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  • Aboriginal Advancement League
  • Aboriginal Advancement League is primarily concerned with Aboriginal welfare issues and the preservation of Aboriginal culture and heritage. The organisation offers family support, neighbourhood house, advocacy, counselling and educational programs and drug and alcohol awareness.

  • Action Centre
  • Action Centre - Melbourne CBD

    Level 1, 94 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC Australia 3000
    Google map directions

    Tel: 03 9660 4700 Freecall 1800 013 952

    Clinic hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
    Appointments: Please call, appointments available for all ages in the morning; drop-in available for under 25's from 1-6pm (please arrive before 5pm for drop-in)

    Book an appointment online

    Clinic provides services for people under 25 where:

    • no appointment is needed (drop-in)
    • low or no cost services are provided
    • consultations are confidential and youth friendly

    The clinics offer the convenient option of appointments or a drop in service where our expert staff can assist with a wide range of reproductive and sexual health services in a confidential setting.  Including support and advice on contraception, pregnancy, and abortion.


    If you are attending our drop in clinic, we recommend arriving as early as possible and at least one hour prior to closing. People are seen depending on urgency and arrival time.  If the clinic is busy, we may need to ask you to come back another day


  • AFL Sports Ready
  • AFL SportsReady is a national, not-for-profit company dedicated to helping young Australians develop careers through traineeships and educational opportunities.

    They work in partnership across a number of industry sectors including sport and recreation, business and administration, education, finance, horticulture, information technology, retail and arts and the creative industries.

    They have kick-started the careers of approximately 13,000 young jobseekers, including over 1,500 Indigenous Australians, and helped develop over 700 sporting organisations and other businesses across Australia, since we began two decades ago.

    They also provide an entry-level training and support program that combines practical work experience with vocational education, helping young Australians kick-start their careers while supporting employers to build skilled and qualified workforces.

    View the 'Jobs board' on AFL Sports Ready website for list of traineeships.

  • AGA - Apprenticeships Plus
  • AGA - Apprenticeships Plus is a not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation (RTO), a Group Training Organisation (GTO) and an Australian Apprenticeship Support Centre that provides employment, placement, trade training and support to Apprentices and Trainees, Students and Businesses. AGA provide Apprenticeship/ Traineeship opportunities in many different industries, however specialising in the Trades area as well as Aged care, Business and Business Administration.

    Certificate II Pre Apprenticeship training in
    Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Automotive, Engineering (metal Fabrication)

  • Al-Anon Groups
  • Al-Anon and Alateen offer hope and recovery to people affected by the alcoholism of a relative or friend. You can contact your nearest Al-Anon office or the Australian General Service Office for group details and other information. 

    Al-Anon help's families and friends of alcoholics recover from the effects of living with someone whose drinking is a problem. 

    Al-Anon's program of recovery is adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous and is based on the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, and the Twelve Concepts of Service. The only requirement for membership is that there be a problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend.  Al-Anon/Alateen is not affiliated with any other organisation or outside entity.


  • Alannah & Madeline Foundation
  • The Alannah & Madeline Foundation provide an intensive support program helping young people and children recover from trauma and violence. This program is Called 'Children Ahead'.

    Children Ahead provides intensive, therapeutic support for children and young people aged 0-18 years to assist with their recovery from significant trauma or violence.

    Trauma can affect many areas of a child or young person’s physical and emotional development. They may feel insecure and have difficulty managing their emotions, learning, and trusting others. Through research, evidence and experience we know that for children and young people to recover from serious violence they need a safe, predictable and stable environment, the ability to express and communicate their feelings, positive relationships, connection to family, and resilience.

    Qualified staff work directly with children and young people, alongside their families, to support their emotional, educational and social needs, as well as their psychological wellbeing and any overall health concerns.  Staff are able to come to you to provide support. 

  • Alateen Young Persons Group
  • Alateen is a support group for young people (12 - 17yrs old) who have been affected by alcoholic friends and family.

    Young people come together to:

    - Share experience, strength and hope with each other
    - Discuss their difficulties
    - Learn effective ways to cope with their problems
    - Encourage each another
    - Help one other understand the principles of the Alateen program

    Support groups are held on Tuesday's at 8pm at the Glenroy Neighbourhood learning Centre.

  • Albanvale Primary School
  • "Albanvale Primary School encapsulates our values of Respect, Excellence, Persistence and Collaboration in all that we do. We strive for our students to be ‘Lifelong Learners’. Our staff is committed to providing the best possible educational programs to our students, ensuring that our school is a place of innovation and success, one where students engage in safe, inclusive and nurturing learning environments.


    At Albanvale Primary School:

    • We believe all students can achieve success in learning regardless of their background

    • We make a positive difference to the lives of students by providing a stimulating and secure learning environment

    • We challenge and empower students to take risks in their learning

    • We share a common vision and goals and collaboratively provide the best possible teaching and learning for our students


    At Albanvale Primary School we aim to develop strong home-school partnerships. Our parents and caregivers are valued as partners in the education of their children and we encourage involvement in the school.


    Sue Vermezovic


    © 2013 Albanvale Primary School. All rights reserved.


  • Albion North Primary School
  • "Established in 1962, Albion North Primary School is situated in a residential area of Sunshine North, approximately 10km west of the CBD. During recent times there has been a significant renewal of the school buildings, which now have bright, modern teaching and learning spaces with excellent technology resources.  Students regularly engage with technology as part of the learning environment. All members of the school community are encouraged to be actively involved in the learning partnership that will enable children to reach their full potential in a caring and positive environment.

    The school has a pleasant appearance with spacious playing areas which include grassed playing fields, games courts, a covered outdoor play area, an adventure playground, jumping pits, shady garden areas, vegetable garden, orchard and an enclosed courtyard.

    The school has two main classroom buildings that house seven air-conditioned classrooms with interactive whiteboards and the administration area. We have two additional portable buildings (Mod-D) which house three classrooms and the LOTE (Italian) room. Special purpose rooms include library, art/craft, Mathematics, ESL room, canteen, and a multi-purpose room used for indoor PE, Perceptual Motor Program, music, drama, visiting performers and community activities.

    In 2014 our enrolment is approximately 240 students. We are proud of the multi-cultural nature of our school community. Approximately 80% of our students come from families where English is an Additional Language."

     All information obtained from http://www.albionnorthps.vic.edu.au


  • Albion Primary School
  • "The fundamental purpose of Albion Primary School is to provide a safe, caring, engaging and inclusive environment in which all children have the opportunity to develop their social, emotional and academic skills and knowledge to enable them to become effective members of society/citizens of the future. The school values are: Respect, Honesty, Care, Learning and Achievement.

    Albion Primary School is located in a residential area in Sunshine approximately 10 kilometres west of Melbourne. The school was established in 1926. In 2013 our enrolment is approximately 150 students and we have a rich cultural diversity amongst our school community. The school has an attractive setting with spacious playing areas which include grassed oval, running track, games courts, an adventure playground, sand pit, jumping pits, shady courtyard and garden areas and a vegetable garden. As well as classroom groups, we have our learning teams and student house groups (siblings are allocated to the same house) and a Junior School Council.

    The school has four main buildings. All classrooms have air conditioning and interactive whiteboards. The original school building houses classrooms, art room and the administration offices. Our new building houses classrooms and an open area where we can gather as a whole school. The third building includes our library, canteen and a multi-purpose room used for indoor physical education, Perceptual Motor Program, music, drama, visiting performers and community activities. Our other building houses the Deer Park/Sunshine network Student Support Service Officers (Speech Therapists and Psychologists).

    The school’s motto is ‘Aim High’and we expect and receive the best from our students in terms of their learning and behaviour. The school’s dedicated and effective staff is strongly committed to helping students achieve personal and academic success. The highest priority is placed on the learning of English and Mathematics. We also have a range of specialist and extra-curricular programs that we provide. Our specialist librarian supports our literacy program and Reading Recovery supports early intervention in literacy. All children are able to develop their artistic abilities through a specialist visual arts program and an ‘opt in, pay as you go’ keyboard program run by an outside provider. A specialist Physical Education teacher provides lessons for all children as well as the opportunity for students to participate in organised lunch time sporting competitions between the house groups. All children participate in a student wellbeing program that focuses on developing strong connections and a sense of belonging within the school groups and teams. Our school student leaders participate in leadership programs that develop their leadership skills.

    We welcome parents to participate in many ways – in School Council and decision making committees, fund raising activities, attending excursions and helping in classrooms.

    Children and staff love to come to and work at Albion Primary School. We take much pride in this."
     All information obtained is from http://www.albionps.vic.edu.au

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Alcoholics Anonymous supports men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

    • The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.
    • There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions.
    • A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes.
    • The primary purpose is for participants to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
    A person of any age, ethnicity etc is welcome; people younger than 18 would need to be accompanied by a competent adult.

    Support Group Locations:

    St Albans: Theodore St & Winifred St Tuesday's - 8pm.
    Sunshine: 113 Devonshire Rd Monday's - 11.30am.
    Deer Park: 45 Kings Rd Wednesday's - 8pm

  • Anglicare - Choices Program
  • CHOICES is a Case Management Program for pregnant young mothers and families with pre-school aged children.

    CHOICES provides individual outreach in-home support, information and referrals to appropriate community agencies or health care providers.

    The service provides intensive support designed to help develop pre birth education and parenting skills. CHOICES also offers assistance with issues concerning, housing, finance, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, further education, employment, child care, recreation, emotional support and empowerment, and practical support such as transport to appointments. 

  • Apprenticeships Group Australia - Deer Park
  • AGA offers a wide range of training in pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship qualifications, and employment for apprentices and trainees.  For more information, choose the qualification below that interests you.

    If you feel one of these qualifications is exactly what you want, then you can enquire about a pre-apprenticeship (Certificate II) or apply for an apprenticeship (Certificate III). Please note that you may be required to have completed a pre-apprenticeship before you can apply for an apprenticeship with AGA in some trades.

  • Apprenticeships Melbourne
  • Providing employment and training for apprentices and trainees.

  • Apprenticeships Support Australia
  • Apprenticeship Support Australia’s services are focused on lifting apprenticeship commencement and completion rates through the provision of support at every stage of the employment cycle.

    Apprenticeships Support Australia provides information and support for prospective and current apprentices. 

    Job-seekers, school students and apprentices can all receive ongoing support including career advice, job matching, and ongoing mentoring and support.

  • Ardeer Primary School
  • "We think that you and your children would find this school to be a very happy place. The children are provided with a learning environment that encourages and supports them to reach their full potential. A happy and confident child at school enables the development of important attitudes to learning and social skill development. By developing a positive relationship with you the parent, a partnership between the home and school can be established that will enable this important time in your child’s life to be a valuable and memorable one.

    We believe life is an education process and education is a lifelong process. We never stop learning. Education does not begin at school, or cease on leaving school. School however, affords a major opportunity for formal education in most people’s lives. It exercises a profound influence on a child’s life. The function of our Primary School is to create an educational environment that allows students to achieve to their maximum potential.

    Parents who display a consistent positive knowledge and interest in their school and its educational process and their child, can be most influential in determining their child’s success. Being a member of a school community, which is rich in worthwhile interesting experiences, shared in a stimulating environment, allows for all round mental, physical, emotional, social and moral development.

    We invite you to be part of your child’s education at Ardeer Primary School. We welcome your contribution and interest in our school and we look forward to your unrelenting support of your children, and our staff and programs. We encourage you to always feel comfortable about coming in to talk to us and to communicate any concerns or issues you may have.

    We encourage you to think seriously about Ardeer Primary School. We are sure we will all benefit from the educational experiences we will share together."

    Graham Miller
    All information was obtained from http://www.ardeerps.vic.edu.au

  • Ardeer South Primary School
  • "Ardeer South Primary School is situated in West Sunshine and forms part of the Western Metropolitan Region.

    he school is housed in two main buildings with air-conditioning to all rooms. In addition to classrooms there is a multipurpose room, Italian room, library, art/craft room, Reading Recovery room, a ‘Hands on’ Learning Centre and a Computer Resource Centre. The canteen has been leased and operates daily.

    The well maintained grounds have been extensively developed over recent years to include three separate adventure playground areas, three sporting ovals, asphalt surfaced netball, basketball and bat tennis courts and passive garden settings.

    A high proportion of pupils come from families where English is the second language. The school believes all students should be encouraged to develop to their full potential, physically, academically and socially, in order to be better equipped to meet the challenges of secondary education and beyond.

    Ardeer South Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. A successful integration program is supported by a team of integration aides. Transition programs have been established with local kindergartens and secondary colleges. 



  • Association for Children with a Disability
  • Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) is the leading advocacy and information service for families of children with any type of disability living in Victoria.

    Free telephone information and support
    Support Workers can listen, understand and provide you with important information about:

    • Access to services
    • Support to participate in the community
    • Education
    • Early childhood
    • Disability supports
    • Recreation
    • Siblings

    Training for professionals and parent workshops
    Expand your understanding of family experiences through our community education presentations. Gain valuable insights into working in partnership with children and families to improve your professional practice. Sessions are also aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students to build knowledge and confidence when adopting a family centred approach to supporting children and families.

    Attend workshops to build on your own knowledge and learn new skills so that you can take full advantage of available supports for your child and family.

  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is an asylum seeker support organisation based in Footscray.  The centre provides aid, support, justice and empowerment programs to asylum seekers. 

    The Foodbank is a free grocery store inside the ASRC Footscray centre that provides fresh food to people seeking asylum, many are families and children.

    Material Aid
    The ASRC provide practical material items to people seeking asylum who are experienceing hardshop.  The program can provide essential items such as Myki credit, internationa calling cards, mobile phones and gift cards to buy household items urgently needed. 

    Community Meals
    Community meals is the heart of ASRC and the place where people seeking asylum, volunteers and staff at the centre gather each lunch time to enjoy a meal together. Hot meals are served five days a week to around 240 people, that’s over 61,250 meals a year and a 25% increase on the previous year.

    Food Justice Truck
    FJT is an award-winning, mobile fresh food market that enhances food security for people seeking asylum in the Victorian community by offering locally sourced produce, grains, legumes, tea and bread at a 75% discount to people seeking asylum. The Food Justice Truck also welcomes general public shoppers who pay local market rates. The Truck is located in Thomastown, Dallas (Broadmeadows), Footscray and Melbourne CDB.

  • Australian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights
  • The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights (AMWCHR) is an organisation of Muslim women working to advance the rights and status of Muslim women in Australia.

    AMWCHR works for the rights of Muslim women by:

    • Empowering women’s self-determination
    • Bringing a human rights approach to bear on issues of inequality and disadvantage
    • Working with individuals, the community, and government to advocate for equality within the Australian context
    • Aiming to inspire positive action by others and aspire to continuously enhance the quality, impact and effectiveness of our work.

    AMWCHR prioritise very practical work for women that improve their lives in tangible and measurable ways. We work with individuals, groups and service providers in the following areas:

    • Case work, referrals, secondary consultation and outreach
    • Advocacy
    • Community based program and service delivery
    • Capacity building
    • Leadership development
    • Policy development
    • Partnership projects


  • Australian Vietnamese Women's Association Inc
  • The Australian Vietnamese Women's Association provides a range of services to Vietnamese people and the wider community including:

    • Youth Activities
    • Training (RTO)
    • Family & Children
    • Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling
    • Problem Gambling Counselling
    • Prisoner Support
    • Legal Information Program


  • Baptcare - Disability Care & Support
  • Baptcare provides services for people with a disability in Victoria.  At Baptcare, we believe that every individual should be empowered to reach their full potential and has the right to lead a dignified life. In Victoria, we offer families and people with a disability access to a range of tailored support options such as respite, case work support and activity groups.

    Services and programs include:

    - Family Active Holiday Program
    - Respite Activity Program
    - Disability Case Management
    - Early Childhood intervention Services
    - Flexible Respite Program
    -Overnight Resite - Home Stay Program

    Click here for program and service info.

  • Baptcare Family Services
  • Baptcare Family Services provide support to children, young people and families in the west including family

    support, disablity services, foster and kinship care.

  • Beyondblue
  • Beyond Blue provides information and advice for people with depression/anxiety or people who are caring for someone with a mental health issue.

    We all have good days and bad days. Then there are those days when something isn't quite right, you've got something on your mind, or things just seem too much. Whatever it may be, sharing the load with someone else can really help. So no matter who you are, or how you're feeling, you can talk it through with us – we'll point you in the right direction so you can seek further support.

    Give us a call (1300 22 4636) any time of the day or night – select from the voice menu or simply hold on the line to talk with a trained mental health professional.

    All calls and chats are one-on-one with a trained mental health professional, and completely confidential. Although we may ask for your first name and some general details, you can let us know if you’d like to remain anonymous.

    Sometimes you may not feel like talking on the phone, so why not chat to us online?

    We're online from 3pm to 12am (AEST) every day.  Click here to chat online.

  • Bowery Theatre & STACC
  • An exciting performance space and vibrant community centre – all under the one roof. We’re home to an exciting line-up of quality performances, exhibitions and activities.

    The Bowery Theatre offers a state-of-the art performance facility in Melbourne’s west. The versatile venue offers a 202-capacity seating design and stage relationship which makes it an ideal space for performances and events that are intimate and engaging. Visit: Hiring @The Bowery

    Creating a connected, vibrant and creative community

    SEE IT
    View an array of bold performances including cabaret, dance, music and theatre for young and old.

    DO IT
    Get involved in youth events, art for children and families, music classes, dance workshops and more!

    Connect with people in your community! We're a meeting place for community groups to share their stories, food and culture. Come and meet old and new friends.

    Click here for website 

  • Brimbank Libraries
  • Brimbank has 5 Libraries for young people to access. These are:

    - Sydenham
    - Keilor
    - Sunshine
    - Deer Park
    - St Albans

    Services include:
    - Borrowing of DVD's, PlayStation games, Music CD's, Manga, Teenage Section books  
    - Use of Playstation & Xbox consoles & screens for in library playing/activities
    - WiFi
    - Study area's
    - Access to board games
    - Photo copying, scanning & printing (at a cost)

    Note: Not all services available at all libraries.

  • Brimbank Little Athletics Centre
  • Little Athletics is designed to teach young people new skills, provide a positive outlet to increase confidence and allow people to build on their skills.

  • Brimbank Melton Child FIRST
  • Brimbank Melton Child FIRST aims to provide a central referral point into family services programs ensure that vulnerable children, young people and their families are linked with community services and supports build strong connections between agencies to assist with coordination and planning.

    Child FIRST provides referral for families who require support with issues such as:

    • parenting concerns and managing children’s behaviour
    • family conflict and breakdown
    • physical or mental health issues
    • dealing with the impact of substance abuse
    • isolation and feeling lack of connection with their community.

    Who is eligible?

    Child FIRST provides information and referral for families in Brimbank and Melton, who have children up to 17 years, including those with unborn children.

    How to access this service:

    Enquiries or referrals can be made by families directly or by professionals working with families.

    For more information or to make a referral contact Child FIRST on 1300 138 18

  • Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre
  • Legal Advice & Casework, Community Legal Education, Law Reform & Advocacy. Phone for appointment.


    Legal information, referral and advice including:

    • Family law, with a focus on parenting rights and obligations
    • Family violence and intervention orders
    • Divorce workshops (English and Vietnamese)
    • Motor vehicle accidents
    • Fines and infringements
    • minor criminal matters
    • debt
    • Community legal education
    • mortgage stress and related financial hardship

    Offices in St Albans and Melton and help provided if you live, work or study in Brimbank, Melton or Bacchus Marsh. 

  • Brimbank Melton Financial Counselling
  • Brimbank Melton Financial Counselling is provided by Good Shepherd Youth & Family Services, IPC Primary Care, and Djerriwarrh Health Services.  

    The service may include either:

    • Information and referral, including to Money help for telephone support
    • Sessional phone case work
    • Sessional face to face or extended face to face case work.
    Financial counsellors will assist clients to:
    • Manage their debts
    • Access hardship support for some bills or debts
    • Provide advice about credit and debt rights, including bankruptcy. Counsellors may also refer to other services such as family support, consumer rights and legal services, family violence or housing and homelessness services

    The central intake number is: 1300 786 696

    The service is free and confidential. Clients will be asked to leave their name and a phone number, so that a financial counsellor can call back the same day or the next working day.

    On intake, clients will be allocated one of the three support services depending on their residential address. 

  • Brimbank Youth Services
  • Brimbank Youth Services (BYS) works with young people aged between 12 – 25 years who live, work, study or recreate in Brimbank. BYS aim's to support young people to participate in education, health & wellbeing, recreation and employment activities, contributing to a strong sense of belonging and pride in their community.

    BYS offers a range of programs and support services for young people in Brimbank. Click here for more program and service information.  

  • Brimbank Youth Services - B-Heard Youth Support Program
  • Brimbank Youth Services provides private and confidential support to young people who live, work, study or socialise in the City of Brimbank.

     B-Heard Youth Support Program

    •    Need someone to talk to?
    •    Going through a tough time?
    •    Need help getting linked in?
    •    Not enjoying things as much as you used to?

    Why seek youth support or counselling?

    It’s important to look after YOU. The B-Heard Youth Support Program gives you a private space to work through some things that are bothering you with a friendly worker.

    We support young people on a short term basis @ various locations in Brimbank.

    We can help with:

    - Feeling sad, angry or overwhelmed
    - Family conflict - Relationship issues
    - Links to other services
    - Strengthening self-esteem
    - And heaps more!

    The B-Heard Youth Support Program is provide to young people at no cost. 

    Vistit www.brimbankyouth.com/programs/counselling for referral imformation and options.

  • Bunjilwarra Koori Youth Alcohol and Drug Healing Service
  • Bunjilwarra is a 12 bed Alcohol and Other Drugs residential rehabilitation and healing service for Aboriginal young people (male and female) aged between 16 and 25 years. It is a purpose-built, statewide service situated on a 1.7 hectare site in Hastings, Victoria.

    To be eligible for acceptance to Bunjilwarra, a young person must: 

    • Identify as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.
    • Be between 16 and 25 years of age.
    • Require treatment to manage their alcohol and/or drug problem.
    • Be prepared to enter the program voluntarily.
    In addition, the young person must:
    • Demonstrate that they are ready to address their alcohol and other drug issues, including a willingness to participate in the development and achievement of personal goals.
    • Make a commitment to actively participate in all aspects of the program, in particular group based and one-on-one activities.
    • Be willing to participate and live in a therapeutic community environment.

     Contact Bunjilwarra or view website for intake/referral. 


  • Cairnlea Community Hub
  • Cairnlea Community Hub is a Neighbourhood House that is managed by Brimbank City Council. Cairnlea Community Hub is located on Carmody Drive, adjacent to Cairnlea Park Primary School, in the Southern District within the Brimbank municipality.

    Cairnlea Community Hub offers programs and activities at the Centre and also in other venues in the Deer Park Local Area.

  • Cairnlea Park Primary School
  • "Cairnlea Park Primary School is located on the corner of Carmody Drive and Furlong Road, Cairnlea.

    Established in 1874, the school has served the local community for many generations, firstly as Deer Park Primary School, and since 2009 as Cairnlea Park.

    Our school places great importance on the development of every child’s skills and abilities whilst fostering a feeling of community across the school.

    Our highly trained and skilled teachers ensure every student receives a quality education that caters for their individual needs.

    We support students with programs including EAL (English as an Additional Language) and small intervention groups across the school.  Lunchtime programs also operate at different times throughout the year.

    Our facilities include a fully equipped computer laboratory, modern computer facilities in every classroom, gymnasium, Art room, Library and modern spacious classrooms that support modern and flexible learning strategies.  We also conduct a camping program for Year 4 and Year 6 students.

    We are a SunSmart school reinforcing in all students the need to protect their skin from the dangers of the sun’s rays.

    Our school also uses the State Government’s It’s Not OK to be Away attendance strategy. Our school has an Out of School Hours Care program, providing both Before and After School Care.

    We invite you to come and inspect our facilities and talk to our staff about our school when you are considering which school to send your children to."

    Cairnlea Park Primary School ‘Our Best Always’
    All information obtained from http://www.cairnleaparkps.vic.edu.au

  • Canteen
  • CanTeen is here for you if you're 12-25 and cancer has turned your world upside down.

    CanTeen is the game changer. We help young people cope with cancer in their family. Through CanTeen, they learn to explore and deal with their feelings about cancer, connect with other young people in the same boat and if they’ve been diagnosed themselves, we also provide specialist, youth-specific treatment teams.

    By feeling understood and supported, young people develop resilience and can rebuild the foundations that crumbled beneath them when cancer turned their life upside down. That’s how CanTeen is the difference.

    CanTeen works by having young people at the centre of everything we do.  CanTeen is the best place to help young people deal with the challenges cancer brings because we get it. 

    Free counselling for young people aged 12-25 whose life has been impacted by cancer in some way (e.g., parent, sibling, friend or self). Flexible delivery options (telephone, face-to-face, group & online/email). 

    For more information or to get support, explore the how we help section, email Canteen at support@canteen.org.au or call 1800 835 932. You can also connect with Canteen on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


  • Carers Australia - Young Carers
  • Services for young carers include:

    The Young Carers Respite and Information Services Program
    This program offers help at home, so young carers can take a break. It also provides information, referrals and advice to help young carers stay in education and training.

    The Young Carer Bursary Program
    This program provides financial support to young carers wanting to complete education or training.

    The Australian National Young Carers Action Team (ANYCAT)
    A national leadership program for young carers.

  • Carers Victoria
  • Carers Victoria is a support agency for people caring for a loved one or who work as a carer.

    Carers Victoria can assist by the following:
    - Compiling referrals for respite and other services
    - By providing advice and workshops
    - By providing counselling and support
    - Connecting carers with other carers
    - Linking people a variety of services

  • Carers Victoria - Young Carer Program
  • The Young Carer Program aims to support young carers in secondary school with their caring role at home, with providing educational and social support.  Support includes brokerage funds, advocacy and school holiday activities. Phone 9396 9550 for support. 

  • Caroline Chisholm Society
  • Caroline Chisholm Society offers support from the moment a woman learns of her pregnancy to the time her youngest child goes to school to help women and their families to achieve a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

    Some of the services include face to face counselling, telephone counselling, free pregnancy test, supported crisis accommodation (extremely limited), in home family support, alternating groups on parenting & depression, & material aid (baby goods).

    Mentoring program
    Matches you with a volunteer with skills that complement your goals in engaging with a mentor.

    Some things mentors can help with include:
    - Learning to cook for your baby or toddler
    - Learning the road rules to allow you to get your learners permit
    - Learning how to play or read to your baby or toddler
    - Learning to maintain the house
    - Other practical life skills that you’ve not had a chance to get to know.

    Maintenance program
    Matches you with a volunteer with skills to help you keep your home safe for your baby, toddler or young children.

    Some examples of the things Home Handy Helpers can do include:
    - Setting up nursery furniture to ensure your children are in a safe environment
    - Mowing the lawn and basic gardening to avoid a fire hazard so children to play outside
    - Rubbish removal to avoid risks of fire, items falling, health issues, and biohazards.

    Material Aid
    The kinds of goods provided include:

    Baby & toddler clothes, nappies, baby formula, books, toys, puzzles, baby linen and blankets, bassinettes (high demand product, please call ahead), prams (high demand product, please call ahead), high chairs, baby baths, maternity clothes, and general canned/packaged household groceries.


  • Catholic Regional College Junior Campus - North Keilor
  • Catholic Regional College North Keilor is a Catholic Co-educational Year 7-10 College established in 1982. It operates as part of a complex of Colleges with other Year 7- 10 Colleges located at St. Albans and Melton and the VCE campus located at Sydenham.

    North Keilor is a Regional College existing under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Melbourne and serves students living in the Parishes of Airport West, Keilor Downs, East Keilor and Sydenham.

    The complex of Colleges has a single Board of Governance known as Catholic Regional College Council. The membership of the Council comprises Parish Priests, parish based parent representatives, the Principals of the four Colleges and other persons co-opted for their expertise. The Council has two subcommittees – the Board of Studies that deals with educational matters and the Finance Committee.

    Strong support exists for the College from parishes in both a pastoral and financial sense. Pastoral support is seen in visits to the College by our priests, participation by the priests in in service programs, camps, regular Masses within the College, special liturgies and Reconciliation.

  • Catholic Regional College Junior Campus - St Albans
  • The College hopes to engage, support and challenge students; to make learning active, purposeful and real, and to connect them with the world beyond school.

    Offering a rich, relevant and innovative curriculum which focuses on literacy and numeracy, offers depth as well as breadth, and provides for individual pathways.

    The students and staff work in modern facilities which support innovative learning experiences. The College has excellent specialist areas in Technology (ICT, Food and Wood), the Arts, Science, Languages and Physical Education. There is good access to learning technologies throughout the school and extensive landscaping provides a mix of active and passive spaces for learning and recreation. he College has a 1:1 iPad program in Years 8 - 10 and 1:1 laptops for Year 7 students. Extensive landscaping provides a mix of active and passive spaces for learning and recreation.

    A school population of around 500 students ensures that the College is small enough for each person to be known and connected but large enough to offer a rich, broad and comprehensive curriculum. Core class sizes vary between 21 – 26 students.

  • Catholic Regional College Senior Campus - Sydenham
  • Catholic Regional College Sydenham is a Secondary school for year 11 & 12 students.

    Please refer to the website for futher information.

  • Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)
  • The Centre for Multicultural Youth supports young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to build better lives in Australia.

    Young People can access the following programs:

    Reconnect Program

    The Reconnect program works with newly arrived (in Australia for less than 5 years) young people from refugee background who are at risk of homelessness.  The program incorporates case management, counseling, group work, family mediation and practical support.

    Specialised Intensive Support Services (SIS)
    Specialist and Intensive Support Services (SIS) provides streamlined intensive case management, coordination and support to refugees and humanitarian entrants with complex and high needs that cannot be met by other care providers.

    Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors Programme
    The UHM programme provides housing and support for unaccompanied minors who have arrived, for the most part, through Australia's onshore refugee programme and have been assessed as capable of living independently.The programme provides a targeted and intensive response to the diverse range of needs, experiences and skills of participants, who are provided with a wide range of support services that enable and prepare them for independence.

  • Centrelink - Sunshine
  • Centrelink is part of the Department of Human Services and delivers social security payments and services to Australians.

    Centrelink offer's income support and other help if you’re looking for work or completing approved studies to help you get a job.

  • Centrelink - Youth Allowance & Payments
  • Youth Allowance

    Youth Allowance is for young people who need financial support while studying, training or looking for a job. You may be eligible if you are:

    - A full-time student or apprentice aged 16 to 24
    - aAed 16 to 21 and are looking for a full-time job or combining part-time study with looking for work
    - A full-time student or apprentice over 25 who was receiving Youth Allowance before you turned 25 & are still in the same course of study or apprenticeship
    - A student aged 22 to 24 who is temporarily incapacitated for full-time study.

    You will be considered independent and may get a higher rate of Youth Allowance if you are 22 or over. You may also be able to get the independent rate if you are aged between 15 and 21 and:

    - You are an orphan, a refugee or homeless
    - Your parents can’t provide a home, care or support
    - You have a dependent child
    - You have lived with a partner in a de facto relationship for longer than a year, or are married
    - You have been assessed as having a partial capacity to work
    - You have previously supported yourself by working.

    If you can’t live at home or stay at school or find suitable study or training programs, ask to see the social worker at your local Centrelink office to talk about your options.

    There are additional payments that may be available if you begin study after being on an income support payment for a long period, or if your study requires you to live away from home.

    If you are under age 18 and are not considered independent, then your payment would normally be paid to your parent.


    Abstudy is for Australians of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent who are studying or undertaking an apprenticeship. The rate of payment you may be eligible for depends upon your age, whether or not you live at home and if you have dependent children.

    If you are eligible for Abstudy you may also qualify for additional allowances for school expenses, tertiary studies or post-graduate studies.

    Youth Disability Supplement

    Youth Disability Supplement is additional financial support for young people aged 22 years and under with a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability which affects their ability to work.

    Other services

    Centrelink and the Department of Human Services have other information, payments and services to support young people. See Young people becoming independent.

    Get help

    Find out how you can get help with Centrelink.

  • Child Protection (DHHS)
  • The Victorian Child Protection Service is specifically targeted to those children and young people at risk of harm or where families are unable or unwilling to protect them.

    The main functions of Child Protection are to:

    • Investigate matters where it is alleged that a child is at risk of harm
    • Refer children and families to services that assist in providing the ongoing safety and wellbeing of children
    • Take matters before the Children's Court if the child's safety cannot be ensured within the family
    • Supervise children on legal orders granted by the Children's Court
    • Provide and fund accommodation services, specialist support services, and adoption and permanent care to children and adolescents in need.
    You should contact Child Protection if you have reasonable grounds for believing a child has suffered or is suffering significant harm.

    If you believe without doubt that a child has been sexually abused you must report that information to the police.

    West Division Intake - metropolitan only - 1300 664 977

    West Division Metro area reports are managed by North Division Intake located at DHHS Preston for the following areas and LGAs: Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Melton, Moonee Valley, Wyndham.

    After hours Child Protection Emergency Service - 13 12 78

  • Co Health Youth Residential Rehabilitation Program - St Albans
  • Support for young people with a mental illness in a residential environment

    Take the time to recover from mental illness and get on with life.

    The cohealth Youth Residential Rehabilitation (YRR) program supports young people aged 16-25 with a mental illness in a safe residential setting.

    Discover your strengths, learn or re-learn the skills and confidence you need for independent living, managing your mental illness and achieve your recovery goals like:

    •Building better relationships and social connections
    •Getting involved in sport and recreation
    •Overcoming alcohol and drug issues
    •Exploring education, training and work options
    •Finding permanent housing

    What do I need to do?
    Interested in checking out our programs? Feel free to call us to arrange a visit and tour

    St Albans: 9448 5504.

    Referrals to cohealth YRR can be made via the following services:

    St Albans YRRs – contact NEAMI Intake and Assessment on 1300 379 462

    What will it cost me?
    A fortnightly service fee of $80 is charged to cover utilities, wi-fi access and some living expenses and group costs.

    Service fees are waived for young people with no income and reduced for those on a very low income.

  • Co-Health - St Albans Youth Residential Rehabilition Program
  • 12 month recovery focused residential support for young people 16-25 who are experiencing significant mental health concerns.  We utilise the Collaborative Recovery Model to support young people to identify strengths and develop goals in areas such as daily living, education/employment, health and wellbeing, social connectedness, to enable full participation in the community.  The program accommodates 9 young people in 3 bedroom shared units.

  • Community Transition Support Program
  • "The North West LLEN Community Transition Support (CTS) initiative will aim to improve post school outcomes into further education, training, open employment and community participation for young people with a disability.

    CTS is funded by the North and West Division of the Department of Human Services and will work across the North and West Metropolitan region of Melbourne. The initiative will build the capacity of the 22 specialist schools across the region to improve career development practice and broker local strategic partnerships to enhance opportunities for the whole of school community. The CTS team are working with the 14 Local Government Authorities (LGA’s) across the North West Melbourne region and a range of community service providers including Disability Employment Services, Group Training Organstions, Registered Training Organisations, not for profit community services, further education and training providers including TAFE’s, Leant Locals and Neighbourhood Houses and Industry and business."

    All information obatined from http://inllen.org.au/initiative/community-transition-support/

  • Copperfield College Junior Campus - Kings Park
  • The Kings Park Campus is an established, well resourced facility located in Kambalda Circuit. This campus has excellent learning and communication technologies and sporting facilities.

    An important priority for all teaching and support staff at both Junior Campuses is to help our new students feel happy, secure and confident as they adjust to secondary schooling. A sensitive and comprehensive transition program and the support of an Advisory Teacher enables our students to develop positive relationships with staff and each other.


  • Copperfield College Junior Campus - Sydenham
  • Copperfield College Sydenham Campus opened at the beginning of 2001 and is located on the corner of Community Hub and Calder Park Drive in Sydenham. It has been recognised for its team-based organisation with individual students based in one of four purpose built team buildings.  

    Each teacher belongs to a particular team where they are able develop a deep understanding of the learning and personal needs of the students in that team. Each team has its own Science, Art and Technology facilities as well as general purpose classrooms so students can attend most of their classes in the one building. The sports facilities are impressive and include a double-sized gymnasium and a new artificial turf soccer field.

    The focus at Sydenham Campus is on maximising student achievement in the classroom and the community. We build strong relationships, provide support and ensure a safe environment conducive to student well being.


  • Copperfield College Senior Campus - Delahey
  • Years eleven and twelve students at Delahey enjoy a superbly resourced environment purpose built for the education of young adults. Academic rigour, initiative and self discipline are key tenets senior school life. The college is proud of its hard-working students. Many achieve outstanding results, gain entry into their chosen University or TAFE institution and go on to pursue future careers with distinction.

    Specialist staff dedicated to senior success work together with students in a young adult learning environment. Students are able to access extended library hours and computer and multi-media resources are available to all students.

    Support courses for students’ personal health and well being address a range of social and educational issues. A Supportive Friends Program and a pastoral care system support the learning of senior students.

  • Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team (CATT team for 18+yrs)
  • A crisis assessment and treatment team (CATT) provides immediate help during a mental health crisis. Experiencing or caring for someone during a mental health crisis can be frightening but help is available 24 hours a day.

    What is a crisis assessment and treatment team?

    A CATT is a group of people who work together and includes mental health professionals such as psychiatric nurses, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists.

    What does a CATT do?

    A CATT responds to urgent requests to help people in mental health crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A mental health crisis can include:

    - A Psychotic episode
    Feeling suicidal
    - Feeling out of control

    It might be the flare-up of an existing condition like schizophrenia or someone's first experience of mental illness. There might be an obvious cause for the crisis, or there might not be.

    Whether at home or elsewhere, the CATT assesses the person's current mental state, their psychiatric history, what social support they have and more. They will work with the person involved and their family and/or carer to determine the best way to help.

    One option is to provide intensive treatment, care and support at home, and this is what they hope to do. But there are times when treatment in hospital is needed. If so, they will help the person get to hospital by arranging referrals and transport.

    CATTs also work with other services such as police, ambulance, alcohol and drug services, child protection and community services where necessary.

    How do I get help?

    If you need help now, call 1300 874 243 for immediate expert support.
    You will receive help to work out which services can best help. This could be the doctor, a hospital emergency department or a community mental health service. Sometimes, the CATT will be sent to you, wherever you are.


  • Deer Park North Primary School
  • "Deer Park North which opened in 1976, is a large primary school with an enrolment of approximately 350 pupils. It is located in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne and serves a community with a diverse social-economic and cultural background.

    A balanced curriculum is provided in the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, The Arts/LOTE, Health & Physical Education, Studies of Society and Environment. A strong emphasis is placed on the learning of English and Mathematics.

    Additional programs are also provided through-

    Choir, drama, dance and aerobics programs

    Elective programs

    Inter-school sporting program

    Integration program

    English as a Second Language program

    Reading Intervention programs including Reading Recovery, Bridging the Gap, Bridges and small group reading assistance.

    Swimming and camping programs

    Integrating learning technologies across the curriculum

    Anti-bullying programs including Peer Support and Deer Park North Friendly Kids

    Vietnamese and Turkish Multicultural Education Aide (MEA) Program provides support and communication links to the Vietnamese and Turkish children and their families.

    Teaching and learning approaches that are actively promoted include team planning, team teaching, a whole language approach to literacy, multi-age strategies and integrated curriculum. The timetable is broken up into two hourly blocks to allow intensive instruction with Literacy and Numeracy. The integrated curriculum model recognises that learning is more appropriate to children when the learning areas are connected. It also places emphasis on child input to planning, cooperative group work strategies, and the development of thinking skills, personal qualities and research skills.

    The school is organised into five teaching teams: Junior School (P/1), Grade Two, Middle School (3/4), Senior School (5/6) and Specialist Team (comprising teachers in Visual Arts/LOTE, English as a Second Language (ESL), Library, eLearning, Physical Education, Reading Recovery and Student Welfare. Importance is placed on providing calm, caring learning environments that promote children’s self-esteem and confidence. Equal opportunity principles and strategies are incorporated and provision is made for the learning needs of all children in an atmosphere where they are actively encouraged to do their best. The student welfare policy is based on the belief that students and parents have rights and responsibilities. These guide the implementation of rules and consequences that contribute to a safe and harmonious working environment for students." © Copyright 2013 Deer Park North Primary School: All information obtained from http://www.deerparknthps.vic.edu.au

  • Deer Park West Primary School
  • "At Deer Park West Primary School we welcome every child and their family into our learning community.
    We strive to develop and foster a relationship between teachers, students, parents and our local community. We are very proud of our students, teachers and parent community. We provide a high quality education in all areas of literacy and mathematics as well as information technology, physical education, music and art. The development of the leadership skills of both staff and students is a high priority within the school. Staff professional learning ensures that we continually improve the quality of learning and teaching at Deer Park West P.S.
    We welcome you to visit Deer Park West P.S. at any time. Enrolments for year Prep are taken throughout the year prior to your child commencing the following year. Both the acting assistant principal, Sharon McLeod, and myself, are available to take you on a tour of the school and answer any of your questions. The team at Deer Park West P.S. aim to develop and support every child to reach their potential.
    Senka King"
     All information obtained from http://www.dpwps.vic.edu.au

  • Delahey Community Centre
  • Delahey Community centre provides a number of Neighbourhood House Programs for all ages. During the school holidays the centre has programs for young people and throughout the year programs are also schedule for young people. Some of the programs include Kids Cooking, Sport Clinics, Arts & Craft activities and Hip Hop dancing. We also have a computer room that is open to the community for access at no charge.

  • Department of Human Services
  • Information about Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support. 

  • Derrimut Primary School
  • "Derrimut Primary School commenced operations in 2010 and is one of 11 schools in the Public, Private Partnerships (PPP) program. Derrimut PS is a government school opened to serve the educational needs of the growing suburb of Derrimut. The backgrounds of students reflect a cultural and socio-economic diversity including a number of children from non-English speaking backgrounds. It opened with 250 students in 2010 and has a current enrolment of 546 with an expectation to grow rapidly beyond 700 in the next year and settling to approximately 470 within the next 10 years.

    The Derrimut Primary School community is committed to providing innovative programs that stimulate and challenge each student to develop lifelong learning skills and strategies. We provide a safe, nurturing environment where teachers, students, parents and the community work in an effective partnership.

    Derrimut Primary School has extremely talented and professional staff, who work closely together to ensure the educational and wellbeing needs of all students are met. The development of a core set of values (Academic Rigour, Respect, Leadership and Teamwork) and a whole school approach to cognitive and emotional engagement has led to a consistent and supportive environment in which students flourish. Underpinning programs at Derrimut Primary School is the belief and commitment to the school’s motto:

    “A place to grow and thrive”"
     All information obtained from http://derrimutps.vic.edu.au

  • Detour Program - Melbourne City Mission
  • The Detour program works with young people aged 12–24 who are dealing with problems at home and feel they need to move out or who have recently left home and are having trouble finding a secure place to live.

    The Detour Youth Coaches support young people who are recently homeless or at risk of homelessness to get through a tough time and get back on track.

    Detour can help with:
    • Improving relationships with family if a young person wants to remain at home
    • Finding alternative accommodation to the family home if it is unreasonable to stay there
    • Figuring out what to do next
    • Family counselling/mediation
    • Identifying people in a young person’s life who could be a support to them and strengthening those  relationships
    • Stabilising accommodation options
    • Identifying goals and priorities
    • Making a plan to reach those goals
    • Health, including addressing mental health issues if necessary
    • Education and employment. Often it can be hard to keep up with education or work when things are difficult at home.

    How Detour works:
    • A young person or a support worker contacts Detour to make a referral.
    • If Detour is right for the young person, they are given a Youth Coach.
    • The Youth Coach meets with the young person and starts working with them.
    • The Youth Coach assists the young person to make their own plan for the future based on their own ideas, strengths and abilities.

  • DirectLine
  • DirectLine is a statewide telephone and online service which supports people seeking alcohol and other drugs information, advice or referral. It is a useful first point of contact for alcohol and other drug users, and health and human service providers, including general practitioners.

    DirectLine offers information, advice and brief interventions before, during and after treatment and operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week. It is staffed by professional counsellors at Turning Point, a centre of excellence for alcohol and other drug treatment, research and education, a part of Eastern Health.

    DirectLine can be accessed over the phone on 1800 888 236.

  • Disability Employment Service- WCIG Footscray
  • "At WCIG we don’t see barriers, we see opportunities. Our Disability Employment Services assist people living with a psychiatric, physical or sensory disability in gaining meaningful and sustainable employment. We believe that people with a disability should be supported in their efforts to join the workforce and we work closely with both job seekers and employers to make this happen.

    Funded by the Australian Federal Government, Disability Employment Services are uncapped. This means jobseekers have immediate access to the services that they need including capacity building, training, work experience and other interventions to best prepare clients for employment.

    Our services provide job seekers with access to individually tailored employment services that are both flexible and responsive to their needs, with strong links to training and skills development, particularly in areas of local skills shortages.

    Physical and Sensory Disability

    If you've had an injury or illness, or have a physical or sensory illness disability, we can help you look for work that will accommodate your specific needs.

    Not only will your consultant help you look for work, we'll speak to the employer on your behalf, discuss any adaptive equipment you may require and talk to them about how they can make some adjustment in the workplace that will enable you to do your job.

    We'll also advise your employer on how to go about getting government funding for any adaptive equipment and offer them advice on the best way to communicate with you .

    WCIG wants to make sure you are comfortable in your new job, so we listen to what your interests are and try to match your work interest with a job.

    Our offices have adaptive equipment, such as TTY telephones, large screen computers and text readers and staff that speak Auslan. These have all been designed to help you help yourself.

    Mental Illness

    Having a mental illness doesn’t have to keep you from getting a job. WCIG consultants are experienced in working with jobseekers who might have one or more mental illnesses, such as: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

    We’re aware of the potential issues that these illnesses may present when you’re looking for employment. We will work with you on a number of levels beyond simply looking for a job. We offer counselling and advice on how to integrate work into your daily life, and issues around telling work mates or employers about your mental illness in a confidential environment.

    Coping mechanisms - dealing with potential stigma, and negotiating flexible hours are some of the things you can talk to us about once you have found a job, we continue to support you for as long as you need.

    WCIG is also in the process of creating jobs for people with a psychiatric disability though the establishment of social firms. To find out more about social firms, go to our social firms page.

    How we can assist you

    We want to see you succeed in your new role. Our Disability Employment Services program developers and implements practical training that can provide you with skills. We can also provide training on the job. We work with you to ensure you're able to do the job, from the first day of employment.

    We also offer confidence and self-esteem building courses and referrals to relevant support and training services. We can help you organise work trial to enhance your skills.

    Consultants offer One-on-One assistance in the following areas:

    • Setting your employment goals
    • Professional resume and application writing
    • Interview preparation
    • Skills testing
    • Access to Internet, phone, fax, photocopier and newspapers
    • Weekly job seekers group
    • Transport to interviews
    • Work related counseling
    • Referral to relevant training and support services
    • Confidence and self esteem courses
    • Employment related financial assistance
    • Help with contacting employers
    • Job vacancies
    • Job matching to suit your skills and interests
    • Work trials to develop skills
    • Negotiating working conditions which reflect your needs
    • Supported employment placement
    • Work site modifications and adjustments
    • Wage subsidies
    • Continuing support whilst you are working"

    All information obtained  from http://www.wcig.org.au

  • Distinctive Options - St Albans
  • Distinctive Options are committed to supporting service users to exercise a full range of decision making and independent living options. Offering group and individual support with a friendly and user-centered approach. Family members are encouraged to work alongside our professional staff to be part of the support network via regular communication and feedback.

    Individual Support
    Offering one-on-one support, personalised for your interests and how you would like your day to unfold. You can undertake a broad range of activities, access your local community, try new things and develop independence with supportive guidance. You can request a staff member who is male or female, of a similar age to you, or that you feel comfortable with.

    Group Support
    Service-users can share experiences and learn new skills together in small group programs. You choose the activities you attend, and your timetable is tailored to your personal goals and needs. Wherever possible, we access facilities within the community to conduct our programs and encourage partnerships with other organisations.

  • Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services - School Focused Youth Service (SFYS)
  • We support schools and agencies to coordinate services to support children and young people aged 10-18 years at risk of disengaging from education.

    Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services (DCES) in partnership with Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand (GSANZ) delivers School Focused Youth Services in the Brimbank and Melton regions.
    The School Focused Youth Services (SFYS) across Victoria aim to support young people (aged 10 – 18 years) who have
    been identified as being at risk of disengaging from education. Through the development of partnerships and improvements
    to the integration of services, SFYS seeks to connect school and community sectors in ways that build the capacity of young
    people to continue their education.

    During 2015 within the Brimbank/ Melton region, SFYS will be specifically focusing on:
    • Vulnerable and at risk children aged 10-12 years in primary school (making the transition to secondary school)
    • Young carers, including young mothers
    • Culturally and linguistically diverse young people
    • Enhancing parent engagement with schools
    The primary focus of the SFYS is not on the whole school community but rather students who require preventative and early
    targeted interventions to remain engaged or re-engage with education.

  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
  • The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) is a state-wide resource centre working to prevent and respond to family violence, with a particular focus on men’s violence against women in intimate relationships. 

    They provide training, publications, research and other resources to those experiencing (or who have experienced) family violence, and practitioners and service organisations who work with family violence survivors.

    Services & Support:

    - Initial telephone support, information and referral to services to assist people who have experienced family violence.  Phone us on (03) 9486 9866, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.
    - Supportive online information to help people who have experienced family violence.
    Training Courses for professionals to improve their skills in supporting survivors of violence.
    - A biannual magazine, DVRCV Advocate, which includes a list of Victorian support groups.
    Publications and resources including posters, helpful pamphlets, booklets, multimedia, digital and websites.
    - Prevention to response workforce development.
    - Policy advice and advocacy.
    Partners in Prevention network and building the prevention evidence base



  • Eating Disorders Victoria
  • Eating Disorders Victoria connect those whose lives are affected by eating disorders with the people, services and hope they need for recovery.  

    Whether you are worried about yourself, a family member or a friend, information is available on all types of eating disorders, early warning signs, treatment options, how to support someone with an eating disorder and much more. 

    The Eating Disorders Helpline is a free and confidential service providing information peer support for people experiencing eating disorders or related issues. We offer a safe place for you to seek information, openly discuss your experience with eating disorders and ask any questions you may have.

    Call 1300 550 236 or (03) 9417 6598. You can call the Helpline anonymously on between 9.30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message and your call will be returned. 

    Support Group
    The Footscray Recovery Support Group is for people with an eating disorder who have already taken the first steps towards recovery but would like some extra support.  You must be over 18 to attend, and not a current hospital in-patient or someone whose physical or emotional health is severely compromised.

    It is not a therapy group, but a peer support group for sharing experiences, discovering new coping strategies and stress management skills in a safe environment where you can enjoy the interaction with people in a similar situation to your own. Cost: $3, payable at the beginning of the session.

    Booking: Please book in by 12pm on the day of the support group. There are two ways you can book:

    1. Send an SMS with your first name, location and date of group to 0481 071 211 or
    2. Contact the Helpline on 1300 550 236 Monday-Friday between 9.30am and 5.00pm

    Address: The Body Voice Centre 50 Wolverhampton Street Footscray

  • Emmaus Catholic Primary School
  • "On behalf of the school community in the parish of Sacred Heart - Emmaus, welcome to our website.

    Catholic education in our parish is a journey of praying, working and sharing together, and above all, of following Jesus. At Emmaus, we make a difference in the lives and education of our children, our staff and families.

    Our website offers you the opportunity to learn and discover more about us and allows you to engage in areas of parish and school life. As the principal of Emmaus, I welcome you and invite you to take the time to explore and discover the information that we have provided for you.

    I hope the information provided here will be of help to you.


    Take care,

    Mrs. Mary Rengey
    All information was obtained from http://www.emsydenham.catholic.edu.au

  • English Training Melbourne
  • Einstein College of Australia is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and a CRICOS Provider that delivers high quality training facilities and standards for Domestic and International students.

  • Equinox Gender Diverse Health Service
  • Equinox Gender Diverse Health Service is Australia’s first and only trans and gender diverse health service.

    Equinox offers bulk billing general Practice services to the trans and gender diverse community where they can access a safe inclusive space and quality general practitioner services.

    Services include General Practice healthcare, sexual health, hormone initiation and management, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and counselling.

    Existing Patient?
    To book an appointment, call reception on 03 9416 2889 or book online below. When booking online, please make sure to select a Trans and Gender Diverse GP from the drop-down Practitioner menu. BOOK ONLINE

    If you are a new patient, call reception on 03 9416 2889 to arrange an initial appointment.


  • Family Drug Help Helpline
  • Family Drug Helpline offers a confidential telephone service which provides support to family members in need. Our helpline is staffed by trained volunteers (9am to 5pm Monday – Friday), ordinary people who are just like you: mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, partners, sons, daughters and friends. Sometimes people may feel they need to talk to someone who knows what it’s like to love someone who’s misusing drugs or alcohol. After hours service is staffed by professional counsellors.

    To speak to a person with family experience call Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm. After hours calls are answered by trained counsellors.

    The Family Drug Helpline provides:

    • Support and understanding
    • Information, resources, and referrals to other services
    • Linkage with other Family Drug Help programs and services
    • An interpreter option so you can speak to us in your language

     Phone Family Drug Helpline on:  1300 660 068

  • Find a Psychologist
  • Access psychologists who are in private practice

    • Seek and self-select qualified and trusted psychologists for assistance in a range of areas.
    • Easily search by psychological issue and location.
    • Bilingual psychologists available.

    Extra Information:
    • A Mental Health Care Plan is needed in order to see a private psychologist.
    • A GP can provide the Mental Health Care Plan.
    • You need to request a longer consultation with your GP to allow enough time for them to prepare your Care Plan.
    • Medicare will cover some or all of the cost of care planning by a doctor. It will also rebate some of the costs to see the psychologist for 10 sessions.
    • Ask the psychologist for a summary of their fees and the Medicare rebates that you are entitled to. This will help you determine any out-of-pocket expenses.
    • The doctor must get a young person’s consent before a Care Plan can be developed.
    • Care plans are usually prepared every 12 months and should be reviewed after 3 month

    Click Here to access the Find a Psychologists website.

  • Food Bank - Sunshine West
  • Food available for a Gold Coin donation. 

    Just bring your concession (healthcare, pension, immigration. etc.) card and a gold coin donation to the Glengala Hotel on Monday's between 2.30pm and 4.00pm. 

    Please note, there are only enough resources to offer each cardholder their food parcel(s) once a week.

  • Footscray Community Arts Centre
  • Footscray Community Arts Centre is a community engaged, contemporary arts centre working with local, regional and international communities. The centre provides a range of programs and opportunities including an indigenous cultural program of activities and events.

    The Indigenous Cultural Program encompasses a range of programs, projects and events that focus on creatively engaging artists and audiences from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that populate Melbourne’s west. 

    The program is developed in consultation with the community and implemented by the FCAC Indigenous Cultural Program Creative Producer with the support of the FCAC Indigenous Advisory Group, including Elders in Residence Arweet Carolyn Briggs and Uncle Larry Walsh.

    Programming is responsive to the needs of the community and embraces opportunities to may arise throughout the operational year. The program is built around a stream of core activities and augmented through its review and consultation processes.

  • Footscray Hospital
  • Footscray Hospital

    Phone: 83456666

    Location: The Emergency entrance is on Eleanor St, Footscray.

    We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Transport and Parking

    There is a drop off zone near the entrance to emergency at Footscray Hospital. There is a strict 10 minute time limit in this zone.

    Visiting hours

    For Emergency help call 000 for an ambulance

  • Foresite Training & Licensing
  • Logistics & Civil Construction Courses delivered in Laverton.  Government funding available for eligible young people. 

    • Transport Courses
    • Civil Construction Courses
    • Warehouse Courses
    • White Card
    • Traffic Management
    • Forklift
    Click here course and training information.

  • Foundation House
  • Foundation House provides services to advance the health, wellbeing and human rights of people of refugee backgrounds in Victoria who have experienced torture or other traumatic events in their country of origin or while fleeing those countries.

    Services are:
    - Free – including access to professional interpreters if you require this
    - Confidential – we keep your information private, as do the interpreters we use
    Voluntary – you are free to stop being a client at any time for any reason
    - Supportive – we support your rights
    - Educative – we educate the community about the experiences of refugees.

    Have you experienced torture or other traumatic events before you came to Australia?
    If so, you may be experiencing problems and you may want to come to Foundation House. It is normal for people to have difficulties as a result of previous experiences of torture or other traumatic events.

    Foundation House offer a comprehensive range of services to enable recovery from the consequences of torture or other traumatic events.

    These include:
    - Individual and family counselling
    - Client advocacy
    - Complementary therapies, e.g. traditional herbal medicine, massage and other natural therapies
    - Specialist mental health clinic
    - Group programs
    - Referral to other services


  • Furlong Park School for the Deaf
  • "Furlong Park School for Deaf Children is situated on extensive grounds in North Sunshine and was officially opened in June 1986 by the Hon. Ian Cathie, Minister for Education. Students previously attended St Albans Deaf Unit situated within the grounds of Jackson Specialist School (previously St Albans Special School) from 1976-1985.

    Since that time, our school has grown and much has been achieved. The school was purpose-built to deliver educational programs to deaf children, including those with additional needs from the western and northern regions of metropolitan Melbourne and the rural fringe. The school provides educational programs for both pre-school children aged 3 to 5 years of age and primary school students aged 5 to 12 years of age. The communication approach using spoken and written English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language) addresses individual student needs and is based on a bilingual/bicultural model.

    Our Learning Technologies Centre was re-situated in our new Library complex in 2011 and houses 10 computers. All classrooms have access to computers for students to use and we are trialling the use of tablet notebooks to enhance the access to technology for all children.

    The school is staffed by both Deaf and Hearing qualified teachers of the Deaf, suitably experienced support staff and speech pathologists. Audiologists from Australian Hearing provide support to students through fortnightly visits to the school. Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists are contracted when need arises.

    Our curriculum has expanded to now include specialists; Health and Physical Education teacher, a qualified librarian and computer teacher, a LOTE / Deaf Studies teacher and by providing school based literacy and numeracy coaching for all teaching and educational support staff. We also access a range of para professionals, including psychologists who deliver specific programs and supports for staff, students and parents.

    Our school achieved Performance Development Culture Accreditation in 2006.

    During 2008, our basketball court was resurfaced with rubaroc with basketball, tennis and bike education line markings being added. Playground markings of hopscotch, four square, maths and spelling games plus wall targets provide students with a variety of hop, skip ‘n’ learn activities.

    In 2009, Furlong Park installed a synthetic athletics track and in 2010, constructed a new Library complex, 2 full-sized classrooms and an enclosed Gallery area as part of the Building the Education Revolution program which provided schools with new facilities and refurbishments to better meet the needs of 21st century learning." 
    All information was obtained from http://www.furlongpark.vic.edu.au/


  • Gatehouse Centre
  • Gatehouse Centre is a department of the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH).  It is a Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) that provides assessment, treatment and advocacy services for:

    • Children, young people (aged between 0-17) and their families, living in the North Western metropolitan area of Melbourne (including Brimbank) or the cities of Moreland and Hume, where sexual abuse is known or suspected to have happened.

    • Children, young people (aged between 0-15) and their families, living in the North Western metropolitan area of Melbourne (including Brimbank) or the cities of Moreland and Hume, where problem sexual or sexually abusive behaviours are a concern.

    • Royal Children’s Hospital Inpatients.

    Why would a child or young person come to Gatehouse Centre?

    If you are a child or young person and:

    - Someone has sexually abused you
    - someone has exposed you to pornography
    - you have witnessed sexual abuse
    - you have witnessed sexually inappropriate content
    - you are worried you may have been sexually abused

    - If you are a parent or carer and are concerned about the possibility that your child has been sexually abused
    - If you are concerned that a child or young person may have been acting in a sexual manner either with other children or with themselves

    If this is the case, a child or young person may come to Gatehouse Centre for an assessment of current concerns. Some children and young people go on to need treatment to assist and develop helpful ways of coping with the impacts of the abuse or concerning behaviours.

  • Gay & Lesbian Health Victoria
  • Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV) is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) health and wellbeing policy and resource unit.

    GLHV is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of LGBTI Victorians and the quality of care they receive.

    GLHV deliver programs that focus on sexual health and aging, same-sex attracted and sex and gender diverse (SSASGD) young people, and LGBTI-inclusive practice

  • Genderqueer Australia
  • Genderqueer Australia specialises in the support of gender questions and genderqueer people, their families, friends and professionals who they go to for help.

    GQA’s resources page contains a collection of curated resources for all sorts of people, from medical practitioners, researchers and genderqueer and trans people of all ages.

    Genderqueer Australia run catch-ups on the first Saturday of the month in Melbourne. Visit www.genderqueer.org.au for locatio and times. 

  • Glengala Primary School
  • "We have over 19 different nationalities represented in our school population, several overseas students and the most dynamic and supportive staff .It makes a wonderful place to be educated with great cultural diversityThe children at our school are very friendly and cooperative as well as dedicated students who have achieved at a very high standard . The staff and parents are really proud of their achievements both academically and socially. We work hard to ensure that the high achievements are maintained from year to year and that behaviour and bullying continues not to be an issue within our school.

    Staff at Glengala are very professional people who provide the students with a challenging and supportive working environment. The school is very proud of the high academic achievements our students have reached in both literacy and numeracy and we strive to ensure that these results continue each year and where possible go even higher.

    The staff work at providing the very best stimulus to our students not matter what their background or their needs, this is reflected in our excellent academic achievement as indicated on the “myschools” website.

    I have a personal commitment to work with the staff, parents and students to ensure that students that enrol at this school are given every opportunity to thrive academically and socially."

     All information was obtained from http://www.glengala.vic.edu.au


  • Good Shepherd Community House St Albans
  • Good Shepherd Community House St Albans is a place for everyone in the community to connect, make friends, learn skills and build their confidence.

    A variety of parenting and education programs are available at the community house throughout the year, including supported playgroups, meditation courses and beginners and advanced sewing programs.

  • Good Shepherd Youth & Family Services - Counselling
  • Good Shepherd Family Services provides financial counselling, youth participation & access, family support, Step-Out (includes Building Blocks, a play group for young parents with pre-school children).

  • GriefLine
  • GriefLine is a free counselling service that listens, cares and supports people experiencing loss and grief, at any stage in life.  Support is anonymous and confidential.

    People who want to access support can call (9935 7400 or 1300 845 745) between:

    • Midday and 3.00am
    • 7 days a week, 365 days a year
    GriefLine also provides online email counselling via their website (www.griefline.org.au). 

    GriefLine counsellors listen, care and support in times of:

    • Bereavement
    • Relationship and family issues
    • Family Violence
    • Suicide
    • Terminal illness
    • Unemployment
    • Natural disasters
    • Pet bereavement
    • Farming hardship
    • Economic hardship and financial anxiety
    • Mental health concerns
    • Migrant and refugee support
    • Carer support
    • Isolation or loneliness


  • headspace - Sunshine
  • headspace Sunshine offers young people aged 12-25 access to a range of no and low cost health and wellbeing services. The youth-friendly health professionals can help with:

       - Mental health & counselling.
       - Alcohol & other drug services. 
       - General health. 
       - Education and employment opportunities & other services.

    If you or someone you know is having a tough time why not try talking to someone about how you have been feeling? headspace is a great place to start! You can talk to an intake worker about making an appointment by calling 9927 6222.

    You can also ask your GP, teacher, youth or community worker about making a referral to headspace Sunshine.



  • Healthworks
  • Healthworks is a specialist health care and harm reduction service for people who use drugs.

    Healthworks offers a complete medical, nursing and specialised health care service for injecting drug users (current or past) in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. Specialised care offers support for often related issues such as homelessness, food deficiency, financial, child protection and family violence.

    Drop in spaces offer hot drinks and meals, shower, toilet, laundry, computer and phone. Also providing:

    - Medical and general health care
    - Injecting and safer sex equipment
    - Information on safer using and safer sex
    - Vein and wound care
    - HIV, Hepatitis and sexual health testing, treatment and vaccination
    - Care during pregnancy (antenatal care)
    - Social support
    - Information about injecting drug use including steroids
    - Counselling and support for both users and their family and friends
    - Community overdose prevention education
    - Referrals for other health services, support and treatment options
    - Needle and Syringe Program

    This is a no cost drop-in service for people who inject drugs. There is no need for a referral or appointments.  4-12 Buckley Street, Footscray.


  • Healthy Minds Psychological Services - St Albans
  • Healthy Minds provides counselling services for individuals (adults, adolescents and children), couples and families who experience an extensive array of psychological problems.

    Your life can be significantly effected by problems like stress from work or study; feeling unmotivated; anxiety; low mood; relationship issues; coping with injuries or illness or experiences of trauma. Addressing these issues is essential to maintaining a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

    The fully-qualified and experienced psychologists at Healthy Minds can help you develop the skills needed to manage life stressors and promote good health.

    The 4 Steps to See a Psychologist

    Visit your doctor and ask your doctor to consider if you would benefit from a referral (ATAPS or Mental Health Care Plan)  to see one of our psychologists.

    Call Healthy Minds on (03) 9330 0759 or click here to book online to make an appointment.

    Meet your psychologist and start your healing journey.

    Get up to 73% of your fee reimbursed by Medicare. (ATAPS and some other referral types such as victims of crime are fully covered).


  • Helping Hands Mission Inc
  • Food Relief and Opportunity Shop in Sunshine.

    Helping Hands Mission Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that runs seven opportunity shops across Melbourne and rural Victoria, and provides emergency support to Victorian families and individuals who are suffering as a result of extreme circumstance.

    Op Shop
    Includes a lovely little reading corner, with all books just $1, a play area and toy section for the kids, lots of furniture, beds and other household essentials, as well as $2 clothing. Conveniently located on Hampshire Road, just a couple of minutes walk from Sunshine Train Station. 

    85 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine
    Monday – Friday: 10am - 4pm. Saturday: 10am - 2pm

    Food Pantry
    Food relief available by appointment only.  Please phone in advance (preferably the day before collection) on 1300 892 010 to arrange an appointment time.

    Concession/Health Care Card holders preferred
    Cost: $2.00
    10am - 3pm, Mon to Friday
    20 Hertford Rd, Sunshine (Entry via George St). 
    Workers/referrers to complete referal form via website. 

  • Hester Hornbrook Academy - VCAL for young mums
  • The Hester Hornbrook Academy, formerly Melbourne Academy, is an Independent school run by Melbourne City Mission. 

    It was established to provide supportive, flexible education to reconnect young people with schooling, which is often the most important step in getting them back on track. Building on the evidence of what works, we provide both social and education supports to help people achieve their goals.

    The young mums VCAL program is based in Braybrook.  Young mums have the chance to continue their education after having a baby - babies attend classes with their mother. This class offers Foundation, Intermediate and Senior VCAL. Students can also be pregnant and can bring a baby with them to class when they are ready to return to learning. 

    Click here to complete an expression of interest online form

  • Hester Hornbrook Academy - VCAL Program Sunshine
  • The Hester Hornbrook Academy, formerly Melbourne Academy, is an Independent school run by Melbourne City Mission. 

    It was established to provide supportive, flexible education to reconnect young people with schooling, which is often the most important step in getting them back on track. Building on the evidence of what works, we provide both social and education supports to help people achieve their goals.

    Our Hester Hornbrook Academy classrooms focus on training towards both a VCAL and VET certificate. We deliver education from a range of classrooms each having a specific focus. We also provide an outreach education model.

    At Sunshine, students can study Intermediate and Senior VCAL as well as having the opportunity to undertake a Certificate II in Community Services. The Sunshine space is in the Visy Cares Hub, a youth hub that houses a number of youth support services.

  • Hillside Community Centre
  • Neighbourhood house and learning centre.

  • Holly Eucharist Parish Food Bank
  • Holy Eucharist provides food relief for people in need every friday from 9am to 1pm. Health/concession card holders only.

  • Holy Eucharist School - St Albans
  • "Our school is a Parish Catholic Primary School in the western suburbs of the Archdiocese’s of Melbourne.

    We are justly proud of our school as its community represents a snapshot of the wider picture of Australia. – the multi-cultural picture.

    The community consists of 380 children from Vietnam, Philippines, mainland China, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, southern and central America and Europe.

    Thus our School Vision states that our school is a place;

    Where strong community relationships create successful learning opportunities within the Australian Catholic tradition for the 21st Century.

    Our children are in such a community that are;

    • ENGAGED in contemporary learning personalised to individual needs
    • EDUCATED using contemporary tools and programs
    • EMPOWERED to be lifelong learners


    Jeffrey Parker


    All information  obtained from http://www.hestalbanssth.catholic.edu.au


  • Home and Community Care - Brimbank City Council
  • Brimbank City Council provides a range of care support programs.

    In-Home Respite Care (NRCP & HACC)
    In-home day respite care and centre-based group day program for carers of the aged and other people with dementia.

    Out & About of Brimbank
    Includes social outings and activities for young people and adults 16 to 45 years old with disabilities.

    Recreation Programs (HACC)
    Social outings, recreational activities and support are provided for children, young people, adults and the aged who have disabilities and reside in the municipality.

    Western Amigos, for children and young people 7 to 15 years old.

    Out & Abouters, for young people and adults 16 to 45 years old.

    Special Requirements: Must be eligible under HACC funding guidelines.

    Specific Home Care (HACC)
    Personal care at home for children and young people with disabilities and support for their families. Respite care is also available.

    Phone 9249 4000 to find out more information or to connect to these programs.

  • Homelessness Advocacy Service (HAS)
  • The Homelessness Advocacy Service (HAS) is the key advice and information service for consumers seeking or receiving assistance from any Victorian community-managed homelessness assistance or social housing service.

    The goal of HAS is to achieve mutually beneficial resolutions for consumers and service providers. It achieves this goal by providing consumers and service providers with:

    • secondary consultation
    • appropriate and accurate information
    • problem-solving
    • complaints resolution
    • referral
    • advice.

  • Housing - Department of Human Services
  • Housing.vic.gov.au makes it easier to find the right information about housing and housing assistance in Victoria.

    This website is the source of information for current public housing tenants, potential social housing tenants and anyone wanting to know about housing in Victoria.

    Try the Housing Options Finder: answer a few questions to see what housing options may be right for you.

    Housing.vic.gov.au is managed by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.


  • Inclusion Melbourne - Discovery Program
  • Inclusion Melbourne works with young people with an intellectual disability who live, work or play in and around Brimbank.

    Discovery Program - Integrate education and relationship building:
    As you or your loved one finishes at high school, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork, financial requirements, decisions and choices. Many families are unprepared for the enormous changes that come when leaving school.

    Inclusion Melbourne’s Discovery helps adults with an intellectual disability and their families to transition from school to completely personalised support.

    Discovery reduces the stress on families by offering a semi-structured transition program that focuses on teaching people about:

    • The options available in their local community;
    • Service to the community;
    • Self-advocacy, rights and responsibilities;
    • Skills for everyday living, like using public transport, road safety, literacy and numeracy.

    This innovative program runs for 12 months to help adults with intellectual disabilities transition from school to a personalised approach, moving from a familiar environment to living in the community.

    Click here to inquire about the Discovery Program

  • Interchange Western
  • Interchange Western provide a range of services and program to young people with disabilities with the aim to improve the quality of life of young people, carers and their families by enabling access to positive social experiences and connection to the community in the Western Region of Victoria.

    Host programs - Matches a person with a disability to a volunteer who cares for them on a regular basis, usually once a month. Volunteers are recruited, screened and carefully matched to the person with a disability and their family. Ongoing training and support to volunteers is offered to ensure the objectives are being met. 

    Camps - A variety of camps targeting different age groups are offered throughout the year. Camps range from overnight to four days and can be either on weekends or during school holidays. All activities are designed to be fun and encourage independence and provide flexible choices for participants. 

    Recreational Activities - A variety of recreational activities for people with a disability, which offer them friendship confidence and independence. There are two main types of recreational support:

    Individual Support - Much of the support we offer is to individuals in a one on one situation or in small groups. This ensures participants are in an environment where they feel comfortable to make close friendships and achieve their goals.

    Community based Activities - We offer a diverse range of activities during the week and on weekends for all age groups – kids, youth and adults. Activities and group sizes vary depending on the goals and aspirations of the group and participants and the location and type of activity. 

    Support Groups - Interchange Western facilitates five parent/carer support groups across the western region offering carers a supportive environment where they can find respite, friendship, support, information and a social, fun environment. Groups meet monthly both during the day and in the evening. There’s even the odd weekend away. 

    Flexible Respite - We offer a Fee for Service Program that provides individual support packages or funding and can also provide one to one support workers. Our rates for these programs vary depending on what hours are worked and are exclusive of all costs.

    To register your interest in any of the above programs, you can email here or give Interchange Western a call on 03 9396 1111.  

  • IPC Health - Counselling Service
  • IPC Community Health Counselling program is a free counselling service for people aged 6 and over (people aged 6-15 will need parental assistance).

    Our counsellors include social workers and psychologists who can help you to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours; coach and support you to make helpful changes; help you to improve your relationship with family, friends and others.

    Our counsellors will listen to what matters to you, respect your privacy and respond to your needs where possible.

    We can help with mild to moderate mental health problems such as anxiety and depression; living with diabetes, heart disease or other chronic health conditions; adjusting to family and life changes; dealing with stress and traumatic events; problems with relationships at home, work or school; strong emotions that are hard to manage.

    How do I get an appointment?

    Contact your nearest IPC Health campus. Parents can make an appointment for their children aged 6 – 15 years. You will be offered one counselling session to get you started. If you want further counselling you may be placed on a waiting list.

    St Albans
    1 Andrea Street 
    St Albans, Victoria, 3021
    Phone: (03) 9296 1200

    122 Harvester Road 
    Sunshine, Victoria, 3020
    Phone: (03) 9313 5000

    Deer Park (Head Office)
    106 Station Road 
    Deer Park, Victoria, 3023
    Phone: (03) 9219 7142

  • IPC Health - Youth Health Service
  • ISIS Primary Care is a local community health service that offers Youth Health Nurses at their St Albans and Sunshine campuses.

    Youth nurses can offer advice and information to young people or a range of health and sexual health issues.

    Nurses are available Monday - Thursday. They also run a dedicated youth clinic from headspace Sunshine on Wednesday.

    Sunshine - Youth Health nurse works Monday and Wednesday 8:30am to 4:30pm. On Wednesday there is a youth health nurse at Headspace - Visy Cares Hub, 80B Harvester Road, Sunshine phone: 9927 6222.

    St Albans- Youth Health nurse works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm.



  • Jackson School
  • Jackson School services the Western suburban areas of Caroline Springs, Delahey, Hillside, Sydenham, Taylors Lakes, Keilor, Keilor Downs, Kealba, Deer Park, St Albans, Kings Park, St Albans South, Sunshine, Sunshine West and Ardeer.

    The school caters for students of primary and secondary age and accepts referrals from Kindergartens, Early Intervention, Primary Schools, Secondary Colleges and other educational facilities from within the state and independent system.

    Jackson provides an excellent specialised curriculum for students with special needs. It enhances the educational and social development of students with special needs attending mainstream schools by providing part-time special school placement for them and provides professional development for staff in mainstream settings.

    Prep - Yr12. 

  • Jesuit Social Services - Settlement Program
  • Jesuit Social Services Settlement Program works with eligible humanitarian entrants and migrants who have been in Australia less than five years.

    The program works with young people, their families and communities in settlement related casework support and referrals. The program also provides settlement information, advise and support in the form of workshops and group work. 

    The program aims to build participant capacity, confidence and independence while supporting pathways and participation in education and employment.

    Programs include: casework, referrals, group work, workshops and courses. Programs are focused around assistance during settlement and cover a variety of topics such as education, health, employment readiness, leadership, independence and family relationships.

  • Jobactive Service Providers
  • Jobactive is the Australian Government’s way to get more Australians into work. It connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of jobactive providers in over 1700 locations across Australia.

    As a job seeker, your jobactive provider can help you to:

    - Write a résumé 
    - Look for work 
    - Prepare for interviews
    - Get skills that local employers need
    - Find and keep a job

    Your jobactive provider will meet with you to help you find work and develop a Job Plan that could include:

    - Activities to help you get skills that local employers are looking for
    - Help for you to overcome or manage non vocational issues where relevant
    - Looking for up to 20 jobs each month
    - Work fo the dole or another approved activity 

    To help you get and keep a job, your jobactive provider can access funding to pay for work-related items, professional services, relevant training and support after you start work.

    Jobactive providers in Brimbank are listed below.  Each jobactive provider receives a performace base 'star rating' which can be accessed at www.jobs.gov.au/jobactive-star-ratings-and-performance.  This may assist you in choosing which jobactive provider you would like to recieve support from.  

    AMES - Level 1 24 Devonshire Road, Sunshine.
    9311 2100 / 13 26 37. www.ames.net.au

    AMES - 16 Victoria Square, St Albans
    9366 0433 / 13 26 37. www.ames.net.au

    CVGT - Level 1, 23-29 Devonshire Rd, Sunshine.
    8311 5900. www.cvgt.com.au

    Job Prospects - 149 Anderson Road, Sunshine.
    9312 7206. www.jobprospects.com.au

    Job Prospects - Level 1, 399 Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes.
    8390 9950. www.jobprospects.com.au

    Matchworks - 358/360 Main Road West, St Albans.
    9367 8000. www.matchworks.com.au

    Matchworks - Shop T62 Sunshine Plaza, Service St, Sunshine.
    9312 2200. www.matchworks.com.au

    Max Employment - Unit 3, Level 1, 25-29 Devonshire Rd, Sunsine.
    1800 625 350. www.maxsolutions.com.au

    Max Employment - LB101, Level 1 / 479A Station Street, Watergardens.
    9217 9200. www.maxsolutions.com.au

    Sarina Russo - Level 1, Suite 2, 30-32 East Esplanade, St Albans.
    13 15 59. www.sarinarusso.com

    Sarina Russo - 151 Harvester Rd, Sunshine.
    13 15 59. www.sarinarusso.com

    Salvation Army Employment Plus - Suite 2 & 3, 24 Devonshire Rd, Sunshine.
    13 61 23. www.emloymentplus.com.au

    Salvation Army Employment Plus - Suit 1 & 2, 356 Main Rd West, St Albans.
    1 361 23. www.emloymentplus.com.au

  • Jobactive Service Providers - Disability
  • Jobactive is the Australian Government’s way to get more Australians into work. It connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of jobactive providers in over 1700 locations across Australia.

    As a job seeker, your jobactive provider can help you to:

    • Write a resume
    • Look for work
    • Prepare for interviews
    • Get skills that local employers need
    • Find and keep a job.

    Your jobactive provider will meet with you to help you find work and develop a Job Plan that could include:

    • Activities to help you get skills that local employers are looking for
    • Help for you to overcome or manage non vocational issues where relevant
    • Looking for up to 20 jobs each month—your jobactive provider can tailor this number to your circumstances and local labour market conditions
    • Work fo the dole or another approved activity (such as part-time work, part-time study in an eligible course, participation in accredited language, literacy and numeracy training or volunteer work) for six months each year.

    To help you get and keep a job, your jobactive provider can access funding to pay for work-related items, professional services, relevant training and support after you start work.

    Jobactive providers located in Brimbank that specialise in supporting people with disabilities are listed below.  Each jobactive provider receives a performace base 'star rating' which can be accessed at www.jobs.gov.au/jobactive-star-ratings-and-performance.  This may assist you in choosing which jobactive provider you would like to recieve support from.  

    CVGT - 1/5 Devonshire Road, SunshineVIC 3020
    13 28 48. www.cvgt.com.au/locations/sunshine. www.cvgt.com.au/our-programs/disability-employment-services

    Jobs West - Lev 1, Office 5 Centrelink Building, 399 Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes
    8390 7966. www.jobs-west.com.au

    ORS Group - Suite 6, 2 Devonshire Rd, Sunshine
    1800 000 677. www.orsgroup.com.au

    ORS Group - Suites 10 & 11, 30-32 East Esplanade St Albans
    1800 000 677. www.orsgroup.com.au

    - 7 City Place, Sunshine
    8620 7155. www.senswide.com.au

    - 352 Main Rd West, St Albans
    9364 6199. www.wcig.org.au

    WCIG - Shop 2, 27-35 Clarke St, Sunshine
    9311 9411. www.wcig.org.au

    Wise Employment - 356 Main Rd West, St Albans
    8312 7300. www.wiseemployment.com.au


  • Keilor Basketball and Netball Stadium
  • Provides Basketball and Netball Competitions for young people to participate in.

    The stadium has:
    - 6 Basketball courts
    - 3 Netball courts
    - 4 Badminton courts
    - 2 Volleyball courts
    - 200 seat grand stand
    - Change rooms and toilets
    - Courtyard and storage shed

    Court Hire
    You can hire individual basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton courts for competitions and casual games.

    - 1 court: $39.50 per hour
    - 2 courts: $32.70 per court/per hour
    - 3 courts (up to 6): $26 per court/per hour

    - 1 court: $39.50 per hour
    - 2 courts: $32.70 per court/per hour

    - 1 court $19.75/hour
    - 4 courts $39.50/hour

    For stadium and court booking requests use our Online Booking Enquiry Form

    KBNS's crèche is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.20am to 12noon in accordance with game fixtures.

    Crèche is closed public holidays and school holidays.

    Price is $4.80 per child/per session.
    - Session 1: 9.20 - 10.15am
    - Session 2: 10.10 - 11.05am
    - Session 3: 11am - 12noon
    - Download a Crèche Enrolment Form

  • Keilor Downs College
  • "Keilor Downs College is single campus (yr7-12) secondary college located on the north-western edge of metropolitan Melbourne. The student population (and the teaching staff) reflect the many different nationalities present in the surrounding community.

    The college is recognised as providing a safe and caring learning environment with significant academic achievement, attracting students from a broad geographic area.

    The college is an accredited provider for gifted education, being one of the few schools approved in Victoria to deliver the Department of Education and Early Childhood's (DEECD), Select Entry Accelerated Learning program (SEAL).  The college is also expanding its 1 to 1 Student Netbook program, with all students having full time access to a Netbook computer for their own personal use.

    A particularly broad range of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) subjects is offered along with the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) at the Intermediate and Senior level.  A wide choice of Vocational Education & Training (VET) programs is available for VCE and VCAL students and a 'Pathways' counselling process is implemented from Year 10.

    The college conducts a DEECD accredited International Students Program (ISP) with students predominantly coming from Vietnam and China.  A sister school program has existed for over 25 years, with Shiroi district schools in Japan, with an annual reciprocal visiting program.

    The college has a specific student wellbeing structure and is divided into four vertical Houses. Each House has approximately 350 students from Years 7-12 and about 30 teaching and support staff. House management teams support students and teaching staff and consist of a House Leader, coordinators, a Teacher assistant and an Activities assistant.

    The college believes students learn best with a teacher who knows them well and most students are taught by the same group of teachers from their house. Students are assigned to a Home Group within their house and their home group teacher will stay with them for the six years of their secondary education, developing a real understanding of their abilities and learning needs.

    A range of student leadership programs is provided across all year levels to encourage student participation. The House structure provides great opportunity for student leadership, with House captains and year level representatives elected for each year level, resulting in a youth parliament of forty eight students.



  • Keilor Primary School
  • "Established in 1875, Keilor Primary School is located in the City of Brimbank. Originally located on top of the Bonfield Street Hill it was moved to the old police paddock at the bottom of the same hill in 1940. In 1960 the site was moved to Kennedy St in Keilor Village, where it remains today, adjacent to the football oval and close to the Keilor Village shopping centre. In October 1981 a fire destroyed the wooden section of the building which housed seven classrooms.

    At commencement in 1875 the school had 35 students enrolled, one head teacher and an assistant (his wife), and by 1993 there were 11 classrooms, 17 teaching staff and 297 students. As we start 2013 we have in excess of 470 students, a staff of 43 (several are part time) and 21 classrooms.

    Throughout the years, Keilor Primary School has created a distinctive presence within the local community as a progressive provider of high quality educational services and has continued to have an outstanding record of achievement.


    The values we aim to instil and aspire to include:

    1. Respect
    2. Learning
    3. Resilience
    4. Teamwork
    5. Collaboration


    Our school vision…..as detailed in our strategic plan: To create a learning environment rich in support and mutual respect, that is engaging and challenging; a window to the world. As a team we work with our students to foster lifelong skills that encourage positive values, beliefs and understandings and the pursuit of personal excellence that will continue throughout their lives."
     All information was obtained from http://www.keilorps.com.au

  • Keilor Views Primary School
  • "Welcome to Keilor Views Primary School a school where learning comes first in a safe and collaborative 21st Century learning environment.

    Keilor Views Primary School is located the suburb of Keilor Downs and boasts 450 students from diverse backgrounds.

    At Keilor Views our students are effective learners that are provided a guaranteed and viable curriculum which is individualised to support and enrich each students learning needs."

    All information was obtained from www.kvps.vic.edu.au

  • Kids Helpline
  • Kids Helpline is a free, private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.

    We're here for you. Anytime. Any reason

    No problem is too big or too small. We’re here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

                                      Call Us! 1800 55 1800                                                             

    When you need to talk, phone is fastest. 24/7. Every day and night.                          

                                      Email Us                                                             

    Prefer to write? We understand. Email us at: counsellor@kidshelpline.com.au                          

    Chat with Us                              

    Connect with us one-on-one over the web in real time.

  • Kings Park Primary School
  • "Kings Park Primary School is located northwest from the city of Melbourne in the suburb of St Albans. The school currently has an enrolment of 480 students, of which seventy-seven percent come from Multi-cultural backgrounds, representing 38 nationalities.

    The students at Kings Park Primary School enjoy a secure and pleasant environment that is superbly resourced for learning, sport, music and play .The school is surrounded by attractive well-kept gardens including our own vegetable garden.  Our facilities include a Multimedia centre, Gymnasium, Sports Ovals, Library, Art/Craft Centre, Music Keyboard Laboratory, Kitchen Garden, extensive playgrounds, passive play areas anda managed canteen."

     All information obtained from http://www.kpps.vic.edu.au

  • Koori Heritage Trust
  • The Koori Heritage Trust offers a range of programs and services including the only public collection in Victoria dedicated solely to Koori art and culture comprising artifacts, pictures and photographs as well as an oral history program and a reference library, cross cultural awareness training and tours, exhibitions, Koori family history service , and a retail shop.


  • L2R Next Gen Inc.
  • L2R deliver high quality and innovative workshops to break down social barriers such as age, race, gender and culture while promoting respect and resilience in the broader community. They aim to actively engage and foster artistic talents in the west of Melbourne while empowering and transforming the lives of young people through the power of dance.

    Next Gen
    Teacher- Jacinda Richards, Hena Memishi & Daisuke Benson

     Visy Cares Hub- Youth centre

    80B Harvester Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020
    When- Tuesdays 4:30-6:30pm
    Ages- 12-25years
    Classes run with the Victorian school term

    Cost – FREE

    Breaking @ Braybrook
    Teacher- Dennis Pennaligen (bboy Nasa)Emerging Artist- Lwel Gay Moo (bboy Ligi)

    Rec West Braybrook – Lily Street, Braybrook

    When – Friday 4:30-6:30pm
    Ages- 12-25 years
    Classes run with the Victorian school term

     Cost- $2 (includes dinner)

  • Lifeline
  • Lifeline is a confidential, 24-hour telephone crisis support service availale every day of the year to anyone, anytime and from anyway in Australia.

    Anyone experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide can contact Lifeline. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, we respect everyone’s right to be heard, understood and cared for. Every minute of every day there’s a call to Lifeline. People call about:

    • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
    • Relationship worries
    • Mental health concerns, such as anxiety or depression
    • Loneliness and isolation
    • Loss and grief
    • Abuse and trauma
    • Stresses from work, family or society
    • Self-help information for friends and family.

    Trained telephone crisis supporters will answer your call and:

    • Listen to your situation
    • Provide immediate support
    • Assist to clarify options and choices available to you
    • Provide you with referral information for other services in your local area.

    13 11 14



  • Mackellar Primary School
  • "Mackellar Primary School is situated in Delahey, on the established outer western fringe of Melbourne. The school opened in 1991 and has a current enrolment of 502 students. The school is in transition from being a very large primary school to a medium size school with a focus on maintaining enrolments to secure the resource base of the school. Diversity is celebrated at the school with 78.8% of students coming from homes with a language background other than English (LBOTE). 69.9% of students do not speak English at home.  Over 40 languages are represented at the school.  0.002% of the student population is Koorie.

    Mackellar Primary School is identified in the medium to low socio economic bracket of Victorian government schools with medium to high density of ESL students. Student Family Occupation (SFO) statistics indicate that 84.3.% of the school population is in the medium to low socio economic occupations groups and 67.5% of students are from families in the two lowest socio economic occupation groupings.  Our Student Family Occupation rating for 2012 is 0.7008, in 2010 it was 0.7173. 

    At Mackellar we provide a safe, caring and positive environment in which all children are challenged and supported to learn and develop to their full potential. The use of the gradual release of responsibility model supports students to take responsibility to manage their learning through the use of personal learning goals, feedback and student learning portfolios.

    The school structure is organised around the stages of schooling. The Early Years caters for the learning and developmental needs of students in Prep to Grade 4 and is based on the principles of foundational learning. The students of Grade 5 and 6 are part of the Middle Years of schooling with close links being forged with Years 7-9 in the local secondary colleges, especially Copperfield College where the majority of Mackellar students commence their secondary school education. The Middle Years focuses on the needs of the emerging adolescent and independent learning. Grades are arranged in straight Preps and composite grades for years 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6.

    The core building contains a central administration block, classrooms, visual and performing arts rooms, canteen, library, gymnasium, multimedia centre, facilities for the disabled, first aid room, learning support centre and staffroom.  The grounds consist of 2 basketball courts, a large oval, 3 adventure playgrounds, quiet court areas, a fitness track, 2 purpose built shade areas, an outdoor stage and an assembly area. In August 2011 a new learning centre comprising six classrooms and a large central open learning space was added to the school facilities. The grade 5/6 students occupy this new facility. The Grade 5/6 Learning Centre building was funded under the Commonwealth government’s economic stimulus package Building an Education Revolution - Primary Schools of the 21st Century."
    © Copyright Mackellar Primary School: All information obtained from http://www.mackellarps.vic.edu.au

  • MacKillop Disability Services
  • MacKillop's Disability Services support children and young people with special needs and their families through a range of tailored services.

    Services include:
    - Support coordination and case management
    - Social and Community actviites
    - Respite support
    - Parenting support
    - Capacity building programs

  • MacKillop Disability Services
  • MacKillop's Disability Services support children and young people with special needs and their families through a range of tailored services.

    Services include:
    - Support coordination and case management
    - Social and Community actviites
    - Respite support
    - Parenting support
    - Capacity building programs

  • Mambourin Enterprises
  • Mambourin promotes independent living by offering employment, education and training services to adults with a disability.

    Mambourin operates Pre-Vocational Programs, including a horticulture program with a small nursery where participants learn horticulture practices that result in market stock.  Water-wise plants such as cacti and succulents are grown, as well as a wide range of native and ornamental plants, which are sold to members of the community at a discount cost. The nursery is opened to public from 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday.

    VCAL traineeships are available through Mambourin.  A school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SBAT) is an apprenticeship or traineeship undertaken by a student enrolled in a senior secondary program (VCE or VCAL), with at least one day per week timetabled to be spent on the job or in training during the normal school week. An SBAT combines part-time practical experience in the workplace and recognised, structured training with a Registered Training Organisation.

    Courses offered at the Derrimut Training Centre:

    - Warehousing Operations Certificate II
    - Warehousing Operations Certificate III
    - Horticulture Certificate II


  • Marian Secondary College
  • Marian College seeks to provide young women with the opportunity to be educated within a school environment that allows and encourages each person to develop fully as an individual, and as a community member. We educate 780 girls in a safe and secure environment; each girl knowing that she will be cared for and supported, through our strong pastoral care structures.

    A wide range of options is available for students in the senior years, including VCE, VET and VCAL programs. Approaches to personalised learning aim to ensure that each student is well understood as a learner and that she is encouraged to strive for personal excellence. Each Student is challenging to progress in her learning, no matter where her starting point may be.

    Student support programs are in place for students across the entire spectrum of Learning.

    Marion College recognises, value's and encourage's the diversity of many cultures and religions within the school, as both a reflection of the wider community and as a means of understanding the wider world. It is important that we learn to value and live with difference as we strive to be the channel of God’s love in the world.

    Transition to secondary school is a period of adjustment for the individual student and for the entire family. At Marian, there is a team of teachers working to ensure that each family experiences a deep sense of belonging as quickly as possible. Entering secondary school is an exciting stage of life.

  • MEGT Australian Apprenticeship Centre - Sunshine
  • MEGT is an Apprenticeship Network Provider contracted by the Australian Government to offer a free service to apprentices, trainees and employers to assist them with the sign-up, administration and management of apprenticeships and traineeships.

    As an Apprenticeship Network Provider MEGT helps you and your employer:

    - With the administration and sign-up process
    - With information about your obligations as an apprentice or trainee
    - By processing your personal benefits, Trade Support Loans and employer incentives
    - By contacting you during your apprenticeship or traineeship to see how you are progressing
    - By providing ongoing support throughout your apprenticeship or traineeship, and
    - By offering you help if you need it

  • Melbourne Aboriginal Youth, Sport & Recreation Co-operative
  • Melbourne Aboriginal Youth Sport & Recreation Co-Op's intent is to:

    •Provide services to promote healtier lifestyles for indigenous community.
    •Provide low cost access to gym facilities for all the public
    •Provide venue hire - boardroom hire, morning-gym hire, and commercial kitchen hire.

    Meeting times Mon - Friday 9am - 8pm

    Membership fees $10.00 a day (casual) $5.00 a day (concession) $25.00 a month $60.00 for 3 months $120.00 for 6 months

  • Melbourne City College Australia
  • Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA) provide a wide range of career-oriented courses like English language training, Aged Care training, Child Care training, OET training, EAL courses and other programs, crafted with goal in mind that is to help students get into their chosen profession.

  • Melbourne Youth Support Service (MYSS)
  • Melbourne Youth Support Service (MYSS) is a statewide homelessness access point service for young people aged from 16 to 24, providing information, short term support and referral for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

    MYSS is based at Frontyard Youth Services in the CBD. The service offers face-to-face and telephone services and is responsible for updating the available crisis youth refuge bed vacancies daily.

    Is this support for me or my client?
    - You are aged between 16 to 24 years of age
    - You are homeless or at risk of homelessness
    - You require holistic support to achieve your goals and develop your life skills
    - You are experiencing barriers or difficulties accessing other supports

    How can this support assist me or my client?
    - Provide young people with information about and referrals
    - Provide assistance or advice to deal with Department of Human Services Centrelink
    - Speak on behalf of a young person

    Any young person can present to Frontyard for access to MYSS at 19 King Street, Melbourne. 

  • Men’s Referral Service
  • The Men’s Referral Service is a men’s family violence telephone counselling, information and referral service and is the central point of contact for men taking responsibility for their violent behaviour.

    The Men’s Referral Service provides brief, one-off counselling and referral discussions with men about family violence issues. The trained counselling & referral workers will do their best to listen to your situation and provide information or referrals to assist you, based on the information you choose to share.

    The Men's Referral Service also provide support and referrals for women and men seeking information on behalf of their male partners, friends or family members, and workers in a range of agencies seeking assistance for their clients who are men.

    The Men’s Referral Service is for:

    • Men who are using controlling behaviour towards a partner or family member
    • Women seeking information about men’s use of family violence
    • Friends, family or colleagues of people who may be using or experiencing family violence
    • Professionals wishing to support a client who is using or experiencing family violence

    Call Men's Referral Service 1300 766 491 or visit www.ntvmrs.org.au for online chat

  • Mercy Western Grief Services - Bereavement Counselling Service
  • Mercy Grief Services (MGS) is a specialist bereavement counselling service supporting young people and families in western metropolitan Melbourne who are experiencing complicated grief issues following the death of a significant person.

    The program offers professional counselling for anyone experiencing bereavement following the death of a child, sibling, parent, grandparent, relative, friend, work colleague or significant other. Bereavement counselling and support services is through Mercy Palliative Care.

    Free service.  Access to service is via phoning 9364 9838 in which you will be put through to a counsellor.

  • Migrant Resource Centre
  • Youth Settlement Support Program
    The Youth Settlement Support Program is delivered at the MRC NWR St Albans and Broadmeadows offices and are here to assist young people within the set criteria through casework management, identifying their requirements and needs and to provide information, support and arrange referrals if necessary.

    Youth Program
    Establish planned activity groups to get young people involved and bring together a positive social culture to prevent forms of social isolation, inspiring independence and supporting young people toward skills development whilst enhancing their participation and representation in the community and beyond.

    Reconnect Program
    The Reconnect program provides pathways to further education or employment for those who are currently not engaged with existing education or employment services. Not only will you be provided with skills and take part in employability programs, but we help you address any barriers to engagement, education and employment.  If you are 17-19yrs and not currently studying or working and have not achieved yr 12 pass or if you are 20yrs+ and have been out of work for over 12 months without a yr 12 pass then you are eligible.

  • Mind Supporting Mental Health Recovery
  • Mind supports mental health recovery for young people and carers/family members

  • Minus18
  • Minus18 creates safe events, resources and volunteer opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) young people.


    We create epic events in Melbourne and Adelaide to provide a safe space to connect.


    We provide peer support through articles and interviews, and can answer questions you have about sexuality or gender.


    We'll come to your school or workplace and deliver relatable workshops that give you practical ways to support LGBTIQ people.


    Ready to be a champion yourself? Our campaigns give you the tools you need to create a better world for LGBTIQ youth.

  • Monash Health Gender Clinic
  • The Monash Health Gender Clinic aims to assist the trans and gender diverse community through: 

    - Conducting specialist mental health assessments relevant to gender dysphoria 
       in accordance with international guidelines
    - Referring where appropriate to experienced private or public clinicians who are 
       able to assist with hormone therapy, surgery, psychotherapy or voice therapy
    - Providing ongoing mental health support during an individual’s gender transition
    - Conducting multidisciplinary meetings to co-ordinate care for clients

    Access to specialist assessments is available publicly or privately. If you are interested in attending the Monash Health Gender Clinic (at no cost to you, but with a longer waitlist), please request a referral from a medical doctor (preferably your GP) and complete the Information form found at the end of the Information Pack (Gender Clinic Info Pack).

    You will only be able to book an appointment once the clinic has received both your medical referral and completed Information Form.

    A number of private clinicians are able to conduct the specialist assessments. These clinicians often have a shorter waitlist; however, there are usually out of pocket costs. A list of private providers is attached (Gender Clinic Info Pack).

     If you are interested in attending a private clinician, please note that:

    - Private psychiatrists need a referral from a medical doctor (preferably your GP)
    - Private clinical psychologists need a mental health care plan created by a GP
      or a referral from a psychiatrist
    - Appointments with private clinicians can be made by contacting them directly.

  • Money Help Website
  • Money Help provides tools and advice to help you manage your money and debt.

    MoneyHelp provides confidential and free financial information to assist Victorians with debt problems. You will find information here from rent assistance and redundancy payment to bankruptcy.

    You’ll find tips and tools to guide you towards better habits to avoid 
    fines in Victoria such as our budget planner and financial counselling assistance to give you the money help you need! Debt consolidation might not be the answer you need, check our fact sheet on this first.

  • Monmia Primary School
  • "Our school is a vibrant learning community where children, teachers and parents are committed to lifelong learning with a focus on continual improvement. As a KidsMatter school we are committed to children's welfare incorporating a safe and supportive school environment where all children can learn. A very warm welcome is extended to all who visit the Monmia Primary School website. The very professional, dedicated and caring staff encourage children to LEARN and ACHIEVE their personal best in a climate of mutual respect and consideration for others. In partnership between home and school, there is a shared responsibility for ensuring each child has every opportunity to achieve improved learning outcomes. Monmia school community is proud of its harmonious diversity of cultures with almost 30 languages other than English spoken in the community. We believe that children are deeply enriched by this experience. The school curriculum reflects a commitment to excellence and quality education energised by teachers who are motivated to make a difference to the students in their care. Community and government priorities are integral elements in the school curriculum with an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and student welfare. Innovative programs ensure that all children are engaged and challenged. Monmias Student Welfare program encourages a healthy lifestyle, where student leadership skills are fostered and self-esteem is nurtured and where bullying is not tolerated. Our core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect, Friendliness and Acceptance underpin our beliefs in building strong relationships between teachers, children, families and our community. A key feature of Monmias successful reputation is the strong partnership between home and school reflected in the mutually respectful relationship developed between teachers and parents. Through School Council, Family and Friends Parent Club, Classroom Helpers Program and parent participation in a myriad of activities, parents form an essential part of school life. Student leadership is highly valued as part of developing childrens confidence and resilience through various leadership roles which include School Captains, House Captains, Peer Mediators, Junior School Council and Prep Buddies. Monmia offers comprehensive orientation programs for pre-schoolers and a commitment to small class sizes which ensure your child has a happy and confident start to school life.
    Choosing the right school is an important decision and I invite you to come and explore Monmia to view the quality facilities and see the dynamic curriculum programs on offer for yourself. Not only do we provide a great start for your childs first year we deliver a quality education for all seven primary years. To find out more about what Monmia has to offer please explore our school website.
    Please call me to make an appointment for a time that suits you.
    Loving to learn. Learning to Live.                                                                    
    Being the Best we can be! Every child, every day can learn and achieve

    Lorraine Bell

    Principal "

    All information obtained  from http://www.monmia.vic.edu.au

  • Moondani Balluk Indigenous Academic Unit, Victoria University
  • Moondani Balluk means 'embrace people' in the language of the Wurundjeri people who first lived in the western region of Melbourne. Moondani Balluk Academic Unit works across Aboriginal, non-governmental organisation and community spaces to deliver teaching, research and support.

    Contact Contact Moondani Balluk for more information about:
    ◾courses or units with an indigenous focus
    ◾enrolling in a course or unit with an indigenous focus
    ◾enrolling in a University course or unit under the special admission program, for recognition as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
    Phone: +61 3 9919 2836 Email: moondani.balluk@vu.edu.au

  • Mother of God School - Ardeer
  • "Mother of God School is a small school where everyone is known by name. We are proud of our programs and new facilities and technologies, but we are most proud of the delightful young people who help make our school a great place to come every day.

    Mother of God is one of two Catholic Schools in the parish of Albion, and was established in 1955 by the Brigidine Sisters. Although there is no longer a Brigidine presence on staff, the Brigidine Core Values continue to guide our ethos. Our Moral Purpose also guides all we do.

    We work closely with the wider parish communities of Mother of God Ardeer, Queen of Heaven Ardeer and St Theresa’s Albion and ensure that all we do is informed by Gospel values.

    We provide a broad and rigorous learning and teaching program, focused on the needs of the individual child. We invest important time in the planning and resourcing of Literacy and Numeracy programs that support and extend our students. We utilize the Inquiry Learning model to ensure that learning is life-centered and that students take responsibility for their own learning."

    © 2014 Mother of God School - Ardeer: All information obtained from  http://www.mogardeer.catholic.edu.au

  • Movelle Primary School
  • "Looking at Movelle Primary School from the front of the school, it appears like most schools. However, it is not until you venture in, do you begin to notice the small subtleties that make us unique. We are one of the few schools that has spent much time in preparing our school for our new prep enrolments. Our newly completed construction of our Language Experience Activity Program (LEAP) Centre. In our LEAP Centre, young eager minds will be provided with many experiences to help them develop their vocabuluary, their thinking and reasoning skills and opportunities to DO! Students will be engaged in "hands on" Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Health and Physical Education tasks that will be designed to promote academic, physical and social responsibilities. As well as all that, there is an indoor physical activity playground to build co-ordination and strength. Along with the cooking area and construction area, our students will be engaged in relevant and purposeful learning situations.

    Our school motto of "Empowering Learners for Life" is aimed at developing young thinkers who are hungry to learn. Our LEAP Centre is part of that journey.

    Our new buildings include the LEAP Centre, but also include our new Performing Arts Centre in our gymnasium. This facility includes drama and music and stage areas for students.

    Although our focus is always going to be to promote excellence in Literacy and Numeracy, these other facilities provide staff with many ways to reach those goals in a creative and engaging manner.

    I look forward to working with our passionate and professional staff and dedicated community throughout this exciting time to bring about improvements for the students at Movelle Primary School.

    Please feel free to ring and arrange a school tour. Enrolments for next year are now being taken.


    Bill Hunt

    © Copyright 2013 Movelle Primary School: All information obtained from http://www.movelleps.vic.edu.au

  • Mums Matter Psychology
  • Mums Matter Psychology is dedicated to providing affordable quality mental health care for pregnant and new mums (children aged 0 - 4 yrs) in Melbourne's western suburbs.

    They provide individual psychological therapy sessions to help with things like:

    - Emotional distress around pregnancy or delivery
    - Antenatal and postnatal depression
    - Antenatal and postnatal anxiety
    - Adjustment to parenthood
    - Pregnancy or neonatal grief and loss
    - Relationship difficulties

    Bulk billing (no out of pocket expense) to ensure those who need help the most are able to access our services.

    Partnering with Brimbank City Council, Hobson's Bay City Council, and Maribyrnong City Council Maternal and Child Health Services and Sunshine Hospital to provide integrated and holistic care through your perinatal journey.

    Click here for locations and opening hours


  • National Carer Counselling Program
  • The National Carer Counselling Program provides short-term counselling services specifically for carers and can assist you with coping skills; facilitating, where appropriate, the continuation of the caring role.

    Counselling is about talking to a trained professional who can help you address the challenges in your life. You may wish to explore ways of coping with the responsibilities of caring or help balance caring with other aspects of your life. The carer counselling program can connect you to a qualified professional who understands the problems that carers often face.

    The counselling program is delivered through the state and territory Carers Associations and you can download more information here.

    Counselling is delivered across Australia by qualified professional counsellors – all you need to do is call 1800 242 636 to make an appointment. Counselling is offered in a variety of ways, including face to face, via telephone, email and Skype or in a group.  Free or low cost counselling support (6 sessions) with appointments available in Footscray and Brimbank.

    The 1800 242 636 phone service is available during business hours only and it is a free call from a landline. Mobile calls are charged at mobile rates.


  • NDIS
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will support a better life for hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their families and carers. The NDIS will mean peace of mind for every Australian - for anyone who has, or might acquire, a disability.

    Click here for information on NDIS. 

  • Ngwala Willumbong Alcohol & Drug Support Services
  • Ngwala is a key service provider offering specialist alcohol and drug rehabilitation and outreach support services to the Aboriginal communities of Victoria. Through responsive leadership from management and specialist staff, Ngwala is able to provide a high quality service to the community that is outcome focused and culturally appropriate.

    Ngwala Willumbong provides a range of assessment, referral and treatment services to individuals and families who are experiencing the affects of substance misuse.

    Services include recovery centres (detox) and outreach services. 


  • No Dramas
  • No Dramas Health Service @ sunshine city medical centre

    423 Ballarat Road, Sunshine

    9312 3000 - just mention "nodramas" or come to our drop in every Wednesday 3-6pm

    Same day appointment GUARANTEED Fully bulk-billed (free under medicare).  Don’t know your medicare card number, no dramas - we can look it up for you.

    Think you might have caught something? Worried about an STI? Just want a checkup? No dramas, we can help - advice and testing available here.

    We can give advice about all forms of contraception and pregnancy. 

    We are gay, transgender and sex worker friendly. We never judge.

    feeling blue? Anxious? Stressed? No dramas, come and talk to one of our experienced doctors, nurses or psychologists.

    No dramas - our doctors can help with all your medical needs from sporting injuries to skin problems and everything in between.

    How to find us

    Buses 215, 220, 408, 410 all pass very close to us. Free parking on site

    You don’t need an appointment, but it will be quicker if you do. Just call us on 9312 3000 and ask for a “no dramas” appointment or come to our drop in every Wednesday 3-6pm. Promise to see you the same day if you arrive before 6pm.

  • No Interest Loan Scheme
  • The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides individuals and families on low incomes with access to safe, fair and affordable credit.

    Loans are available for up to $1,500 for essential goods and services such as fridges, washing machines and medical procedures. Repayments are set up at an affordable amount over 12 to 18 months.

    To be eligible for NILS you must have a Health Care Card or earn less than $45,000 a year (after tax). Loans cannot be used for cash, bond, rent arrears, debt consolidation, holidays or bills.

    • EnquireENQUIRE

      Enquire about a loan now or call 13 NILS (13 64 57).

    • 2.InterviewINTERVIEW

      Bring your documentation to a meeting with a local loan provider.

    • 3.AssessmentASSESSMENT

      Your loan application is assessed.

    • 4.ApprovalOUTCOME

      You are informed of the outcome of your loan application and agree repayment terms.

  • North Western Mental Health
  • Northern Mental Health provides arrange of services to young people with mental health issues. Including;

    Youth Access Team
    Youth Traige Services
    Acute Services
    Inpatient Support
    Continuing Care Team
    Psychosocial Recovery Program
    Family peer Support
    Youth Participation Program


  • Orygen Youth Health
  • Orygen Youth Health is a mental health service for young people aged 15 - 25 in the western and northwestern metropolitan region.

    As well as a service for young people and families, Orygen Youth Health provides training and secondary consultation to schools, youth services, community health and other service providers.

    Orygen Youth Health services include case management, counselling and skills training, medication, group programs, peer support and family peer support services.

    Orygen Youth Health has a specialist youth inpatient unit in Footscray for young people that require support or treatment in hospital.

    When should a referral be made to OYH?
    In general, a referral to OYH should be considered when the issues of concern have:

    • Been persistent
    • Affected many aspects of the young person's life
    • Affected the young person's safety
    • The young person has not responded to treatment already provided by another agency

    9342 2800 / 1800 888 320 (Triage 24/7)

  • Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School
  • "Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School is a Catholic Parish Primary School for approximately 350 boys and girls from Prep to Year 6.

    The school is an important part of Our Lady’s Parish in Sunshine and builds on seventy years of tradition of Josephite education. Although there are no Sisters of St. Joseph remaining on staff, the charism of St. Mary MacKillop remains with us in all we do.

    Our multiculturalism is a very special feature of our school and we have a strong history of welcoming new and recent-arrivals to Australia. The diversity of our student population is an asset which gives Our Lady’s a richness from which we can all learn. Our school events and Liturgies are celebrated with much enthusiasm.

    Our curriculum is designed to challenge your child in a supportive environment. We want your child to feel confident, to be happy, to live by the values of the Gospels and to reach their full potential."

    © 2014 Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School - Sunshine. All Rights Reserved. All information obtained from http://www.olsunshine.catholic.edu.au

  • Overnewton Anglican Community College - Keilor
  • Overnewton Agnlican Community College is organised into Junior School (Preparatory – Year 4), Middle School (Years 5 - 8), Canowindra (Year 9), and Senior School (Years 10 - 12).

    Each Campus has a Junior School and a Middle School with Canowindra located at the Taylors Lakes Campus and the Senior School at the Keilor Campus.

    Each School has its own Head of School and its own Parent Support Team and is functionally self-contained. The structure gives a small school community intimacy to the entire College and is supported by our large school facilities, large VCE subject choice and support services.

    The College is a safe, happy, ordered environment in which disciplined behaviour is a natural outcome of motivated students, engaging and demanding programs and excellent pastoral care systems. View Junior School, Middle School, Year 9 Canowindra, Senior School.

    The College has a Chaplain at each campus and every child attends Chapel once a week. Christian festivals are celebrated, Christian values are promoted and active faith is encouraged. Religious Studies is taught from Preparatory Year to Year 11.

    To allow access to our education, the College maintains affordable fees with State and Commonwealth Government funding providing the balance.

    Recognising that education is a partnership, the College seeks high parental involvement and each family contributes 18 hours of service to the College per term. There are over fifty parent working groups helping in areas such as classroom assistance, gardening, yard duty, student banking, photocopying, catering, canteens and the annual fair.

    There are regular working bees at each campus. The parental involvement is a key to the success of a student's experience in the College. Students attend the College knowing they have the complete support and commitment of their parents behind them.


  • Overnewton Anglican Community College - Taylors Lakes
  • Overnewton Agnlican Community College is organised into Junior School (Preparatory – Year 4), Middle School (Years 5 - 8), Canowindra (Year 9), and Senior School (Years 10 - 12). 

    Each Campus has a Junior School and a Middle School with Canowindra located at the Taylors Lakes Campus and the Senior School at the Keilor Campus. 

    Each School has its own Head of School and its own Parent Support Team and is functionally self-contained. The structure gives a small school community intimacy to the entire College and is supported by our large school facilities, large VCE subject choice and support services. 

    The College is a safe, happy, ordered environment in which disciplined behaviour is a natural outcome of motivated students, engaging and demanding programs and excellent pastoral care systems. View Junior SchoolMiddle SchoolYear 9 CanowindraSenior School.

    The College has a Chaplain at each campus and every child attends Chapel once a week. Christian festivals are celebrated, Christian values are promoted and active faith is encouraged. Religious Studies is taught from Preparatory Year to Year 11.

    To allow access to our education, the College maintains affordable fees with State and Commonwealth Government funding providing the balance.

    Recognising that education is a partnership, the College seeks high parental involvement and each family contributes 18 hours of service to the College per term. There are over fifty parent working groups helping in areas such as classroom assistance, gardening, yard duty, student banking, photocopying, catering, canteens and the annual fair. 

    There are regular working bees at each campus. The parental involvement is a key to the success of a student's experience in the College. Students attend the College knowing they have the complete support and commitment of their parents behind them.


  • Proven Training Solutions
  • Proven Training Solutions is a niche-training provider that provides high quality learning opportunities for individuals, businesses and community stakeholders.

    Proven Training Solutions have an innovative business approach to our training service and delivery and focus on current labour market skill shortage areas. These 3 industry sectors include Childcare, Civil Construction, and Aged Care.

    We also offer English programs to service those who require additional study to improve their employment prospects. 

    Courses are Government funded to eligible students. Students must be 16+ yrs.


  • QLife
  • Qlife is a nationwide counselling and referral telephone and online chat support service for SSASGD people providing early intervention, peer supported telephone and web based services.

    Go to website for online chat service. Phone 1800 184 527 for counselling services. Hours: 3pm to midnight.


  • Queerspace
  • What is queerspace?
    queerspace provides a safe and supportive space to obtain information and support services aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing by specialist queer and queer affirmative mental health practitioners.

    What does queerspace offer?
    - Individual, couple and whole-of-family counselling
    - Relationship and parenting support services
    - Better Access counselling program
    - Youth counselling, support and groups programs
    - Group education and information community programs and;
    - Peer support and social activities

    What makes queerspace unique?
    - Qualified and experienced mental health professionals
    - Queer affirmative services by LGBTIQ and queer friendly practitioners
    - Low cost or no cost counselling based on the capacity to pay
    - Accessible and flexible services and hours
    - Sensitive to the diversity of our communities and individual’s needs, including sexual and gender
    - Evidence based approaches
    - Pathways to care through Access to Allied Psychological Therapeutic Services (ATAPS) on behalf
      of Inner North West Melbourne Medicare local (INWMML)

    Pathways to care:
    - queerspace offers a pathway to care that includes counselling for individuals and families
       experiencing, or at risk of, mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, alcohol & drug use.
    - queerspace can also offer short-term psychological counselling, in partnership with Inner North
      West Medicare Local’s (INWMML) Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) program. 
    - This program aims to address moderate mental health conditions based on a treatment plan by a
      General Practitioner (GP).



  • Rainbow Network
  • The Rainbow Network is proudly supported by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, and is delivered in partnership with the Department of Health funded HEY Project.
    The Rainbow Network provides opportunities for members to: 
    • Exchange ideas, information and resources;
    • Discuss issues that may emerge when working with young people, their families, schools and community agencies;
    • Hear from guest speakers about the latest research, government initiatives or community information;
    • Advocate for same sex attracted, intersex, trans* and gender diverse young people;
    • Develop partnerships between agencies and schools aimed at empowering young people to participate in decision making and community development; and
    • Plan and develop activities for same sex attracted, intersex, trans* and gender diverse young people; and
    • Engage in same sex attracted, intersex, Trans* and gender diverse youth-led activities and initiatives.
    Click here to access Resources, Training Opportunities, Find a Group or Find a Service

  • Reconnect (REALS) Engagement & Support - Djerriwarrh
  • Reconnect: Engagement and Learner Support (also referred to as REALS) is a  Victorian State Government program that aims to support young people to re-engage with education or employment.

    Dejrriwarrh Community and Education Services provide Reconnect services across the local government areas of Melton, Brimbank and Maribyrnong in partnership with Yarraville Community Centre. We have five Reconnect coaches who work with and support young people into education or employment.

    To be eligible for the Reconnect program young people must be:

    • Aged between 15 and 24 years at the time of registration
    • Separated from school for at least 14 weeks with no intention of returning
    • Not in full time employment for the last 12 months
    • Not in other education or training

    Additionally, if the young person is 19 and under they cannot have completed year 12.

    Referrals to the Reconnect program come from parents, schools, agencies and young people themselves. If you would like more information please contact us on 9009 7900 or reconnect@djerriwarrh.org

  • Relationships Australia - Sunshine
  • Relationships Australia is a leading provider of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities. 

    RA's objective is to relieve the suffering, distress and helplessness of vulnerable and disadvantaged people so as to enhance their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. RA's vision is for a positive, safe and respectful relationships for couples, families, schools, workplaces and communities. 

    Relationships Australia provides family violence prevention and healthy relationship programs and initiatives as well as counseling and mediation services. 

  • Resurrection Primary School
  • "Resurrection Catholic Primary school is a vibrant and dynamic faith community. Our school motto ‘We Care’ is the cornerstone of what we aim to instil in our students.

    Our culturally rich Catholic school community values and respects the traditions of all our members.

    Our school centres on:

    • A community that knows how to celebrate and express its faith
    • Meeting the needs of children of the 21st century
    • A team of professionals dedicated to providing a stimulating curriculum that is targeted to meet the needs of the individual child
    • A welcoming environment for all to be part of the great adventure of learning."

    © 2014 Resurrection School - Kings Park: All information obtained from http://www.rskingspark.catholic.edu.au

  • Royal Children's Hospital Mental Health Service
  • Referrals can be made to RCH Mental Health by completing the referral form  -  Mental Health Referral Form
    The Intake Team is the central contact point for most mental health referrals and enquiries about Mental Health. The Intake Team clinicians (mental health professionals) work out how best to respond to your query. If they are the best service to help you they will decide about the urgency of the referral before offering an initial appointment.

    RCH Mental Health provide information about other child and youth mental health services (where appropriate) and education and training sessions for referrers.

    Under 15 years only - Telephone: 1800 445 511


  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
  • "At Sacred Heart School we have high expectations of all students and strive to inspire and develop life long learners equipped for the 21st Century.

    We endeavour to create confident and competent learners who will be able to meet the demands of school, further education and employment. Data guides teachers and students when planning learning intentions and success criteria. Individual student growth, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy, is closely monitored."

    © 2014 Sacred Heart - St. Albans.   All information obtained from http://www.shstalbans.catholic.edu.au



  • Safe Steps - 24/7 Family Violence Response Phone Line
  • The safe steps response phone line connects women (this includes anyone who identifies as female or transfeminine) and their children with specialist support workers who can help them explore their options, develop a safety plan and access supports that allow them to live safe from family violence.

    - Provides telephone crisis counselling, referral, information and support
    - Is the central contact point for women’s Refuges in Victoria
    - If there are no vacancies in Victorian Refuges, safe steps will assist a woman to explore and secure safe alternative interim accommodation options until a Refuge vacancy is available
    - Agencies can ring for information about the service 
    - Provides information and referral to the Victorian Disability and Family Violence Crisis Response Initiative
    - Provide 24-hour access to interpreters as well as support for Indigenous women

    To talk to a safe steps support worker, call 1800 015 188. The safe steps phone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year including public holidays.

    If you have been threatened or you are fearful for yourself, a child or family member – call 000 Emergency or Police.

  • Salvation Army Crisis Contact Centre

    The Crisis Contact Centre (CCC) is a generalist service which provides a 24/7 - 365 days of the year, statewide and local crisis response to people of all ages. It is a high volume service and responds to the diverse needs of over 8000 households each year. We foster strong links with other support providers to address clients’ post-crisis needs.

    Assistance may include:

    - financial assistance for emergency housing
    - food vouchers and other material aid
    - information, advocacy and planning in relation to housing, family violence, alcohol and other drug use, and mental health
    - referral to specialist supports
    - short term intensive assistance from the Interim Support and Linkage Program (ISLP) for individuals and families to develop long term housing and other support plans in conjunction with a wide range of community based support services
    - support from co-located Centrelink and Legal Services


    The Interim Support Linkage Program provides short term intensive assistance for individuals and families to develop long term housing and other support plans in conjunction with other community based support services.

    Access – When and Where?

    Telephone response 24/7 every day of the year.
    Face-to-face service every day of the year from 9:00am to 11:00pm at 29 Grey Street St Kilda  3182 (no appointment necessary)

    Contact Us

    Free call 24/7: 1800 627 727 
    Ph: 9536 7777
    Statewide Opening Doors free call: 1800 825 955 (calls to this number after hours redirected to the CCC)

  • Salvation Army Social Housing Service (SASHS)
  • The SASHS Network is the primary Access Point for people living in the Brimbank and Melton Local Government Areas.  You must access SASHS to gain access to other housing organisations/providers. SASHS can refer you to other suitable housing service providers.

    This service is the primary assessment and referral point for clients experiencing housing and homelessness issues.

    The access point provides this service at Sunshine during business hours (Monday – Friday) except Wednesday afternoons. This is an appointment based service where clients present on the day to obtain an appointment based on availability. A limited crisis response can be provided based on individual circumstances and the capacity of the Initial Assessment and Planning (IA&P) team. (Conditions Apply) 

    The IA&P Team provides:

    - Assessment of housing and support needs;
    - Referral to crisis or longer term accommodation and specialist support providers;
    - Housing-related information;
    - Advocacy;
    - Limited financial assistance for housing

    The IA&P program also distributes the Housing Establishment Fund (HEF) to people experiencing housing stress which is used to assist people to access:

    • Crisis accommodation;
    • Longer-term or alternative housing options;
    • Assistance to maintain their existing housing.

  • Scope - St Albans
  • Scope provides flexible, ongoing personal support and case management to link adults and young people 18+ yrs with disabilities into community based day programs.  The day program provides social, recreational, pre- vocational, educational, and employment activities. 

    The program encourages peole to participate in various recreational activities in order to develop relationships with other members of the community and to increase self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Seahorse Victoria
  • Seahorse Victoria is a support and social group for the Victorian transgender community and is the longest running organisation of its type in Australia.  

    Members meet several times a month in Melbourne. View Website (click here) for more details.

  • Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre
  • The Youth Services team at the Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre works to understand and meet the needs of young people in a way that emphasises engagement and relationship building. Young people aged 12 to 25 can access a range of support services that include casework, referrals to other services, information about relevant topics, sporting and recreational activities, leadership and advocacy training and education support.

    Spectrum is a one-stop-shop for newly arrived and established migrants and refugees.

    - Drop-in intake service twice a week (Mondays & Wednesdays)
    - Casework
    - Settlement Grants Program
    - Homework Support Programs
    - Leadership and advocacy training
    - Social and recreational activities

  • St Albans East Primary School
  • Welcome to our school and please enjoy your visit!

    "St Albans East has been serving the community since 1956 and is committed to developing each child for an exciting future.  Located in attractive surroundings and modernized buildings, our school is highly regarded for its accomplishments in student learning.
    The student population is culturally diverse with almost 30 languages other than English spoken in the community.  This diversity is celebrated, making our school the tolerant and vibrant environment it is for all children.  The student enrolment varies in line with demographic trends.
    We value the contribution of our parent and wider community.  There is a tradition of teachers and parents working together to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.  Our clear purpose is on continuous improvement in all that we do.  As a result, there are outstanding educational programs in operation that take into account the children's individual learning styles and their learning needs.  The school has made a special commitment to supporting the development of ICT resources throughout the school to assist children's learning.
    We are also pleased to host the Deaf Facility for primary aged deaf and hearing impaired children in the Western Region.
    The staff team is an energetic and committed team with a variety of talents and interests that enhance our school programs.  Our school is distinguished by a commitment to children's welfare, incorporating a safe and supportive school environment where all children can learn.
    We are very proud of our children's continued achievements in academic, sporting and performing arts pursuits.
    As Principal, I derive great satisfaction from knowing that the school "makes a difference".
    Anne-Maree Kliman Principal"
    @ Copyright 2014 St Albans East Primary School: All information obtained from http://www.saeps.vic.edu.au

  • St Albans Heights Primary School
  • SAHPS Community Hub works with the parent and wider community of SAHPS. Situated within St Albans Heights Primary School, the Hub co-ordinates and facilitates a wide range of community endorsed social, education, employment and wellbeing programs to support the parent community at our school. The Community Hub works alongside teachers, students, staff, parents and outside agents to help maintain a positive and vibrant St Albans community.

    See further details on website  http://www.sahps.vic.edu.au

  • St Albans Leisure Centre
  • The St Albans Leisure Centre is fully air-conditioned, and boasts the latest cardio and gym equipment to suit all levels of fitness. The highly qualified staff can help you reach your health and fitness goals. The centre runs innovative gym circuits to keep you motivated, using the state-of-the-art technogym cardio equipment. 

    Pool Casual Entry (Swim Only)
    - Adult: $6.20
    - Child (5-15 years): $4.80
    - Concession card holder/ student: $5
    - Family (2 adults and 3 children under 16): $17.20

    Pool Casual Entry (Swim/Steam/Spa)
    - Adult: $10.40
    - Concession card holder/ student: $8.50

    Health Club/Gymnasium Casual Entry
    - Including pool access: $20

    Click here for more information on group training classes, memberships, and swimming lessons.

  • St Albans Meadows Primary School
  • "St. Albans Meadows P.S., which was established in 1980 is situated in the City of Brimbank, approximately fifteen kilometres to the west of Melbourne, just beyond the Western Ring Road. The community, which is somewhat isolated by the Ring Road and other major roads, is dominated by the Grantham Green housing estate which is now quite well established.

    Many young families occupy houses in the estate and the majority of their children attend our school. Some students also attend the school from as far afield as Sydenham. St. Albans Meadows has a high reputation as a caring and progressive school and parents of students with gifted academic ability, learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems, in particular, choose the school because of the quality of its educational and welfare programs.

    The school enjoys excellent relations with Sunshine Park Kindergarten, the source of most of our prep enrolments. The school is very poorly serviced by public transport so it runs its own bus service to accommodate the students.

    Enrolment trends showed growth from 270 children in 1998 to 415 children in 2014. Enrolments are expected to remain fairly stable at the 420 plus students mark. 77% of the students are from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB) and 35% of these students are of Vietnamese descent. The NESB students represent a wide range of nationalities, linguistic groups and cultures.

    Involvement in school decision-making is valuable for children and can be fostered through such activities as membership of the Junior School Council and attending our Leadership Camp.

    Teachers are dedicated to developing each child’s potential. They strive to achieve best practice in their approaches to teaching and learning. Frequent participation in quality Professional Development activities is encouraged and a very strong emphasis is placed on a team approach to curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation."

    All information obtained from http://www.samps.vic.edu.au

  • St Albans North Primary School
  • "Located in the City of Brimbank 20kms from Melbourne, our school provides a great learning environment and features bright, comfortable, carpeted classrooms with plenty of natural light, central heating and evaporative cooling.
    We have specialist classrooms for Art, Computer Studies, Maths, Science and Reading Recovery as well as a modern computerised Library and a Multi-Purpose Room for indoor activities.
    Wheelchair access is provided throughout the school. Modern safe playgrounds with a mixture of paved and grassed areas cater for recreation and outdoor learning activities and a school canteen operates daily.
    Our School Charter sets out our priorities, directions and goals. Parent participation is welcome throughout the school and parents are encouraged to contribute to the development of school policy. Weekly newsletters keep the school community fully informed."

    All information obtained from http://www.stalbansnth.vic.edu.au


  • St Albans Primary School
  • "St. Albans Primary School strives to provide a learning environment in which all students can achieve their full potential academically, physically as well as socially and emotionally. We respect and value the school's diversity and aim to foster links between all members of the wider school community."

    All information was obtained from http://www.stalbps.vic.edu.au

  • St Albans Secondary College
  • St Albans Secondary College is a yr7-yr12 co-educational school located 18 km to the northwest of the Central Business District of Melbourne within the City of Brimbank. The College is proud of its history as the original secondary school in the area, and of its continuing role as an educational focal point within the community of St Albans and surrounding suburbs.

    Consistently strong enrolment figures allow the school to maintain flexibility in both staffing & curriculum, and thus to effectively address the educational directions valued by the whole school community. St Albans Secondary College successfully focuses on the academic, social and personal development of its students.

    The College is committed to the delivery of a challenging, high quality and inclusive curriculum, complemented by challenging programs in the performing & creative arts, sport & physical development and information & communications technologies.

    The curriculum is organised into key learning areas, and a comprehensive range of VCE and VET studies, together with a VCAL program are offered at the senior years.

    St Albans Secondary College is a community where staff and parents work together with and for the benefit of students. Staff are deeply committed to the academic progress and welfare of students.

  • St Augustine's Primary School
  • "On behalf of the St Augustine’s community I warmly welcome you to our school. Whether you are a current family or a new addition I would hope that the next seven years of your child’s education are happy and filled with the joy of learning.
    St Augustine’s is a vibrant and supportive community where each child’s learning needs are respected and catered for. We foster in our students an interest in the world around them, in an environment that is nurturing and caring.  By working together we would hope that your child has a great start to a life-time of learning and that the friendships made last just as long.
    Denise Mugavin"

    All information obtained  from http://www.sakeilor.catholic.edu.au

  • St Bernadette's Primary School
  • "At St Bernadette’s Catholic Parish Primary school we work closely within the Parish and local community to provide a challenging and happy learning environment. We currently have 350 students from Prep (the foundation year of school) to Year 6, with two classes at each level working closely in teams, to ensure we offer a comprehensive curriculum in all learning areas."

    All information obtained from http://www.stbsunshinenth.catholic.edu.au

  • St John of God Accord
  • St John of God supports people with disabilities in all areas of life and provides services that specialise in supporting people with intellectual disabilities.  They also support people to reach their full potential and experience opportunities of their choice.  Making a difference in the lives of the people they support is their approach to providing services in partnership with our clients, their families, and the broader community to achieve the best possible outcomes.

    Services include:
    - Support Coordination
    - Therapy Services
    - Wellbeing and life skills development
    - Education and learning
    - Accommodation and in home support
    - Recreation and respite
    - Employment services

  • St Lawrence Primary School
  • "St Lawrence Primary School belongs to the parish of St Peter Chanel in Deer Park. We cater for the Catholic families in the Brimbank Gardens, St Andrews Field and Central Park estates."

    All information was obtained from http://www.stlawrence.com.au

  • St Mary Mackillop Primary School
  • "As a Catholic school we are placed at the ‘heart of the Church’. Within this context, we recognise our defining features as being a parish school which:

    • Promotes the dynamic vision of God’s love
    • Recognises and nurtures the spirituality of each person
    • Creates an environment which engages the children in quality learning experiences
    • Works in partnership with families and the wider community, creating an authentic experience of connectedness"

    All information was obtained from http://www.mmkeilordowns.catholic.edu.au

  • St Paul's Catholic Primary School - Kealba
  • "St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, Kealba has a proud tradition of excellent education, development of faith and working with our families over the last 43 years. Our current population is 350 students with two classes at each year level.

    St Paul’s is proudly a Catholic school that nourishes the faith of our students’ through a variety of sacramental and other faith learning experiences. We actively promote the living out of gospel values such as love, tolerance, justice, faith and empathy in all of our daily interactions, and recognise the positive effect this has on the climate of our school."

    All information was obtained from http://www.spkealba.catholic.edu.au

  • St Peter Chanel Primary School - Deer Park
  • "Welcome to St. Peter Chanel Parish Primary school located in Deer Park, 20km to the west of Melbourne. Many young families are attracted to Deer Park because of the rich cultural diversity and enormous growth due to new housing developments in Caroline Springs, Burnside, Cairnlea and Derrimut. Our community is one of acceptance and welcome to all."

    All information obtained from http://www.spcdeerpark.catholic.edu.au

  • St Peter's Catholic Primary School - West Sunshine
  • St. Peter’s is a Catholic Primary School committed to the teachings of the Catholic faith and the provisions of quality programs, which foster the full and balanced development of each child.

    Our school is committed to providing innovative curriculum and encouraging all students to achieve their personal best in all facets of their school life. Our current enrolment of 180 students allows us to provide quality education in a small school setting.

    At St Peter’s we view education as a partnership - a joint responsibility between the school and home, bound by common beliefs and values in a spirit of mutual support and encouragement. We are proud of our growing traditions and our cultural diversity. Our cultural diversity is one of our major assets and one that we value and celebrate. As a Catholic School we value our rich religious traditions and culture. We provide for our students and their families an opportunity to celebrate our Catholic heritage in many different sacramental and non-sacramental ways.

  • St Theresa's Primary School - Albion
  • "Welcome to St.Theresa's webpage. St Theresa's Parish established our school
    in 1951 and since that time the
    Parish and its school have been well known for
    its strong community focus and its service to the people of

    In times past the Sisters of St Joseph staffed our school and The Brigidine
    Order was also associated with it.
    The influence of these dedicated Religious
    women still very much permeates the culture of our school.

    Our school is very diverse culturally with 25 different nationalities
    represented among our 200 students
    who are the most friendly children I have
    ever met.

    The school offers a comprehensive, inclusive Education that is contemporary
    and innovative. Our facilities and
    resources support our programs well and
    we are always working to improve our endeavours and provide o
    community with the best learning environment possible.

    We have a team of 26 very dedicated staff members who have a deep
    commitment to the school and its
    families and who view the family /school
    partnership as integral to everything that they do. I feel priviledged t
    o belong
    to a staff that has has the wellbeing of their students and a commitment to a
    Christian view
    of the person as their priority.

    Our families likewise have a very strong commitment to our school and
    support it very well in a variety of ways a
    nd we hope all of our community
    members find this website a valuable resource."

    All information obtained from http://www.stalbion.catholic.edu.au

  • Stevenson House
  • Stevenson House is a warm but vibrant community space in which programs and activities are held daily.

    Stevenson House currently run activities that promote health, wellbeing and provide opportunity for social and emotional wellbeing.

    View website for program timetable.

  • Stevensville Primary School
  • "Our Community Hub at Stevensville Primary School has just begun in 2014.  We hope to provide more activities for pre-school children and make our Hub a warm and inviting place for parents and carers to come and share stories, link to other services and learn some skills.  We have begun a playgroup on Tuesday mornings (9-11) with families of our school and others in the nearby community which is very popular.  We are beginning a conversational English class in Term 2 as well.  Please drop in and meet us if you are in St Albans."

    All information obtained from http://www.communityhubs.org.au/hub-directory/stevensville-primary-hub

  • Sunshine Christain School - Sunshine North
  • "Welcome to Sunshine Christian School, where we strive to provide a caring and challenging learning environment that equips children with the necessary skills and knowledge to become valued members of the community.

    Choosing a school for your son or daughter is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make for them.

    Sunshine Christian School  is a Co-educational, Lutheran Primary school

    The school was founded in 1982,  and this year celebrates 30 years of Christian Education in Sunshine North, a western suburb of Melbourne. Enrolment is capped at 94 with our current enrolment over 90. We are proud of our multi-cultural heritage and celebrate this aspect of our school through a series of murals.sound Christian values in a caring environment which supports and encourages students as individuals and ultimately helps to prepare them for life beyond school. We are dedicated to instilling in children the values needed to become successful learners and global citizens. Our classrooms are exciting and innovative
    and an inquiry approach to learning is used in most disciplines."

    All information obatined from http://www.scs.vic.edu.au

  • Sunshine College Junior - Ardeer Campus
  • Sunshine College Ardeer is a Junior Campus for years 7 - 10. 

    Sunshine College is proud of its reputation for producing fine young men and women, well prepared with the breadth of outlook and the essential learning skills they will need to become successful citizens in a rapidly changing global community.

    Programs encourage the highest standard of achievement in every activity undertaken by our students. They focus on whole student development by embracing not only academic, sporting and artistic excellence, but also the building of self esteem, personal confidence, optimism for the future, and a strong sense of community responsibility.

    The friendly and supportive atmosphere at each campus is underpinned by a strong code of conduct, the wearing of school uniform, firm structures and clear expectations. In this positive environment students develop strong and constructive relationships with one another and with their teachers, as well as a sense of belonging to and being proud of their school.

    At Sunshine College both the teaching and support staff are totally committed to assisting every student to reach their potential and become well educated, responsible young adults, fully prepared for the world beyond school where they will undertake university and other tertiary studies, further training, and employment.

  • Sunshine College Junior - North Campus
  • Sunshine College North is a Junior Campus for years 7 - 10. 

    Sunshine College is proud of its reputation for producing fine young men and women, well prepared with the breadth of outlook and the essential learning skills they will need to become successful citizens in a rapidly changing global community.

    Programs encourage the highest standard of achievement in every activity undertaken by our students. They focus on whole student development by embracing not only academic, sporting and artistic excellence, but also the building of self esteem, personal confidence, optimism for the future, and a strong sense of community responsibility.

    The friendly and supportive atmosphere at each campus is underpinned by a strong code of conduct, the wearing of school uniform, firm structures and clear expectations. In this positive environment students develop strong and constructive relationships with one another and with their teachers, as well as a sense of belonging to and being proud of their school.

    At Sunshine College both the teaching and support staff are totally committed to assisting every student to reach their potential and become well educated, responsible young adults, fully prepared for the world beyond school where they will undertake university and other tertiary studies, further training, and employment.

  • Sunshine College Junior - West Campus
  • Sunshine College West is a Junior Campus for years 7 - 10. 

    Sunshine College is proud of its reputation for producing fine young men and women, well prepared with the breadth of outlook and the essential learning skills they will need to become successful citizens in a rapidly changing global community.

    Programs encourage the highest standard of achievement in every activity undertaken by our students. They focus on whole student development by embracing not only academic, sporting and artistic excellence, but also the building of self esteem, personal confidence, optimism for the future, and a strong sense of community responsibility.

    The friendly and supportive atmosphere at each campus is underpinned by a strong code of conduct, the wearing of school uniform, firm structures and clear expectations. In this positive environment students develop strong and constructive relationships with one another and with their teachers, as well as a sense of belonging to and being proud of their school.

    At Sunshine College both the teaching and support staff are totally committed to assisting every student to reach their potential and become well educated, responsible young adults, fully prepared for the world beyond school where they will undertake university and other tertiary studies, further training, and employment.

  • Sunshine College Senior Campus
  • Sunshine College Senior Campus is for years 11 - 12. 

    Sunshine College is proud of its reputation for producing fine young men and women, well prepared with the breadth of outlook and the essential learning skills they will need to become successful citizens in a rapidly changing global community.

    Programs encourage the highest standard of achievement in every activity undertaken by our students. They focus on whole student development by embracing not only academic, sporting and artistic excellence, but also the building of self esteem, personal confidence, optimism for the future, and a strong sense of community responsibility.

    The friendly and supportive atmosphere at each campus is underpinned by a strong code of conduct, the wearing of school uniform, firm structures and clear expectations. In this positive environment students develop strong and constructive relationships with one another and with their teachers, as well as a sense of belonging to and being proud of their school.

    At Sunshine College both the teaching and support staff are totally committed to assisting every student to reach their potential and become well educated, responsible young adults, fully prepared for the world beyond school where they will undertake university and other tertiary studies, further training, and employment.

  • Sunshine Harvester Primary School
  • "Sunshine Harvester Primary School is a state of the art, 21st century learning hub. The school opened its doors for students at 9:00 am on the 9th September 2009 (09/09/2009), a lucky number in many cultures.

    We provide an outstanding learning environment for the residents of the Sunshine and Braybrook local areas, with many students coming from other neighbouring suburbs to attend.

    Sunshine Harvester Primary School has three set values that are reinforced throughout the school community:

    1. Respect: The way we speak to each other and the way we do things together shows that we are all important.
    2. Responsibility: The way we are trustworthy and reliable to complete a task and we take care of problems.
    3. Learning: The way we strive to learn something new every day, contribute to discussions and discover with our friends.

    At Sunshine Harvester Primary School we are committed to providing a stimulating and fun environment for every student to realise their full potential – academically, socially and physically. Our open plan flexible learning spaces provide an opportunity for your child to learn in a dedicated and caring environment. All of our teachers work together in teams to ensure that each child is equipped with the skills to reach their optimum in the future. Our Fitness First program is extremely successful; with students eager to attend school each day to participate. The program promotes the students understanding of healthy lifestyle choices and the importance of exercise. Our Kindergarten/Prep School Readiness program helps to give those children who are to attend our school next year the additional skills that assist them in being better prepared to begin to learn literacy and have successful oral language skills.

    Sunshine Harvester Primary School’s aim is to provide your child with the foundation of the most important skills needed in their future. Some of these include:

    • A lifelong attitude to learning
    • Effective oral and electronic communication skills
    • Thinking creatively
    • Fostering the ability to work independently and in teams
    • Developing tolerance and compassion towards all in our society
    • Making healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle
    • Being resilient to change

    The Primary years of your child’s learning are the most essential of their lives. This why I believe a school like Sunshine Harvester Primary is important to your child’s future.

    I invite you to contact our friendly staff to make an appointment to visit our school and to see our unique learning environment for yourself. I believe you will be impressed. Thank you for your interest in our school.


    Yours sincerely,

    Paul Griffin


    All information was obtained from www.sunshineharvesterps.vic.edu.au

  • Sunshine Heights Primary School
  • "Our school is situated in the inspiring inner Western Suburb of Sunshine. We currently have an enrolment of 326 fantastic students. We pride ourselves on the community feel that we have created thanks to the amazing support of our parents and families, and the dedication and passion demonstrated by our staff. Most importantly, we are extremely proud of how well our students work and play together in a safe and supportive environment.

    At Sunshine Heights Primary School, we are committed to developing students who are environmentally friendly and internationally minded citzens connected to the local and global community.  We want our students to be creative and inquistive learners with 21st century skills and high levels of acheivements.  Our decisions, actions and behaviours are on based on strong, positive and shared values. 

    The information that we gather about how well we are functioning as a school community indicates how positive and inspired our parents, students and staff feel about Sunshine Heights Primary School."

    All information was obtained from http://www.sunshineheightsps.vic.edu.au

  • Sunshine Hospital
  • Sunshine Hospital 
    Phone: 83451333

    Location: The Emergency entrance is on Furlong Road, St Albans, near the Western Ring Road off ramp for Furlong Rd. It is 1km from Ginifer train station.

    We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Transport and Parking There is a drop off zone near the entrance to emergency at Sunshine Hospital. There is a strict 10 minute time limit in this zone.

    Visiting Hours

    For Emergency help call 000 for an ambulance

  • Sunshine Hospital
  • Hospital with general, children's and maternity wards. There is no general practice clinic at Sunshine Hospital.

    Emergency Departments:

    Sunshine Hospital

    Phone: 83451333

    Location: The Emergency entrance is on Furlong Road, St Albans, near the Western Ring Road off ramp for Furlong Rd. It is 1km from Ginifer train station.

    We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Transport and Parking

    There is a drop off zone near the entrance to emergency at Sunshine Hospital. There is a strict 10 minute time limit in this zone.

    Patients are prioritised using a triage system. Triage is a French word meaning sorting according to urgency. Patients with life or limb-threatening illness will be seen first, followed by those with less urgent conditions in medical priority order. Specialist doctors and nurses staff the department for emergency medical care.

  • Sunshine Leisure Centre
  • The Sunshine Leisure Centre is fully air-conditioned, and boasts the latest cardio and gym equipment to suit all levels of fitness. The highly qualified staff can help you reach your health and fitness goals. The Centre run's innovative gym circuits to keep you motivated, using the state-of-the-art technogym cardio equipment. 

    Pool - Casual Entry (swim only)
    - Adult: $6.20
    - Child (5-15 years): $4.80
    - Concession card holder/ student: $5
    - Family (2 adults and 3 children under 16): $17.20

    Pool - Casual Entry (swim/steam/spa)
    - Adult: $10.40
    - Concession card holder/student: $8.50

    Health Club and Gymnasium
    - Casual Entry: $20 (includes pool access)

    Group Fitness Classes
    - Group Fitness Class: $15
    - 60+ Classes: $8.40
    - Aqua Fit: $13.80

    Sunshine Leisure Centre Pool Facilities
    - 25m pool with ladder access and hoist to help people with injuries or disabilities
    - 20m program pool with ramp entry
    - Fun pool with easy entry access, beach entry and water features to keep your children amused
    - Heated 25m outdoor pool and children's splash park. Open from November 1 to March 31
    - Outdoor areas with shade from sun, seating, lawns, change rooms, and a BBQ
    - 12 person spa or steam room for relaxing

    - Crèche is available to parents/carers who are using Sunshine Leisure Centre
    - Monday to Friday: 9.15–11.45am (except public holidays
    - 1 hour session: $4.80, 10 session: $48, 20 sessions: $96

    Occasional Child Care
    - Available Monday to Friday, 9.15-11.45am for maximum of two hours per session (maximum three sessions per week, per child). Bookings essential.
    - $14 per session, per child, Additional children - $9.50 per child, per family

    Click here for more information. 

  • Sunshine North Primary School
  • "At Sunshine North Primary School, we continue to build a culture of students, teachers and parents “Learning and Growing Together”.
    We encourage and value parent and community involvement in our voluntary assistance roles including school council and associated sub-committees, classroom support, interschool sports, camps, excursions and working bees.
    Our school strives for excellence in all aspects of our children’s development. This is achieved through the quality of our curriculum, professionalism of our staff and the depth of our community involvement.
    Sunshine North is a school that is proud of its achievements and is committed to working with the local community so our students can function as responsible and effective members of society.
    We are committed to working for continual improvement in all that we do.
    As Principal, my door is always open to parents to discuss their child’s progress or anything else related to the school.
    If you would like to organise a visit to our school, please contact us on 9311-2400 or emailsunshine.north.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au "

    All information obtained from   http://www.sunshinenps.vic.edu.au

  • Sunshine Primary School
  • "Established in 1891, Sunshine Primary School is located on the Corner of Hampshire and Derby Road, Sunshine, in the City of Brimbank, west of Melbourne. Our community is diverse in its socio-economic and cultural backgrounds with a growing enrolment, predicted to be over 280 children in 2010."

    All information obtained from http://www.sunshineps.vic.edu.au

  • Sunshine Special Development School
  • Sunshine Special Developmental School caters for children with complex needs (moderate to severe intellectual disability) and has a current enrolment of 164 students.

    Sunshine SDS is committed to assisting our students to be the best they can be in all that they do. Students are at the centre of all learning and we strive to ensure that they have the best facilities, resources, teachers and education support staff to enable them to learn and grow into responsible and active citizens.

     The staff members of the school are committed, experienced and well qualified to ensure that each student’s educational program is tailored to their individual needs and students are actively engaged in learning. Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are developed in partnership with parents/guardians and provide the direction for the educational program offered and the platform to monitor the progress of the student against the learning goals established.

     The school has a one to one iPad program to enable students to have greater independence in their learning, increased ability to communicate with others and to engage in a classroom environment that can be tailored to their individual needs as a learner.The school is committed to the communication application Proloquo2go. Please see here for further information.

  • Switchboard
  • Non judgemental | Confidential | Anonymous

    Switchboard Victoria Inc is a community based not for profit organisation that provides a peer based, volunteer run support service for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) people and their friends, families and allies.

    Switchboard is the Victorian partner in the national telephone and web counselling, information and referral service Qlife. This service is for LGBTQI identifying people and those who have questions or concerns about LGBTQI issues. This includes families, friends, teachers and co workers of LGBTQI people.

    Switchboard runs a social support service for older LGBTQI Victorians called Out & About. The service is coordinated in partnership with the National Community Visitors Scheme.

    Switchboard also runs the QTIPoC project that is aiming to build greater equity for Queer and Trans Indigenous Peoples and/or People of Colour and People of Faith.

    In 2018 Switchboard is establishing a parents and friends of LGBTQI people support group.

  • Sydenham - Hillside Primary School
  • "Sydenham-Hillside Primary School promotes achievement, wellbeing and learning for life by working with children to:

    • Achieve success in all areas of the curriculum
    • Develop high self esteem, respecting themselves, others and the environment
    • Develop, select and use thinking skills as a tool for life
    • Promote flexibility, adaptability. resilience and tolerance in the changing world"

    All information obtained from http://www.sydenham.vic.edu.au

  • Sydenham Neighbourhood House
  • Sydenham Neighbourhood House offers cost or no charge programs and activities to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Most activities are held during school terms.

    For youth programs, click here.


  • Taylors Lakes Primary School
  • "Taylors Lakes Primary School is a thriving school which has strong links to the local community. We have a school population of 640 students. We have 27 classes in 2013 comprising of all straight year level classes. At this stage, our class sizes vary from 21 students in the Prep area of our school to 28 students in the upper area of the school.

    Our school has a strong focus towards literacy and numeracy however we also strive to develop the whole child and we have innovative Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education programs which aim to challenge and stimulate. Our students have the opportunity to participate in our musical percussion ensmbles and perform at different events throughout our community and beyond. They are also encouraged to compete and represent our school in a wide variety of sports.

    Our school is extremely well resourced in ICT and all classrooms possess an Interactive Whiteboard. Each classroom has at least four computers in it as well as access to a trolley with 10 net books connected to it. In Semester Two 2011, our school’s new ICT lab was ready to use which has allowed our students to receive extra opportunities to access computers and technology.

    Our school has recently undergone a major redevelopment of our facilities which has provided our school with 6 new classrooms, a new ICT lab, a large extension to our school library, a large extension to our administration block and some additional meeting rooms. The building work was completed at the end of Semester One 2011 and has exposed our students to even greater facilities to assist their learning.

    At Taylors Lakes Primary School we strive to ensure that every student is feeling safe and engaged in their learning. We recognise that a student who does not feel connected to their school is unlikely to achieve all that they can. Our school has 6 key values which we expect all members of our school community to model at all times."

    All information was obatined from http://www.tlps.vic.edu.au


  • Taylors Lakes Secondary School
  • Taylors Lakes Secondary College is located approximately 22 kilometres north west of the Melbourne CBD. The school is a well established 7-12 College offering a broad range of curriculum options. These options have been expanded through the Advanced Learning Program (LEAP) and the Soccer Academy.

    A diverse range of co-curricular programs across leadership, activities, sport and camps is available at all levels to a student population of over 1400 students. School uniform is compulsory. Other sections of the website outline the academic, student wellbeing programs, student management and co-curricular programs in more detail.

    The school is well served with public transport routes from surrounding suburbs. The 476 Plumpton to Moonee Ponds buses along with the 419 St Albans – Watergardens buses stop at the front of the College. In addition the 421 StAlbans – Watergardens bus services passes the college. Other bus routes and the Sunbury line Metro train service connect at Watergardens railway station. In addition, there are several special buses to and from the Plumpton area before and after school.

    The College has always maintained a strong belief in the importance of a strong professional development culture for staff to best ensure students have every opportunity to do their best at school. Professional learning within the college is strongly linked to the Strategic Plan and building the school's capacity to respond to student learning needs, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn something new everyday.

    Students having access to technology to enable access to one to one learning as required is so important. We currently have a bring your own device (BYOD) scheme for all students across the college. Of course the major emphasis of this program is not the device as such but rather the opportunities these devices open up to enhance student learning opportunities.


  • The Compassionate Friends Victoria
  • At The Compassionate Friends Victoria you will find the special understanding of those who have “been there”. There is no pressure to talk or not talk, cry or not cry, just a chance to be yourself, to have time-out.

    On offer is a safe haven, a listening and understanding ear, a place where you can let down the mask, and if you wish, talk about your son or daughter, brother or sister who has died. No miracle cure, just comfort and the consolation and hope that broken threads can be picked up again.

    24 Hour Grief Support

    Phone: 03 9888 4944

    Western Suburbs Support Group

    Parents and Siblings Group.
    When: 3rd Tuesday of each month.
    Time: 7:30 pm
    Venue: Salvation Army Drop-In Centre 42 Devonshire Road, Sunshine VIC 3020


  • The Salvation Army - Emergency Relief
  • If you’re facing a crisis, we’re here to help meet our immediate needs. Help is closer than you think. 

    Without a safe place to stay, enough food for your family, or even necessities such as clothing for the kids, tomorrow can feel like a long way off.

    Our emergency relief services help relieve the stresses you’re facing today. If you find yourself in a tough spot, reach out and let us help. 

     Find a support service near you or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58).

  • Thorne Harbour Health (Victorian Aids Council)
  • Thorne Harbour Health (formally Victorian AIDS Council) provides a range of services which include prevention education, treatment and care of PLHIV and counselling services. 

    Thorne Harbour aims to improve health outcomes for the entire LGBTI community by providing health promotion, support, and services.

    The Centre Clinic is a safe, friendly LGBTI General Practice providing general health care for gay men, lesbians and trans people, as well as specialist medical care for people living with HIV and expert sexual health screening and treatment. 

    The Clinic has an informal, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The doctors who work here are all Registered General Practitioners – this means they are able to provide healthcare and specialist referrals for all health related matters.

    Phone: (03) 9525 5866. The Centre Clinic is located at the rear of 77 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, on the corner of Fitzroy Street and Jackson Street.

  • Transgender Victoria
  • Transgender Victoria (TGV) is an Australian organisation dedicated to achieving justice, equity and quality health and community service provision for trans and gender diverse people, their partners, families and friends.


    TGV consults with the trans and gender diverse (TGD) community to understand the issues that matter and impact their lives. TGV uses this information to inform our work with researchers, organisations and government committees to achieve best practice when it comes to service provision and accessibility for TGD communities. TGV makes submissions to policy reviews on behalf of the TGD community on local, State and Federal matters.

    TGV supports the work of service providers who want to ensure they are TGD aware, while seeking ways to provide direct services to the TGD community in partnership with other organisations and groups. We also support trans and gender diverse-run initiatives where possible so that they may reach their potential. We welcome contact from prospective partners to discuss ways we could work together.

    TGV provides education on LGBTI and TGD issues in a range of settings, including workplaces and service providers, across government, community and private sectors.

    TGV promotes an understanding of TGD issues in the broader community through relationships with LGBTI, independent and mainstream media outlets. TGV liaises regularly with media to communicate the TGD community's perspective.

    TGV refers individuals seeking support on a range of issues (health, law, housing, finance, workplace etc) to relevant services.

    Transgender and Gender Diverse Anxiety Support Group
    Meets second Wednesdays from 7.00pm - 8:30 and every fourth Saturday 11am-12:30pm each month. Support, information and self-help for people experiencing difficulties with anxiety in relation to their gender identity. Contact enquiries@transgendervictoria.com for address details and further info. 


  • Uniting Care - Emergency relief program
  • Emergency Relief Program

    Uniting Care aim's to provide a service that contributes to addressing emergency situations that impact on our people living within our communities. To provide a response that is non-judgmental, culturally sensitive and non-discriminatory. 

    The program aims to provide assistance in the form of food parcels, material aid, utility bill payments, and assisting with school cost for families and individuals experiencing financial difficulty and in immediate crisis.

    Who is eligible?
    People from the community who are seeking Emergency Relief assistance must be holders of a current Centrelink Concession Card. Asylum Seekers are required to produce information confirming their identity and residental address, and provide a referral letter if involved with a case management agency.

    What if my card has expired?
     If the card has expired or if the details on the card do not match the details provided by the client, then they will need to verify this information with Centrelink prior to Emergency Relief assistance being granted.

    Emergency relief centres:

    Can provide Food Parcels, Bill Payment Assistance, Back to School Assistance (year 7 - 11 only) and Material Aid.

    Access to the Back to School Assistance Program is by referral from the Student Support Officer at your local secondary school.


    A: 32 Withers Street, Sunshine Vic 3020
    P: (03) 9311 5900 
    Open Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 12.30pm, with Bill Paying Services on Tuesdays by appointment only.

    Sydenham Neighbourhood House

    A: Station Street, Taylors Lakes Vic 3038
    P: (03) 9311 5900  
    Open Tuesday 10am to 2pm


    A: 413 Camp Road, Broadmeadows Vic 3047
    P: (03) 9351 3600 
    Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm with appointments 10am to 2pm


  • Uniting ReGen Youth Services
  • Uniting ReGen provides a range of free alcohol and other drug treatment services for young people and their families in Brimbank. 

    Williams House residential withdrawal service (for people aged 12-21 years) is located in Coburg, but supports young people from Brimbank and surounds. It is a four bedroom house with a ‘home like’ environment, staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer intensive support and a safe place to assist you in the withdrawal process and help you prepare for making changes to your alcohol or other drug use.

  • University Park Primary School
  • "University Park Primary School is situated in the City of Brimbank, near Victoria University in St Albans. The school is located between an established residential area, and extensive new housing sites in the suburb of Cairnlea, 20 kilometres west of Melbourne. We provide a safe and supportive environment, and have done so since opening in 1972.

    As a small school, we pride ourselves on being a school of excellence, where students can achieve their full potential in literacy and numeracy development as well as across a broad range of key learning areas. There is a whole school approach to the teaching of literacy and numeracy, supporting students in need, whilst also providing additional opportunities for more able students. We ensure that our teacher practice reflects the current research in order to provide the best learning outcomes for our students."

    All information was obtained from  www.universityparkps.vic.edu.au


  • VET in Schools
  • Allows students in years 10, 11 & 12 to get a head start on their education & career path.

  • Victoria Legal Aid - Sunshine
  • The sunshine office assists the vulnerable and disadvantaged in criminal, family law and Infringement matters. 

    They provide a daily Duty Lawyer Service at the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court, and at the Werribee Magistrates’ Court on Mondays and Wednesdays. They have a Duty Lawyer at Sunshine Children's Court every Thursday, and at Werribee Children's Court the second Friday of each month. 

    They also provide a Duty Lawyer for Family Violence matters at Sunshine Magistrates’ Court on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and at Werribee Magistrates’ Court on Thursdays and Fridays.

    Clients can ring the Sunshine office on 9300 5333 for an appointment, or phone VLA Legal Help on 1300 792 387 from 8.45 am to 5.15pm for free information about the law and how we can help you.

    Children's Court matters are given priority. You can find legal information and information about our services at www.legalaid.vic.gov.au.

  • Victoria Polytechnic (University) - Certificate I in Transition Education
  • Prepare yourself for employment or further study with a Certificate I (VU course code: 22301VIC) in Transition Education at Victoria Polytechnic.

    This course is designed for young people with special learning needs. You’ll gain independence, community awareness, and an understanding of other courses you can go on to study. You’ll also be more prepared to enter the workforce.

    This course will support your special needs, with a range of learning activities to develop valuable learning and social skills. You’ll explore:

    • independent living
    • personal development
    • vocational and employability skills
    • community involvement
    • volunteering effectively
    • basic literacy and numeracy
    • use of everyday technology.

    We’ll help you find the best option for you after leaving school, whether that’s employment, volunteer work or further study. When you finish this course, you’ll have improved skills and confidence for your next step. 

  • Victoria Polytechnic - VCAL Intermediate
  • VCAL offers students a pathway into apprenticeships, traineeships or futher study, while developing their practical knowledge and employability skills.  Students learn literacy, numberacy and personal development skills, and engage in hands-on learning to prepare them for work in their chosen field.

    VET options: Hospitality /  Furniture making

    - One year full-time
    - Four days per week
    - One day per week for VET subject
    - Sunshine / Footscray Nicholson

    › Hospitality › Furniture making

    VCAL Intermediate for early school leavers. Apply directly to VU - refer to website.

    For further information on this course, fees and student support visit victoriapolytechnic.edu.au or call 1300 82 33 87

  • Victoria University
  • Provides arrange of courses  across a number of industries.

    Please refer to website for further information http://www.vu.edu.au

  • Victoria University Secondary College Junior Campus - Deer Park
  • Victoria University Secondary College Junior Campus (yr7 - 9) is located in Deer Park.  

    The college is a learning community where all staff learn together and continuously improve, and where students are guided to discover their talents, make the most of them and develop goals for their future.

    The vision is for students to be educated and enabled to Create the Future: their own future, their communities’ future and the global future. 

    Students create their future by following the College's values:

    - Aspire to Achieve

    - Strengthen the Community

    - Respect Ourselves and Others

    VUSC believes all students can succeed with effort and persistence. They teach students to aim for excellence in all that they do. The teaching and learning framework is based on a synthesis of recent educational research. Enacting this research in the classroom leads to high quality instruction that is reliably delivered throughout the school.

    Parents and prospective students are warmly invited to contact the College and make an appointment for a tour to see our classes in action. They look forward to seeing you at Victoria University Secondary College. 

  • Victoria University Secondary College Senior Campus - St Albans
  • Victoria University Secondary College Senior Campus (yr10 - 12) is located in St Albans.  

    The college is a learning community where all staff learn together and continuously improve, and where students are guided to discover their talents, make the most of them and develop goals for their future.

    The vision is for students to be educated and enabled to Create the Future: their own future, their communities’ future and the global future. 

    Students create their future by following the College's values:

    - Aspire to Achieve

    - Strengthen the Community

    - Respect Ourselves and Others

    VUSC believes all students can succeed with effort and persistence. They teach students to aim for excellence in all that they do. The teaching and learning framework is based on a synthesis of recent educational research. Enacting this research in the classroom leads to high quality instruction that is reliably delivered throughout the school.

    Parents and prospective students are warmly invited to contact the College and make an appointment for a tour to see our classes in action. They look forward to seeing you at Victoria University Secondary College. 

  • Victorian Aboriginal Health Service
  • The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) 2020 vision is “Creating and inspiring healthy Aboriginal people and families through quality, efective community health services, education and training. VAHS will achieve this with a fexible approach that is innovative, embraced by community and sets a standard as a Centre for Excellence for Aboriginal Health internationally”

    The objectives of the VAHS Medical Clinic are to:

    1. To promote, improve and support the quality of life of the Community.
    2. To provide a holistic approach to the physical wellbeing of the person, the family and the Community in a culturally appropriate way.

    - The VAHS Medical Clinic ofers the following services:
    - General primary medical consultation, including minor procedures
    - Screening and assessment
    - Immunisations
    - Chronic Disease Management
    - On-site Pharmacist and dispensary
    - Specialist and Allied Health Services
    - Health promotion and education
    - Medical Transport

    Referral to an extensive range of services within VAHS including allied health, midwives, maternal and child health nurse, social and emotional wellbeing services, and medical specialists. Education and training of medical students, Registrars and Aboriginal Health Workers. Clinic Operating Hours Monday to Thursday 8.30AM - 5.00PM Friday 8.30AM - 4.00PM Saturday 9.30AM - 12.30PM Sunday Closed

  • Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
  • VALS provides free legal advice and representation for the Koorie community.

    The services VALS provides are as follows:

    • Information, initial legal advice, minor assistance and referral;
    • Duty lawyer assistance;
    • Legal casework services including representation and assistance, covering Criminal Law, Civil Law and Family Law matters.

    Each of the VALS’ offices can provide basic legal information.

    Initial Legal Advice
    Initial legal advice is the provision of legal advice or information that is not provided as part of duty lawyer work or casework. It includes referrals, preliminary assistance, the writing of short letters and completion of forms.

    Minor assistance
    Minor assistance is helping with phone calls or letters and advocacy in dealing with other services.

    A VALS’ staff member will use his or her professional judgement in making an appropriate referral having reference to the lists of appropriate sources of referral and assistance maintained by VALS.

  • Victorian Police GLLOS
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Liaison Officers (GLLOs)

    Overview of LGBTI Liaison Officers

    Victoria Police has appointed a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex Liaison Officers (GLLOs) across the state. The GLLO Mission Statement is to contribute to the creation of mutual trust between police, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intersex persons so they have increasing confidence in police through the provision of fair and equitable policing service.

    The GLLO's provide a contact point for LGBTI community members and provide advice, assistance and recommendations to Victoria Police on the policing needs of LGBTI people.

    GLLOs demonstrate support for the community through attendance at a range of events. GLLOs are available to attend and present to social and support groups on the role of GLLOs and how police and the LGBTI community can work together.
    To find your nearest GLLO's contact details, please click on the list below.  GLLO officers at Sunshine & Keilor Downs stations. 

    GLLO (LGBTI Officer) List

    For enquiries during business hours on the GLLO program, please contact 9247 6944. Please note this is for general enquiries and is not a 24 hour line. In an emergency, dial Triple Zero (000) immediately. If you are a victim of crime, please view our GLLO List  or contact your local police station.

    Email: melbourne.gllo@police.vic.gov.au

  • Vietnamese Welfare Resource Centre
  • The Vietnamese Welfare Resource Centre is based in the highrise housing estate at Flemington and has been responding to the settlement and support needs of the Vietnamese community in North and West Melbourne.

    Services offered by the VWRC include the provision of information and referrals, counselling and community groups for young people, families and the aged, and the fostering of community and cultural activities such as forums, classes, information sessions, training programs and festivals.

  • Visy Cares Hub - Food & Clothing
  • Food (at no cost) is available to young people on Monday's and Wednesday's.  The food normally arrives late morning.  

    Donated pre-used clothes are generally available to young people in need at no cost. 

    Phone 9091 8200 to confirm availability or just drop-in. 


  • Voyage Alcohol & Other Drug Services
  • Voyage offers a free confidential counseling service for people whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drug use.

    Voyage also provides specialist alcohol and other drug services in dual diagnosis and acquired brain Injury (ABI). A Koori Community Worker is also available.

    Voyage is able to provide community based treatment services to people over the age of 16 years whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drugs directly and their parents, partners and other family members.

    Voyage can also help the people close to you such as partners and family members. Counselling and support is given to people individually or as a family. Voyage can refer you to other support services if you need them.


  • West Sunshine Community Centre
  • West Sunshine Community Centre has numerous programs for young people, adults, and children running throughout the year. Also school holiday programs for young people 12 to 17 years of age and children 7 to 12 run each school holiday period.

    The centre also has a number of rooms for hire when available including a full size basketball court and outdoor tennis court. Access to computers is available at certain times but you will need to contact the centre beforehand.

    Click here for program information. 

  • Western English Language School
  • Western English Language School (WELS), located in Melbourne, Australia, is a government primary and secondary coeducational school. It provides newly arrived students in the South-West Victoria Region with their first experience of an Australian school.

    Students attend WELS for an intensive program in English Language prior to enrolment in a mainstream setting. It is the goal of our experienced and passionate staff to provide students with the English language, literacy and cultural understandings necessary to engage successfully in the mainstream and wider community.

    WELS has a number of locations across the South-West Victoria Region including: 

    - Braybrook Campus
    - Footscray Campus
    - Laverton Campus
    - St Albans Outpost
    - Wyndham Campus
    - Werribee Outpost
    - Visiting Outpost Program

  • Western Health - Drug Health Services for Young people
  • There are a range of treatment and support options provided from the Adolescent Community Programs site in Footscray for young people and their families.

    If you are aged from 12-21 years and live in, or have a connection with the western suburbs, and have a drug and alcohol related problem, then there are a range of services that are designed to help you and your family.  

    There is flexibility how and where services are delivered - young people can come to our site, or staff can come to your home, school or workplace and give you support. Or if you feel that you would be safer in a residential setting then it can arrange for you to stay in the community residential withdrawal unit. Sometimes getting away from all the stress of home or school can be helpful. 

    Help is also provided for you to work out what you might like to do afterwards so you don't get into the same problems again.  Work with your family can also occur so that some of the problems that might be worrying you can be worked through with a counsellor.

    Services include:

    - Withdrawal support
    - Counselling
    - Family Support
    - Alcohol and drug youth consultant (out of home care or secure welfare residents)

  • Western Reconnect
  • Western Reconnect is an early intervention service that aims to help young people who are homeless or at risk of leaving home. We are based in Braybrook and serve the local government areas of Maribyrnong, Brimbank and Moonee Valley. The aim of the service is to strengthen relationships between the young person 12-18 years and their family and to reconnect them with their community.

    Is this support for me or my client?

    Provide support to:

    • young people aged between12 and 18 years of age
    • those who are at risk of homelessness or those who are newly homeless
    • young people and families seeking assistance to improve their relationships
    • those who are living, attending school or have a connection to the local government areas of Maribyrnong, Brimbank and Moonee Valley

    How can this support assist me or my client?

    Western Reconnect can:

    • provide support for young people to remain connected to family, school, training and their community
    • provide assistance and advocacy support, which may include issues arising from family conflict, family mediation, education, income support, accommodation, employment and conflict resolution
    • help the young person to develop a realistic understanding of the issues they may face if they leave home
    • help with referrals for young people to other services such as health care providers, Department of Human Services Centrelink, legal and other community-based services within their local communities and alternative options / services for young people within their local communities.
    • provide case management

    How can I or my client access this support?

    Referrals to this service can be accepted from young people, family members, community agencies; other Reconnect services, schools, police, Centrelink, child first services and child protection services.

    Contact Early Intervention Services Duty Line on 8311 5458, 9am – 1pm, Monday–Friday to discuss the referral first. A referral form is required to be filled out and a response will be provided within 48 hours.  

  • Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault
  • WestCASA aims to both facilitate the recovery and healing of victim/survivors of sexual assault and work toward the elimination of sexual violence in society. The service vision is for a world where everyone lives free from the fear of sexual violence.

    How can WestCASA Help?

    1. Counselling to help you deal with your feelings about what has happened & any concerns or problems you may have because of the assault. 

    2. Information about common difficulties people experience after an assault and how to manage these.

    3. Information about your legal options.

    4. Assistance with the legal process such as liaising with police, preparing to be a witness and organising support for you in court.

    5. Referrals to doctors who are sensitive to the needs of someone who has been sexually assaulted.

    6. Counsellors who will listen, believe and support you

    WestCASA also provides a 24 hour crisis care service in conjunction with the Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line (SACL).


  • Western Young People's Independent Network (WYPIN)
  • WYPIN is for young people aged from 12 to 25 years from diverse backgrounds who want to make a difference. WYPIN uses a range of leadership, capacity building and advocacy strategies that engage culturally diverse youth across the western region. This program is independent and is directed by young people.

    WYPIN has five core functions:
    - To engage young people (especially those recently arrived to Australia) through recreational activities and camps
    - To provide training programs to build the capacity of young leaders
    - To educate young people how to positively influence change
    - To campaign against racism and discrimination
    - Deliver workshops that promote multiculturalism and inclusion to business, community organisations and schools.

    WYPIN's Committee of Management is comprised of young people aged 12-25 years. At its core, WYPIN is a youth empowerment, youth advocacy group.  WYPIN plays an important role in advocacy and policy development and are seen as a critical voice on diverse youth issues in the Western region of Melbourne.

    If you are aged from 12 to 25 years and want to make a difference in your community, you can join WYPIN. 

    Through WYPIN you can:

    - Gain leadership opportunities
    - Develop projects and campaigns
    - Volunteer to be on a working group and/or youth committee. 


  • WEstjustice (Sunshine Youth Legal Centre)
  • Sunshine Youth Legal Centre (SYLC) provides free legal information, advice and referrals for young people aged 12 - 25 who live in Melbourne's western suburbs.  They can assist with fines and infringements, criminal matters, Intervention Orders, motor vehicle accidents, debt, tenancy disputes, consumer matters, and police complaints.

    Free Walk-in service and support. No appt needed. 

  • Westvale Community Centre
  • The Westvale Community Centre provides a range of Neighbourhood House programs and services inclusive of:

    • - health, wellbeing and recreational programs,
    • - Partnership programs with community organisations,
    • - Training and support services and
    • - Sustainable living workshops.

    Events are a feature with two annual signature events - Brimbank Sustainable Living Expo in February and Brimbank Men’s Health Day in June.

    Various rooms to suit meetings, seminars, training and workshops are available for casual and ongoing bookings. All rooms have access to community kitchens.

  • Women's Health West
  • Women’s Health West (WHW) is the women’s health service for the western metropolitan region of Melbourne that is committed to improving equity and justice for women. They deliver family violence services and undertake health promotion actions.

    To escape family violence, phone 9689 9588 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or email fvassist@whwest.org.au. To speak to someone outside of business hours, contact Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre on 1800 015 188. If you are in immediate danger call the police on 000.

    Outreach support
    Outreach support workers provide free face-to-face or telephone support by giving you information and assistance that may help you decide for yourself what to do.

    Some of the ways our outreach service could help you include:

    Information and referrals

    Outreach workers can link you to services that can help you and your children. These include:

    • Centres against sexual assault
    • Children’s services
    • Free or low-cost counselling
    • Refuges
    • Housing services
    • Financial counsellors
    • Services for men who use violence and wish to change their behaviour

    Case management
    An outreach worker can provide you with emotional support, crisis and practical support, information and referrals to other services and help you make a safety plan.  Outreach workers support women and children for a maximum of a couple of months and will link you with other services if you need longer-term support.

  • WPC Group
  • Providing employment and training for apprentices and trainees.


  • YAT (Youth Access Team - 15yrs to 25yrs)
  • The Youth Access Team (YAT) is staffed seven days a week between the hours of 8:30am and 10:00pm. Calls outside of these times are managed by the Centralised Triage Service of North Western Mental Health, of which Orygen Youth Health CLinical Program is a part. 

    Triage Services
    Triage is the first contact point for people wishing to refer a young person to the Clinical Program. Anyone is welcome to make a referral, including the young person themselves. Triage staff will discuss the young person’s difficulties with the referrer, the young person if possible, and other relevant people or professionals. 

    The aim of these conversations is to obtain a comprehensive overview of the young person's mental state and risk. Once obtained, Triage will coordinate a response that may involve:

    • Urgent crisis support over the phone or in the young person's preferred location
    • Arranging for a non-urgent mental health assessment with our Continuing Care Team
    • A referral to a more appropriate service

    Acute Services
    If an immediate crisis response is required, the young person will be managed by our Acute Services Team. Our Acute Service Team is staffed by mental health clinicians and psychiatrists who are skilled in managing mental health crises. They can offer:

    • Phone support, face-to-face support and outreach within our catchment
    • An admission to our inpatient unit if required
    • A mental health assessment to determine whether the young person should be treated at Orygen Youth Health Clinical Program or elsewhere. 

    Contact: 1800 888 320 (Triage, 24/7)

  • Ygender
  • Ygender is a peer led social support and advocacy group for trans and gender diverse young people. Ygender run activity nights, intro nights and discussion groups. 

    Ygender provides a range of ways to interact with peers and the community. Primary through monthly events and online through social media.

    There are also a range of extra events available throughout the year.  If you want to attend fun social events, get involved with projects or find some support Ygender might be what you have been looking for.

    Be sure to check the Facebook or email info@ygender.org.au for the most up to date information.

    To see what events are coming up click here

  • Yooralla - First Base St Albans
  • Yooralla FirstBase is a transistion program that provides assistance to young people over 18yrs with disabilities to make the transition from school to community life. 

    Individual programs include gaining access to educational courses, sporting and recreational groups and finding employment. 

  • Young & Pregnant Parenting Program- Melbourne City Mission
  • The Young and Pregnant Parenting service provides case management, secondary consultation, and a drop off service for young parents (16 to 25 years of age) and their children who are at risk of or are experiencing homelessness. 

    Support to young people:
    - Aged between 16 to 25 years of age who are pregnant or parents
    - Who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, have recently been homeless or who are experiencing disadvantage
    -  Who live or have connection to the north and west areas of Melbourne.

    Case management:
    Our Outreach case management worker provides support to young people to:

    - Obtain housing
    - Access baby goods
    - Gain parenting information including childhood development
    - Access required registrations such as birth registration and Centrelink family payment link to specialist services and community supports.

    Drop in service:
    Young women who are pregnant or who are young parents can drop in at Frontyard Youth Services (19 King Street). The drop-in service (dependent on worker availability) can provide information, support and links to other parenting supports.

  • Young People's Health Service
  • The Young People's Health Service (YPHS) provides primary health care and opportunistic and strategic health interventions to adolescents and young adults (12 – 24 years) who are homeless or marginalised. The YPHS works from Frontyard Youth Services (Melbourne City Mission) on King Street in the Melbourne CBD 

    Clinic hours are 12noon – 5pm Monday to Friday
    • No appointment.
    • No GP referral
    • No charge
    • No Medicare card

    Drop in to Frontyard and ask for the health service.

    Location and contact
    Telephone: 9611 2409 (you might have to leave a message) 

    Email: young.people@rch.org.au 
    Address: Frontyard Youth Services, 19 King Street, Melbourne

    The first visit includes an assessment using the HEADSS psychosocial health tool that provides an overview and identifies points for intervention in discussion. The nurses provide youth focussed health assessments, screening, treatment, information and referral. A visit to YPHS will be up to 60 minutes to allow adequate time for the assessment. 

    The Young People’s Health Service is part of Frontyard’s integrated intake and assessment. Any young person seeking health care will be linked to the service. 

  • Young Workers Centre
  • The Young Workers Centre provides free, confidential legal advice to young people working in Victoria and aged 30 years of age and under.

    The Young Workers Legal Centre is staffed from 9:30am to 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It operates at a reduced capacity on Thursdays.

    To contact the Young Workers Centre legal team, click here.

    For advice on handling a workplace issue, click here.

    Each semester, the Young Workers Centre hosts Victorian law students as part of their professional placement subjects. For more information on becoming a Young Worker advocate, click here. 

  • Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS)
  • YSAS recognises that young people may experience a number of problems simultaneously. Youth alcohol and other drug workers are trained and experienced in dealing with a range of complex problems including: alcohol and drugs, legal matters, relationship issues, primary and mental health issues, homelessness, physical and sexual abuse and family breakdown.

    YSAS Sunshine offers the following programs for young people:

    Youth Forensic Outreach - The Forensic Youth Outreach Team works to support young people aged 12-21yrs who are experiencing significant problems with their alcohol and/or drug use and who are linked in with the Justice System. 

    Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) - The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) works with African Born young people aged 12-25 yrs who experience problematic substance use. Frequently this work includes supporting young people facing family violence and other complex relationship issues, homelessness, immigration issues, and justice related issues.

    Reach Out Program - The Reach Out Program works with vulnerable young people (12-25yrs) with substance use issues who are currently or have engaged with Child Protection, are transitioning from out of home care to independence, are linked with services such as Youth Justice, Family Violence, Homelessness, Mental Health and local youth services.

    Youth Support Service - Youth Crime Prevention – This program responds directly to police referrals for young people 10 to 17 exhibiting offending behaviours. Service response adopts client centred and family inclusive approach which includes diversion activities, restorative conversations and goal setting to avoid future offending.

    MHAP – Mental Health Access Project - A partnership with Co-Health to operate a mobile health service offering outreach support to young people with an AOD focus. Located in the LGAs of Brimbank, Wyndham and Melton.

    LYFT – Linking Youth and Families Together  - A partnership with Anglicare and Odyssey aimed at engaging with CALD young people and their families. Two main cultural groups targeted are young people from African and Pasifika backgrounds. 

  • Youthlaw
  • Youthlaw provides free and confidential legal information and advice to young people up to the age of 25. Call us on (03) 9611 2412 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday).

    You can also email us with a legal query or fill in our online form to send us a question.

    We usually call back within 2 days ( earlier if we can see it’s urgent ) or no later than within 5 days). Alternately you can call  Victoria Legal Help line on 1300 792 387 or visit www.legalaid.vic.gov.auVLA’s service is a  multilingual  legal help line and not just for young people so be warned that sometimes there can be delays.

    Youthlaw drop-in legal clinic

    Drop-in legal clinic where you can see a lawyer and receive free legal advice from 2-5pm (arrive before 4.30) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. No appointments are needed. Recommend that you call on 9611 2412 and speak to a lawyer before coming in to our drop-in clinic so that we can try first to help you over the phone.

    If you come in to the clinic, you will first be seen by Frontyard Youth Services who complete the initial intake process. Frontyard is a service which assists young people who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness, and because of this, they may ask you if you need assistance with issues other than legal issues.

    WHEN:           2-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (no appointment needed)

    WHERE:        Frontyard Youth Services
                           19 King Street, Melbourne


  • YouthNow
  • YouthNow offers holistic and innovative training and employment services to assist young people 15 to 29 years of age to build life skills to improve their learning and working lives.

    YouthNow provides:
    - Career advice and support
    - Work experience opportunities
    - Support to gain employment and education opportunities

    Strive - Transition to Work

    For more information vist www.imvc.com.au

    View YouthNow's website (www.youthnow.org.au) for updated information on youth programs and services. 



  • Zoe Belle Gender Collective
  • ZBGC is an online not-for-profit seeking to provide support, training & resources for the Victorian trans and gender diverse community.

    The ZBGC Youth Project works with LGBTI and mainstream health and human service providers to improve support to young trans and gender diverse Victorians by:

    • Providing education and training on trans and gender diverse youth & inclusive practice;
    • Providing consultation services regarding trans and gender diverse youth inclusive practice;
    • Working with partner agencies to develop resources and training for health and human service workers;
    • Working in and with trans and gender diverse communities; and
    • Supporting the activities of trans and gender diverse youth groups and organisations.

    ZBGC continue to run the ZBGC Youth Project, funded through the HEY Project, through the Victorian Government Department of Health, which works with LGBTI and mainstream health and human service providers to improve support and access to services for young trans and gender diverse Victorians.

    ZBGC also provide factsheetstrainingeventsresources and online support for members of the trans, sex and gender diverse community and their friends, families, partners, allies and service providers.

    Explore the website here to find out more.

    Suggestions - If you’ve got a suggestion for ZBGC, add it to the Suggestions forum.

    Services - Look through the Resource Directory to find anything from medical services, qualified counsellors and social and support groups.

    Questions - Visit the Questions and Answers forums to ask questions of your peers and experts. Anonymous questions are allowed.

    Advertise - Visit the community Noticeboard to advertise your events, jobs, things you want to sell or give away.



  • 2Cool4School Program
  • 2Cool4School Provides outreach education to early school leaver and disengaged young people aged 15 and over.

    All students are allocated their own one on one coach who will deliver a Certificate I or II in General Education for Adults over 6 months. Sessions are conducted once a week per students in libraries, cafes or home.

    Both courses are fully funded by the Victorian Training Guarantee and students can commenced at any point in the year.

    All referrals and queries can be made to Jane (Lead Coach) 0487 895 224 or Jane@2cool4school.org.au

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