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"Looking at Movelle Primary School from the front of the school, it appears like most schools. However, it is not until you venture in, do you begin to notice the small subtleties that make us unique. We are one of the few schools that has spent much time in preparing our school for our new prep enrolments. Our newly completed construction of our Language Experience Activity Program (LEAP) Centre. In our LEAP Centre, young eager minds will be provided with many experiences to help them develop their vocabuluary, their thinking and reasoning skills and opportunities to DO! Students will be engaged in "hands on" Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Health and Physical Education tasks that will be designed to promote academic, physical and social responsibilities. As well as all that, there is an indoor physical activity playground to build co-ordination and strength. Along with the cooking area and construction area, our students will be engaged in relevant and purposeful learning situations.

Our school motto of "Empowering Learners for Life" is aimed at developing young thinkers who are hungry to learn. Our LEAP Centre is part of that journey.

Our new buildings include the LEAP Centre, but also include our new Performing Arts Centre in our gymnasium. This facility includes drama and music and stage areas for students.

Although our focus is always going to be to promote excellence in Literacy and Numeracy, these other facilities provide staff with many ways to reach those goals in a creative and engaging manner.

I look forward to working with our passionate and professional staff and dedicated community throughout this exciting time to bring about improvements for the students at Movelle Primary School.

Please feel free to ring and arrange a school tour. Enrolments for next year are now being taken.


Bill Hunt

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