  2. YAT (Youth Access Team - 15yrs to 25yrs)