Copperfield College Junior Campus - Sydenham

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Copperfield College Sydenham Campus opened at the beginning of 2001 and is located on the corner of Community Hub and Calder Park Drive in Sydenham. It has been recognised for its team-based organisation with individual students based in one of four purpose built team buildings.  

Each teacher belongs to a particular team where they are able develop a deep understanding of the learning and personal needs of the students in that team. Each team has its own Science, Art and Technology facilities as well as general purpose classrooms so students can attend most of their classes in the one building. The sports facilities are impressive and include a double-sized gymnasium and a new artificial turf soccer field.

The focus at Sydenham Campus is on maximising student achievement in the classroom and the community. We build strong relationships, provide support and ensure a safe environment conducive to student well being.


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      Copperfield College Junior Campus - Sydenham

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      Community Hub Sydenham 3037
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