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"The fundamental purpose of Albion Primary School is to provide a safe, caring, engaging and inclusive environment in which all children have the opportunity to develop their social, emotional and academic skills and knowledge to enable them to become effective members of society/citizens of the future. The school values are: Respect, Honesty, Care, Learning and Achievement.

Albion Primary School is located in a residential area in Sunshine approximately 10 kilometres west of Melbourne. The school was established in 1926. In 2013 our enrolment is approximately 150 students and we have a rich cultural diversity amongst our school community. The school has an attractive setting with spacious playing areas which include grassed oval, running track, games courts, an adventure playground, sand pit, jumping pits, shady courtyard and garden areas and a vegetable garden. As well as classroom groups, we have our learning teams and student house groups (siblings are allocated to the same house) and a Junior School Council.

The school has four main buildings. All classrooms have air conditioning and interactive whiteboards. The original school building houses classrooms, art room and the administration offices. Our new building houses classrooms and an open area where we can gather as a whole school. The third building includes our library, canteen and a multi-purpose room used for indoor physical education, Perceptual Motor Program, music, drama, visiting performers and community activities. Our other building houses the Deer Park/Sunshine network Student Support Service Officers (Speech Therapists and Psychologists).

The school’s motto is ‘Aim High’and we expect and receive the best from our students in terms of their learning and behaviour. The school’s dedicated and effective staff is strongly committed to helping students achieve personal and academic success. The highest priority is placed on the learning of English and Mathematics. We also have a range of specialist and extra-curricular programs that we provide. Our specialist librarian supports our literacy program and Reading Recovery supports early intervention in literacy. All children are able to develop their artistic abilities through a specialist visual arts program and an ‘opt in, pay as you go’ keyboard program run by an outside provider. A specialist Physical Education teacher provides lessons for all children as well as the opportunity for students to participate in organised lunch time sporting competitions between the house groups. All children participate in a student wellbeing program that focuses on developing strong connections and a sense of belonging within the school groups and teams. Our school student leaders participate in leadership programs that develop their leadership skills.

We welcome parents to participate in many ways – in School Council and decision making committees, fund raising activities, attending excursions and helping in classrooms.

Children and staff love to come to and work at Albion Primary School. We take much pride in this."
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