Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team (CATT team for 18+yrs)

  1. About this service

    The crisis assessment and treatment team (CATT) provides immediate help during a mental health crisis.

    What is a crisis assessment and treatment team?
    A CATT is a group of people who work together and includes mental health professionals such as psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists.

    What does a CATT do?
    A CATT responds to urgent requests to help people in mental health crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    A mental health crisis can include:

    - A Psychotic episode
    - Self-harm
    - Feeling suicidal
    - Feeling out of control

    Whether at home or elsewhere, the CATT assesses the person's current mental state, their psychiatric history, what social support they have and more. They will work with the person involved and their family and/or carer to determine the best way to help.

    One option is to provide intensive treatment, care and support at home, and this is what they hope to do. But there are times when treatment in hospital is needed. If so, they will help the person get to hospital by arranging referrals and transport.

    CATTs also work with other services such as police, ambulance, alcohol and drug services, child protection and community services where necessary.

    How do I get help?
    If you need help now, call 1300 874 243 for immediate expert support.

    You will receive help to work out which services can best help. This could be the doctor, a hospital emergency department or a community mental health service. Sometimes, the CATT will be sent to you, wherever you are.

      • Service name

        Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team (CATT team for 18+yrs)

      • Service address

        Mid West CATT Service, Harvester Clinic, 18 Withers St Sunshine Vic
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      • Phone

        1300 874 243 (Triage, 24/7)

      • Urgency levels

        Urgent Help, Direct Help

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      • Service area

        North Western Region VIC

      • Service hours

        24Hours 7 Days a week

      • Age group

        Minimum age 18 years

      • Interpreters

        Available on request

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        In person or via the phone

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        Via the phone

      • Point of intake

        Office Administration

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